Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the “all races are equal” dogma.

I grew up indoctrinated by political correctness. Like a large part of citizens in Western countries I was brainwashed: Races do not exist, all are equal. Saying anything different, saying that there are racial differences, is racism, a crime.

Read this, everything you need to know about scientific research about racial differences: RACE, EVOLUTION, and BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, by J.P. Rushton

In school I heard disparaging remarks about Artur Jensen and other “unscientific” “dishonest” “cheating” scientists doing faulty research about race differences.

The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray actually looked fairly convincing to me, but if even President Bill Clinton denounced it, there must be something wrong about it.

There always was some complex theory to explain away the IQ differences:

  • different culture
  • parental expectation
  • mother’s malnourishment
  • IQ measurements are racially and culturally biased

Adopted Children's IQ by Race

My opinion changed when I read about trans-racial adoption studies. That was the last drop that really disproved all these desperate attempts to explain away racial differences in intelligence.

“The best evidence for the genetic basis of race-IQ differences comes from trans-racial adoption studies of Oriental children, Black children, and Mixed-Race children. All these children have been adopted by White parents at an early age and have grown up in middle-class White homes.”

Chart 9 summarizes the results for Oriental children adopted into White middle-class homes.
Korean and Vietnamese babies from poor backgrounds, many of whom were malnourished, were adopted by White American and Belgian families. When they grew up, they excelled in school. The IQs of the adopted Oriental children were 10 or more points higher than the national average for the country they grew up in. Trans-racial adoption does not increase or decrease IQ. The three-way pattern of race differences in IQ remains.”

In plain English: adopted Asian babies grew up to be very bright, adopted black babies grew up to have low intelligence.

One more desperate argument that was posed to save the “racial equality” dogma:

They claimed “expectancy effects,” not genes, explained the pattern. They argued that the Black and White children were not treated the same. Even if parents took good care of their children, the schools, classmates, and society as a whole discriminated against Black children and this hurt their IQs. Because we expected Black children to do poorly in school, they lived up to our low expectations.”

Even that argument got promptly destroyed.  Rushton:

A special analysis of the Scarr study compared parents who believed that they had adopted a Black baby but, really, had adopted a Mixed-Race (Black-White) child. The average IQ for these Mixed-Race children was just about the same as for other Mixed-Race children and above that for adopted Black children. This was true even though the parents who adopted these Mixed-Race children thought their babies really had two Black parents.

Quotes and chart from RACE, EVOLUTION, and BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, by J.P. Rushton

That did it for me. It destroyed my ingrained indoctrinated beliefs that all races must be equal. It opened up my mind to the possibility that there could be racial differences.

Before we go on, may I stress a few more points

  • I have no axe to grind against blacks. I am not interested in proving that blacks are stupid or inferior. I am not a white supremacist
  • I have an axe to grind against dogmatism, blindness, stupidity. I have an axe to grind against the catholic church for repressing Galileo’s truth about the moving and revolving earth. And I have an axe to grind about political correctness repressing the truth, repressing research.
  • This site is about human stupidity versus truth and consciousness
  • Rushton, though much maligned, is not some crazy cook but one of the most prestigious research scientists to date: Rushton holds two doctorates from the University of London (Ph.D. and D.Sc) and is a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American, British, and Canadian Psychological Associations. He is also a member of the Behavior Genetics Association, the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, and the Society for Neuroscience. Rushton has published six books and nearly 200 articles. In 1992 the Institute for Scientific Information ranked him the 22nd most published psychologist and the 11th most cited. Professor Rushton is listed in Who.  Some of Rushtons scientific publications can be found on his University page: http://psychology.uwo.ca/faculty/rushton_pubs.htm

Summary of Racial differences

Racial differences summarized (J.P. Rushton)
Racial differences summarized (J.P. Rushton): Why does history show Africa trailing behind Asia and Europe? Why do Whites average between Orientals and Blacks in so many areas? Why do the groups with larger brains have lower rates of two-egg twinning? To know the answer you must look at all of the traits taken together (see Chart 1). The traits in Chart 1 form a pattern. No known environmental factor can explain all of them taken together. There is, however, a gene based explanation. The patterns make up what is called a “lifehistory.” They evolved together to meet the trials of life -- survival, growth, and reproduction.

