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Top performing boys outperform girls, world wide, Pisa researcher finds

Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich forced to resign for opposing gay marriage

Child rapist raped, stitched by medics, and re-raped by 20 prisoners

Internet Porn harmless for adolescents, sex researchers find

False accusations of blasphemy and the death sentence of Sawan Masih

IQ tests prohibited for job requirement, mandatory at death row

Boy so happy about sex with 8 year older women that he brags about it. Off to prison she goes.

Killer "child" (17.99 years old) enjoys impunity and anonymity of Brazil’s child protection law (ECA)

San Francisco transgender teen’s false sexual assault report was a "request for help", led to "good outcome"

Husband to blame for woman teacher’s affair with 16 year old student

European parliament has voted to criminalize the purchase of sex.

Age of Consent

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