EU plans tough quotas to put women in the boardroom. Are politicians too stupid to understand the wage gap lie statistics?

EU plans tough quotas to put women in the boardroom

Justice commissioner Viviane Reding says equality will take another 40 years without tough action

But Reding was adamant that there are plenty of women capable of challenging at the highest level. "It’s very interesting that the major business schools of Europe have united forces because they have seen that often the best MBAs are done by women, but the best positions after the MBA are taken by men. So the business schools decided to pool the talent which is available on the market – that means very qualified women who have a lot of management experience – in order to put this pool at the disposal of those who take the decisions on the fulfilling of the vacant positions on the board. Very often we have heard that the women are not available. They are," she said. "They are."

Reding praised the report published in February 2011 by Lord Davies on the same topic in the UK.

Are politicians too stupid to understand Warren Farrell‘s debunking of the wage gap myth? Or are they misleading on purpose? See reddit about the wage gap quotas


The wage gap myth: Harriet Harman and manipulation of statistics

November 8, 2009 in wage gap myth | 7 comments

Harriet Harman, the feminist Minister for Women and Equality in the UK has been recommended by the Office Of National Statistics to present “gender wage gap” statistics differently in this report in order to give the figures in a fairer light. There is more evidence that her use of statistics are causing consternation in Whitehall. Previously to this, Ms. Harman has claimed that ”on average women are paid 22.6% per hour less than men”. However, this figure is based on total hours worked by both sexes – but does take into account the actual amount of hours worked by women.

From the Office Of National Statistics report (emphasis mine) ;-

The measure for all employees showed a pay difference of 22.5 percent in favour of men and the pay difference for full-timers was 12.8 per cent in April 2008. When looking at part-time employees, the difference was -3.5 per cent, meaning that part-time men were paid less on average than part-time women.

However, Ms. Harman’s own Equality and Human Rights Commission continues unabated with their own investigation on how best to provide the figures for public consumption.

Why not read the report and judge for yourself?


Wage gap is due to individual choices of men and women and to laws of supply and demand

Men choose to earn more, women choose to have more time and a better life. Never married women without children make choices like men, and thus earn more then men.

There is more demand for women engineering graduates, therefor they earn 115% of what men earn. The demand for women engineers is artificially greater due to fears of anti-discrimination lawsuits.  Male models make 20% of what female models make, because there is not much demand for male models. Should affirmative action and "fair pay act"  be applied to get equal pay for models and beauty contestants? Trash collectors (mainly male) make more then Wal-Mart sales persons (mainly female). It is not sexism, but supply and demand.  Women tend to opt out of dangerous unpleasant jobs, long work hours, long commuting, moving to Alaska for job advancement, etc..

Warren Farell: Why men earn more

We may need legislation to help men to earn as much as women, when they make the same decisions.

Feminists seek equal (or more) pay for LESS HOURS AT EASIER JOBS.
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Human-Stupidity analysis

Shocking. The entire European Union warps the system in favor of women, discriminating against men. What is interesting, Warren Farrell has debunked the wage gap myth in about 2007.

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Acta in the UK: 10 years in jail for a download. Copyright running amok.

The movie industry, record industry, and yes, the porn industry have some legitimate concern about  illegal unpaid downloading of their intellectual property. Unfortunately, they try to stem the tide by draconian punishment for minor crimes like downloading. Dangerously, industry interests coax politicians to enact overcriminalization laws that seriously hamper internet freedom and mete out harsh prison sentences, like SOPA in the US and ACTA in Europe.

See this YouTube movie


Human-Stupidity Analysis: historical precedents and alternative solutions

Interestingly, we had similar problems when Gutenberg invented printing, when the shellac record was invented, with advent of the copying machine, the tape recorder etc.

When we download something we really like, we would love to pay for it. Unfortunately we don’t know how. An easy mechanism for voluntary pay should be created. Furthermore, many countries introduced a tax on blank DVD, CD, copying machines, DVD recording machines that was to be used exclusively to pay off copyright owners. As a solution to the copyright dilemma, a similar monthly tax has been proposed on computer equipment. Harsh but much better then criminalization of an entire population and internet surveillance.

Human-Stupidity, tongue in cheek, wonders if these taxes are evenly passed on the the porn industry, which disproportionately suffers from illegal copying.

We also want to remember that it is morally unjust and illicit money grabbing, when copyright owners charge the SAME prices for downloads (that cost almost nothing) then for physical CD and shellac disks that entail huge production, transport, distribution and storage cost. This is the same as if we were charged the same price for books as they cost when someone had to copy them in hand-writing, before the advent of printing. Prices ought to drop considerably due to technical progress.