Then of course, the non-scientific “evidence”, the hearsay, the anecdotal evidence, our daily experience, suddenly made sense:

The Whites who explored China were just as racist as those who explored Africa, but their descriptions were different from what they and the Arabs had written about Africans. In 1275 Marco Polo arrived in China from his native Italy to open trade with the Mongol Empire. He found that the Chinese had well built roads, bridges, cities connected by canals, census takers, markets, standardized weights and measures, and not only coins, but paper money as well. Even a postal system was in existence. All of these made him marvel when he compared the Chinese to what he saw in Europe and the Middle East.
Even though he was an Italian, proud of his people and well aware of the greatness of Ancient Rome, Marco Polo wrote: “Surely there is no more intelligent race on earth than the Chinese.”

In amazing ways, Rushton forms a coherent picture to make sense of all the racial differences shown in reasearch.  Some differences are biological and can not be talked away by simple psychobabble or sociology-babble.

In a few cases medical treatment and medication showed racial differences. which proves a real quagmire for race equality dogmatist. Should they talk away and hide the differences as racist and cause medical malpractice and suffering for black patients? Or should they accept the scientific facts and actively promote racial analysis of medical studies and see their beloved pet dogma undermined?

Rushton’s book sums up the relevant research. Please forgive me for always quoting Rushton, incessantly. Nobody can say it better, nobody summed up the entire field in a more concise and coherent manner then Rushton.

Many statistics in Chart 1 come from the United States, where Orientals are a “model minority.”
They have fewer divorces, fewer out-of-wedlock births, and fewer reports of child abuse than Whites.
More Orientals graduate from college and fewer go to prison.
On the other hand Blacks are 12% of the American population and make up 50% of the prison population. In the U.S., one out of every three Black men is either in jail, on probation, or awaiting trial. That is much more than the number who graduate from college.
Chapter 2 shows how this racial pattern in crime is found worldwide. INTERPOL Yearbooks show the rate of violent crime (murder, rape, and serious assault) is four times lower in Asian and Pacific Rim countries than in African and Caribbean countries. Whites in the United States and in European countries are intermediate. The 1996 INTERPOL violent crime rates clearly show this pattern: Asian countries, 35 violent crimes per 100,000 people; European countries, 42; and African countries, 149.
Chapter 2 also finds that Oriental children are slower to mature than White children while Black children are faster to mature. This is true for the rate of bone and tooth development and the age at which a child first sits, crawls, walks, and puts on clothing. Oriental children do not begin to walk until about 13 months, White children at 12 months, and Black children at 11 months.
Chapter 3 looks at racial differences in sexual activity. Orientals are the least sexually active, whether measured by age of first intercourse, intercourse frequency, or number of sexual partners. Blacks are the most active on all of these. Once again Whites are in between. These contrasts in sexual activity lead to differences in the rate of diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and chlamydia. There are high levels of AIDS in Africa, Black America, and the Caribbean and low levels in China and Japan. European countries again fall in between.
The races differ in rate of ovulation (Chapter 3). Not all women produce one egg during the menstrual cycle. When two or more eggs are produced at the same time, a pregnancy is more likely. So is the likelihood of producing fraternal twins (i.e., two-egg twins). The number of twins born is 16 out of every 1,000 births for Blacks, 8 out of every 1,000 births for Whites, and 4 or less for Orientals. Triplets and other multiple births are rarest in Orientals and highest in Blacks, with Whites in between.
Chapter 4 is about race and intelligence. Hundreds of studies on millions of people show a threeway pattern. IQ tests are often made to have an average score of 100, with a “normal” range from 85 to 115. Whites average from 100 to 103. Orientals in Asia and the U.S. tend to have higher scores, about 106, even though IQ tests were made for use in the Euro-American culture. Blacks in the U.S., the Caribbean, Britain, Canada, and in Africa average lower IQs — about 85. The lowest average IQs are found for sub-Saharan Africans — from 70 to 75.
Chapter 4 also looks at brain size. Bigger brains have more brain cells and this leads to higher IQs. The races vary in brain size. The Collaborative Perinatal Project followed more than 35,000 children from birth to seven years. Orientals had larger brains than Whites at birth, four months, one year, and seven years. Whites had larger brains than Blacks at all ages (see Chart 2). The data on adults in Chart 2 come from a sample of 6,325 U.S. Army personnel.
Chapter 5 asks whether differences in our brain size, our bodies and our behavior are because of genes, environment, or both. It also asks whether individual differences can tell us anything about race differences.

Chapter 6 discusses the gene based “life-history theory” I have proposed to explain the racial pattern in brain size, intelligence, and other traits. Evolutionary biologists call it the r-K scale of reproductive strategies. At one end of this scale are r-strategies that rely on high reproductive rates. At the other end are K-strategies that rely on high levels of parental care. This scale is generally used to compare the life histories of different species of animals. I have used it to explain the smaller but real differences between the human races.

