The Racism Exception to Civilized and Honest Behavior #1: Media

Human progress of the era of enlightenment has been eroded and reversed. True Speech is Forbidden, True Facts are Taboo. 

Racism Exception

Many rules, customs, and habits of civilized, scientific, enlightened, democratic society have been suspended to avoid “racism” and “prejudice.

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Civilized Behavior Racism Exception to Civilized Behavior
1) Objective, uncensored, free Media report all that is interesting to the media consumer

The famous slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” still appears on the masthead of the New York Times newspaper today. He wrote the slogan as a declaration of the newspaper’s intention to report the news impartially

Media gag orders.  Printing the full truth is not permissible. Censorship required to avoid (racist) prejudice against minorities.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers‘ understanding of the incident. In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council 1]

This guideline 12.1 is the foundation of all speech repression and and the basis for suspension of Western civilized behavior 2. Similar ethics codes exist in most European countries, the US etc. 3. These gag rules are obeyed not only by journalists, but by everyone, be it police speakers, teachers, government, researchers, …..

Why is such blatantly discriminatory, racist guideline accepted without protest? Why don’t they even notice the obvious contradiction that guideline 12.1 contradicts nondiscrimination rules of guideline 12[.0].  And why is such repression of truthful reporting accepted without public outcry?

Because of the Racism exception. The racism taboo is so strong that the rules of our civilized scientific democratic society are suspended and voided.4

Note: Different treatment for different races is normally called “racism”. But, in a purposefully confusing definition, discrimination against whites (“anti-white racism”),is NOT considered racism.  German Press Code 12.1 clearly allows to selectively stir up prejudice against Whites. It is perfectly legitimate to  emphasize that a criminal is white, but not permissible to emphasize that a criminal is Black, Arab, or Muslim.

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