On this scale, Orientals are more K-selected than Whites, while Whites are more K-selected than Blacks. Highly K-selected women produce fewer eggs (and have bigger brains) than r-selected women. Highly K-selected men invest time and energy in their children rather than the pursuit of sexual thrills. They are “dads” rather than “cads.”

Chapter 7 shows that the race differences in reproductive strategies make sense in terms of human evolution. Modern humans evolved in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Africans and non-Africans then split about 100,000 years ago. Orientals and Whites split about 40,000 years ago.

The more north the people went “Out of Africa,” the harder it was to get food, gain shelter, make clothes, and raise children. So the groups that evolved into today’s Whites and Orientals needed larger brains, more family stability, and a longer life. But building a bigger brain takes time and energy during a person’s development. So, these changes were balanced by slower rates of growth, lower levels of sex hormones, less aggression, and less sexual activity.

Why? Because Africa, Europe, and Asia had very different climates and geographies that called for different skills, resource usage, and lifestyles. Blacks evolved in a tropical climate which contrasted with the cooler one of Europe in which Whites evolved and even more so with the cold Arctic lands where Orientals evolved.

Because intelligence increased the chances of survival in harsh winter environments, the groups that left Africa had to evolve greater intelligence and family stability. This called for larger brains, slower growth rates, lower hormone levels, less sexual potency, less aggression, and less impulsivity. Advanced planning, self-control, rule-following, and longevity all increased in the non-Africans.

I realize that these topics are controversial and that readers will have many questions. Chapter 8 lists the questions I am most asked about Race, Evolution, and Behavior, and my answers to them.


Race is more than “just skin deep.” The pattern of Oriental-White-Black differences is found across history, geographic boundaries, and political-economic systems. It proves the biological reality of race. Theories based only on culture cannot explain all the data shown in Chart 1. The next three chapters describe the scientific findings on race differences (summarized in Chart 1) in greater detail. Later chapters explain why these differences follow such a pattern.

Quotes and chart from RACE, EVOLUTION, and BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, by J.P. Rushton

You can download the abridged version, in various languages, here: RACE, EVOLUTION, and BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, by J.P. Rushton

If you really are interested, then, of course, you will read the unabridged version. Unfortunately, I could not find it at Amazon


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    I.Q test are archaic and can not test for creative intelligence, emphatic intelligence, social intelligence. A lot of psychologists disagree on the definition of “intelligence”. Current I.Q test can be considered to test for time spent in the western education system.

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      IQ tests, properly administered, are very powerful, very valid.

      They are mainly attacked by the same politically correct crowd that spreads nonsense like “race does not exist”, but then demands racial quotas for the races that don’t exist.

      Most true concerns have been taken into account. Of course, one should not test immigrants with tests mainly based on language, and blind people with tests based on graphics.

      Other forms of intelligence are not intelligence. They are skills, and yes, some of them are partially in-born. People just use the word “intelligence” to make them sound better. But, terminology is not so important, so let us talk about facts.

      They are simply empathy, creativity, etc and certainly can get you advanced in life. For same empathy and social skills, again, the higher IQ person will be more successful.

      The German school system that separates kids, at 10 years of age, into different schools, has been very maligned. Lower IQ kids get into vocational schools. And there they can flourish and become great plumbers or seamstresses. Instead of getting frustrated in College.

      Knowing one has low IQ one can find different focus in life. Like sales person instead of engineer. And knowing one is not social can help too, in order to avoid customer-oriented professions.

      And, again, IQ has been studied for a century on hundreds of Millions people. It is probably the best studied topics in Psychology.

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    I love it when self-proclaimed black geniuses come to post comments about how evil and racist it is to talk about racial differences in intelligence, and end up proving the point.

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    Outside of nut job blogs, pseudo-science circles and the nightmarish world of “white” supremacists, Philippe Rushton was a fraud and his work lacked scientific merit.

    Now let me see where this blog fits in. 🙂

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    you’re just as racist & ignorant the next person. If your little silly homemade non factual charts and graphs help you sleep at night, that help yourself pumpkin. You want to sit here on the internet & compare intelligence & profess that whatever research you’ve done has caused you to become somewhat racist….OMG. Are you kidding me. This world is already divided as it is & racism had been around forever. You need a retard chart that shows we’re divided to make you racist. That shows me that you never thought we were all equal in the first place. Oh btw, im African American. Surprise!!!!! We’re all ignorant, fried chicken & watermelon eating monkeys. Sorry to disappoint you. And although some people think that Blacks don’t have souls, I’m still going to pray for you love. Enjoy your charts & graphs. You’re too cute.

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      Do you know what Racism really means? It for one, is a belief, while the information above is science. The two are completely different. This has long since been an established fact, African Americans simply tend to score lower than Caucasians. That doesn’t mean there are no smart Africans, or that there are no dumb Caucasians. What it means is that two different sub-species evolved from different climates. Believing that large changes in climate and ecosystem didn’t have a small – but noticeable effect on cranial capacity and birth time, is ignorant. You simply can’t deny that genetics plays a role in intelligence, or else Monkeys would be just as smart as people, and Rats just as smart as Monkeys, and so on. I am not a Eugenicist. I believe everyone deserves a fair and equal chance. I’m the most liberal person you’ll ever meet on that subject. I even believe in stronger moral rights of certain animals. But that doesn’t mean facts are no longer true. Facts are facts. If you told me my neighbor had an IQ twenty points lower than mine, I would treat him with the equality I received. Believing anything else, is wrong. And accusing people like the author, and myself of racism, means you really don’t understand what the word means.

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    I grew up believing that white people were manipulative, not because i was taught to but because its what i have always witnessed. u can argue but its not going to change. u actually go and try and find more things that seaprate people? isn’t that a big problem with why there is so much wrong with the world?

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      I grew up thinking black people loooooooved to blame all their problems on whites and racism………not because of what I was taught, but on what I observed……………hey, I’m observing it again!!!!!!

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    Why are IQ tests the benchmark for intelligence? They are only a measure of how well people think a certain way, but not a true measure of genuine intelligence. Proving that a few scientists and great thinkers had a high IQ does not mean that all great scientists and thinkers have a high IQ. Also, what is this emphasis on Nobel Peace Prize winners? This organization was created by whites/ Europeans to pat themselves on the back for THEIR inventions. There are plenty of people of many races who have created several inventions and innovations helpful to the progress of mankind that have never even been considered for a Nobel Peace Prize so the fact that there are far less blacks who have been awarded that prize is completely irrelevant to their intelligence level, especially if racial biases such as the ones expressed on this blog have anything to do with the nomination process. Why are poverty and lack of intelligence or power always linked together? There are plenty of rich people who are dumb as bricks and many smart poor who live in violently oppressive countries that won’t even utilize its brightest citizens. There have been several sub African civilizations such as Ethiopia, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe which have contributed innovations in agriculture, irrigation, waste disposal (something that the Europeans of the middle ages could have used while they were dying from the plague of their own crap filling the streets of their cities),wielding. and architecture (seamless, ‘or motarless’ walls, buildings, and artifacts), as well as ones that had a pre-colonial written language, but American history books have refused to acknowledge them and during apartheid and European domination of Africa, white scientists were actually fired if they refused to cover up and lie about these innovations. Also, there have actually been several African Americans who have created modern day innovations such as George Washington Carver, the individual who created the traffic light, and the first doctor to perform a particularly difficult form of open heart surgery (have to get their names) even with a very limited education. Innovation and contribution can not be measured in the form of some arbitrary test. Thinking in a certain pattern does not necessarily produce intelligence and it definitely does not produce wisdom. There are plenty of people who are currently being PHYSICALLY and SOCIALLY oppressed in Africa just like they CURRENTLY are in Asia that are very brilliant but you will never know, because they will probably die an early death like the rest in a sea of poverty, violence, and devastation.
    For those who compare crime rates among races, why do we look at the current crime some blacks in America commit today but ignore the hundreds of thousands of blacks and native Americans who were murdered at the hands of whites in this country. I guess those crimes don’t matter, because they were committed by an ‘intelligent race’ huh? What about the post industrialized genocides of Eastern Europe and Armenia which led to death of millions? For whites to be so much more intelligent than everyone, when a national economic crises occurs, the first thought is to irrationally blame a small minority of the population for their problem then kill them off with the belief that that would solve their economy? Doesn’t sound very smart to me, and these are whites in the POST industrial era, not some society from the dark ages. History has continually proven that whites are no less violent, barbaric, or prone to destruction as any other racial group. Every racial group, including sub saharan blacks, have had a time of power, dominance, and flourishing innovations and cultures. Mathematics, astronomy, and other innovations did not start with the Greeks or Egyptians. Do you actually believe that civilizations that existed long before these did not have any system of counting or record keeping? Get out of here. There are several ancient artifacts that are just being discovered today that disprove all that crap about Africa and why would they have been talked about 50 years earlier when there was a clear agenda to keep those things secret to make blacks look dumb and unproductive?
    There is no reason for me to rely on European made tests or history books for black African history or intelligence. One thing that has always been prevalent from these studies is that they were designed to try to prove people of an already existing racial bias. These biases existed long before these tests and the tests will continue to support them but there is no reason for me to believe them. So the black American students who were raised in a society that constantly told them they were dumber and told them that they had to take a test biased towards Europeans and those (such as Asians) who intently studied European culture did not score high on an IQ test. So what? There is no way that you can prove to me that that test is a true measure to anyone’s intelligence or ability to be rational, productive human beings in society. It merely proves that certain individuals are better at thinking in a certain PATTERN than others and have been CONDITIONED better to think that way. Some of these individuals have gone on to do great things but there are many people with high IQ scores who contribute NOTHING to society but brag about how smart they supposedly are because they took some test. Who cares? There is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to display evidence of exceptional intelligence.

    Also, with regards to these trans-racial adoption statistics, they are still pretty irrelevant. In a society that constantly characterizes blacks as dumb and Asians as super intelligent, it is very likely that these white adoptive parents, as well meaning as they were, also sub consciously harbored these same beliefs about blacks and Asians and raised them accordingly. In other words, I can assure you that more of these black kids were enrolled in sports and dance by their white parents and patted them on the back when they ignored their studies to be on the football team with the belief that their black children would be better suited in these fields. White parents with Asian kids probably did exactly what is stereotyped of Asian parents to do which is put there kids in music classes, chess matches, spelling bees, and other activities which are far more mentally stimulating and emphasized good grades and academic achievement. Your economic class and income does not automatically mean you escape SOCIALIZATION and certain expectations brought about by racism and prejudice. Wealth DOES NOT equal intelligence, power DOES NOT equal good morals or ability. Relatively stupid people who are ruthless and are SOMEWHAT crafty can conquer the nation. It doesn’t take a genius to know that a gun can speak louder than a math book .

    And another thing too. Whites need to get off this Affirmative Action crap. Affirmative Action had a brief heyday in the 70’s and 80’s, but most laws have outright outlawed most Affirmative Action practices today. A couple decades is NOT ENOUGH to bring a population that has been socially, economically, AND MENTALLY oppressed for hundreds of years to the same socio-economic status of whites. There was NO HEAD START! They were already significantly held back. As far as Asians go, Asians were in this country before Affirmative Action so, again, blacks did not have any head start over them. Also, Asians did not have to come over here with the stigma that they were not smart enough to succeed so even if SOME came here poor, they were not necessarily mentally defeated. Also, there are many Asians who come over here from educated backgrounds just like many black Nigerians who come here more for the opportunity to use their skills to gain more education and make more money than they would in their home country. Also, Affirmative Action has benefited white women more than it has benefited African American as a whole. And to whoever said that making such a statement is sexist, if you don’t think your views on blacks are racist, I certainly don’t think that my views on white women benefiting from Affirmative Action sexist.

    Also, to that individual who said that the black Nigerians come over here and spend their whole lives preparing for the SAT so they’re higher SAT scores are evidence that they are actually dumb people who have to work really hard to get the same SAT scores as some whites, makes NO SENSE. People ultimately come to this country for opportunity for a better life (job, money, living conditions), not just for education. Nigerian schools for the middle class may actually be more challenging than American schools but the opportunities for good jobs may be scarce. Part of partaking in the American Dream to them is to do well in American schools, so they prepare themselves by maintaining good grades and being studious throughout their school years ( JUST LIKE ASIANS AND MOST PEOPLE WHO DO WELL ON THE SATs!). So, yes, their hard work tends to make them stellar students. How does that prove that they’re dumb, though? Any smart person knows that you have to work hard at want you want and practice makes perfect. Even geniuses spend years on their craft before they get to an exceptional level. Are you implying that the white or Asian kids who do get high SAT scores use less effort and do not also spend years getting good grades and being studious like the Nigerian kids do? How do you even begin to prove that? But this is what I’m talking about. When people are hell bent on trying to prove that THEY are somehow inherently smarter than others simply because of melanin or lack thereof, they will deny any logical evidence proving otherwise. They will keep defending the BS logic that IQ tests are the main measure of intelligence with no real proof and keep telling blacks that they are dumb so they will actually believe that no matter how much they contribute to society and no matter how little these racists jerks contribute, somehow, these prejudiced losers will always be smarter, because of some random test that someone of their race made up for the sole purpose to try to make blacks look inferior. If the black person does score high on the IQ test, they will just reason it away by saying that the black person has a large amount of white genes that they don’t know about even though most of the blacks who don’t do well on the test have THE SAME AMOUNT OF WHITE GENES OR EVEN MORE as the ones who do well on the test. There is no winning situation for a black person in the eyes of these racists. They will keep making up excuses to try to convince themselves that their skin color gives them some false inherent benefits even though they are sitting here on this very blog arguing with articulate blacks who are just, if not more, mentally capable as them. So insecure about their own intelligence that they have to look to racially biased pseudo scientific studies which are still not conducted with all things being equal just so they can try to convince themselves and others that they are smart. I don’t need a white person to tell me I’m smart for me to know it so why do some whites feel that they need to keep creating these dumb biased studies to make themselves feel more intelligent. If you’re so smart, prove it. Go out and contribute to the world and stop always trying to compare yourselves to others. And please don’t use the accomplishments of a small group of really intelligent whites to try to prove that YOU are intelligent, because you’re arguments would be futile and irrelevant. You don’t see me using the African Americans who’ve made great innovations to speak for my ability to well in society.

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    You racists never quit do you? Trying so hard to’prove’ that blacks are infeerior while completely ignoring the several hundreds of years blacks have been oppressed both socially, economically AND MENTALLY to the point that a certain group of them do not think they can achieve anything. Before any tests were conducted to try to prove their lack of intlligence racists have been calling them dumb since they came to this continent and created laws to enslave them and prevent them from receiving ANY kind of education untill the end of slavery. Other racial or ethnic minorities, while discriminated against, were not barred from learning or advancing by the local laws and ordinances. Also, Asians have historically been thought of as super intelligent so its not surprising that a poor Asian can come over here with the belief they are mentally capable of being successful. As far as these trans racial adoption statistics go, they prove nothing. There are plenty of people that have deep seeded racial stereotypes that they are unaware of or refuse to acknowledge. These stereotypes dictate how we think about and respond to others. Since blacks are often stereotyped as dumb, did it ever occur to you that these white parents who adopt black children unknowingly treat them as though they are less capable or not as smart especially if they came from a poor/abused background? I’ll bet you that white parents adopting black children more often enroll them in sports and dance while white children with Asian kids enroll them in music, chess, and other activities that are far more mentally stimulating. Even when the child is raised in a middle class environment if there is a belief that the child is inherently less intelligent, there will be low expectations from the beginning and they will not be pushed as hard to succeed but will simply get a pat on the back for mediocrity. Have you seen the way Asian parents raise their kids? It has A LOT to do with their high test scores and white parents see how well Asians do and raise their Asian kids with the same expectations (even higher than they would with white kids). In fact, I find foreign kids who come over here from ANY race to do better on average academically than kids from American parents (that includes subsaharan blacks from Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries who push their kids to succeed and they end up getting higher scores/grades than the white kids and comparable to their Asian peers.) Its not nature, it truly is nurture. Its clear that the author of this blog already felt blacks were intillectually inferior and was just trying to find another stupid study to convince themselves and others of the BS lie.

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    High IQ: Not as good for you as you thought

    Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman estimate that for every ten articles on intelligence and academic achievement, there has been fewer than one about self-discipline. Even so, the small body of research on self-discipline suggests that it has a significant impact on achievement. Walter Mischel and colleagues found in the 1980s that 4-year-olds’ ability to delay gratification (for example, to wait a few minutes for two cookies instead of taking one cookie right away) was predictive of academic achievement a decade later. Others have found links between personality and college grades, and self-discipline and Phi Beta Kappa awards. Still, most research on self-discipline has achieved inconsistent results, possibly due to the difficulty of measuring self-discipline. Could a more robust measure of self-discipline demonstrate that it’s more relevant to academic performance than IQ?

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    So what about history?
    The bias of the writer of this study?
    The fact that this is pure and utter nonsense?
    Africa had empires before europeans had managed to sail.
    This is nonsense, you cant continously degrade a race using every resource available to you (or rather stolen by you) and then say they’re a weak/poor/stupid. Who made them that way?
    Who colonised, killed, raped, institutionalised, cheated, destroyed social structures, manipulated, continues to manipulate and supress.
    Fuck science, Read a damn history book.

    You honestly think race is a factor in the EU zones problems
    jesus you people are arragonant. The largest group of highly intelligent bigots I have ever met.

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      It seems that Blacks themselves knew how to enslave others, without needing whites to teach them.

      It also is not very clear why slavery and other allegedly problems caused by whites could not be overcome by 50 years of affirmative action. While Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Jews in the US could easily surpass discrimination and overrun elite Universities with more success then the white elite.

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    I have no comment about the IQ levels of whatever racial groups.

    The only thing bother me is that all the politicians in USA will never take a break in creating so many biased rules/requirements irrefutably in favor of specific ethnic group(s) at the cost of other ethnic group(s); in the meanwhile they never feel shameful in proclaiming that all the ethnic groups are the same in whatsoever regards. I just wonder why they haven’t announced that the color White, Black, Red and Yellow are actually the same color.

    EURO members now have very serious financial unbalance problems. If all the races are equal in whatsoever regards, then why some EURO members need huge amount of bail-out money yearly from the other members just to keep themselves from collapse?

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    i am abacked at the nature of information the writer of this article has tried to Marshall in the noble intent of proving racial inferiority of the African race. The black race will not be subjugated once again. it is such ill guided notions of scientific truth that gave rise to the slave trade.
    I for one am a black man.
    i have been at the top of all my classes in uk since primary
    i have 11 A*’s GCSE
    I have 3A*’S 1 A at Alevel
    i am studying mathematics with statistics at oxford
    i have 3 published books with my work
    i am a member of the international high iq society

    and incase it is not clear to anyone , i am not stupid!!!

    my message to anyone reading is , don’t listen to such racial prejudice concealed and guised as science . Intellect , as stated by my friends neuroscience lecturer , is independent of race and more down to the environment and ones motivation. So if you want to archive, don’t let you race hinder you

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      I for one am a black man.
      i have been at the top of all my classes in uk since primary
      i am studying mathematics with statistics at oxford
      i have 3 published books with my work
      i am a member of the international high iq society

      and incase it is not clear to anyone , i am not stupid!!!

      @omuyo: good for you. Now let us test if your intelligence allows you to rationally analyze math, statistics, logic and proof without prejudice, dogma. If you can analyze facts and data without being blinded by political correctness dogma.

      I overcame my false education, but it took a long time. This entire blog is devoted to the idea of highly intelligent people being unable to see the truth. Like the pope with Galileo Galilei.

      1. Are you 100% black? sub-saharan? Or what admixtures and primary races do you have? Your expected IQ might be higher then the average sub-saharan IQ
      2. You understand statistics! So you understand that you may be perfectly 4 SD (standard deviations) above the mean of your race, which makes you equal to Whites, Asians or Ashkenazi that are 2 to 3 1/2 SD above the their racial mean
      3. In other words, one would expect more Asians, Jews, and whites among your colleagues then Blacks
      4. If Blacks were over-represented among your colleagues, without resorting to quotas and affirmative actions, then it would be worth for you to elaborate how this could have happened
      5. what is the racial composition of your high iq colleages? Why?
      6. Rushton often suggests a statistical experiment to people like you: how many of your relatives, how many people of your race are as successful or more successful and intelligent as you? Regression towards the mean suggests that your East Asian and Jewish colleages have more relatives in high IQ environments
      7. In addition to the lower frequency of very high IQ among, there is the effect on the extreme tail end of the distribution. How many Nobel prize winners in Math, Physics, Chemistry are black? And how many chess grand masters?
      8. Olympics are starting. keep a watch on the semifinals and finals in the 100 m dash. Please interpret the absence of whites and Asians? I expect zero or one (Lemaitre) whites among the top 16 runners. Which of course proves the superiority of the white race.
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    i am abacked at the nature of information the writer of this article has tried to Marshall in the noble intent of proving racial inferiority of the African race. The black race will not be subjugated once again. it is such ill guided notions of scientific truth that gave rise to the slave trade.
    I for one am a black man.
    i have been at the top of all my classes in uk since primary
    i have 11 A*’s GCSE
    I have 3A*’S 1 A at Alevel
    i am studying mathematics with statistics at oxford
    i have 3 published books with my work
    i am a member of the international high iq society

    and incase it is not clear to anyone , i am not stupid!!!

    my message to anyone reading is , don’t listen to such racial prejudice concealed and guised as science . Intellect , as stated by my friends neuroscience lecturer , is independent of race and more down to the environment and ones motivation. So if you want to archive, don’t let you race hinder you

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      Your neuroscience lecturer would not be at the University, if he promoted race-realist beliefs. He would have been fired long ago. They tried to dismiss J. Philippe Rushton, in spite of having tenure, in spite of having more publications and citations then the entire psychology department together.

      Politically correct indoctrination is very strong and powerful and frequently wins against high IQ.

      I do expect better arguments from a high IQ person like you. Did you study the evidence? Can you refute it scientifically? Are you aware that we do not claim that Black IQ is 85, or 75 with a Standard Deviation of 2? Do you understand the Bell curve of a a SD of IQ 85, or 100, with SD of 15?

      The differences are in the extreme tail ends. and in the percentile of high and low IQ.

      Analyze my articles about Race and IQ, comment and refute them.

      Also check a very intelligent black man:

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      “i am studying mathematics with statistics at oxford”


      Since you are studying mathematics with statistics at oxford, do you know the very basic concept of Statistics is that the Sample Size must be large enough to construct the Confidence Level of the Statistics Analysis result?

      ‘I’, no matter how magnificent, is just one sample; hence ‘I’ is far from being enough to build a large Samples Size in the Statistics World. It doesn’t matter how many sentences initialized with an ‘I’ you want to compose, it is still just one sample.

      Nobody can argue the unprecedented attainments level that Michael Jordon has achieved in the professional Sports world. If one sample is enough to reach conclusion as your logic have implied, then all the African American boys may just drop out the school today and start to pursue a NBA career by following Mike’s foot-print — a crazy idea even Mike won’t agree with.

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      It’s not at all obvious that they are “vastly inferior”. These are comparisons between individual traits, across large population sizes. You cannot point to random individuals of each of these races, and make such conclusions about intelligence, without much more personal information. That black man, passing you in the street, may be far more intelligent than you are! Also, nature has no such motivating factor as inferior or superior, only what works and successfully passes its genes on to future generations. You are making an arbitrary value judgement that intelligence is the most important criteria on which to judge their inferiority. What about the black’s greater fecundity and athletic prowess? You are being as superficial as the eugenicists, who thought that blue eyes and blonde hair conferred superiority! I would hazard a guess that your own simplistic approach to this topic is an indication of your own less than stellar intellectual capacity!

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        For the elimination of doubt, I agree with the conclusions of this article. I have also read the text upon which it is based.
        Are you only able to post one reply to a particular comment? I tried to post this clarification to the original poster, twice, without success!

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        The race differences in IQ mean

        1. Blacks have lower IQ, on average. Which means that they have lower academic achievement, on average. And yes, IQ has been researched for a century, it is quite clear that lower IQ people have less success in professional life, on average.
        2. Blacks are less represented in the extremes. No (or almost no) Blacks as Nobel prize winners in math and physics. Over-representation of Asians and Jews, instead

        So one particular Black can quite likely be more intelligent then me. But probably not more intelligent then the Nobel prize winner in chemistry.

        I did write about athletic prowess of Blacks, look at the race and iq thread in this blog. This is one of my points: races are different. One white among the top 100 m runners.

        And yes, black fecundity is part of Rushton’s theory. So much that they have earlier menarche and higher rates of twin birth. Not just behavior, but actual “hardwired” differences.

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          As my clarification posts indicate, I actually accept the conclusions of the article. They seemed not to post originally, but have since all appeared! 🙁
          I understand what the article was saying. I was challenging the trite response of the poster I responded to.
          Intelligent people can handle nuance.
          Dummies just see Asians>Whites>>Blacks!
          Although knowledge is better than ignorance, there’s tremendous scope for this research to be misused to persecute people!

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          Actually, it is Ashkenazi Jews > East Asians > Europeans > Semites > South Asians > Arabs > Mestizos > North Africans > Sub-Saharan Africans. That’s the general conclusion drawn from IQ studies.

          Southern Asians (Indonesians, Maylasians, Papua New Guinea’s etc..) are genetically further apart from their cousins in the East (Japan, South Korea etc…) and are found to possess lower IQ intelligence levels than them.

          I cherish academic honesty and integrity before all else and I just wanted to point out that ‘Asians’ as a collective continental identity spanning Indians to Papua New Guinea’s are not altogether possess higher IQ intelligence levels that Europeans. Many of these South Asian countries possess IQ level below 90, well below the median average of Europe.

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          Absolutely. I appreciate this elaboration.

          Can you elaborate exactly on the Asian intelligence, where and why there is a divide between High IQ and low IQ Asians?

          Is it East Asians? West Asians? Are Vietnamese, Cambodians included? All of China or only part of it?

          Who exactly are Ashkenazi Jews? The white Jews?

          The main focus always is on Black IQ vs White IQ. The other races are not clearly divided and explained. Thanks again for your comment.

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      I should just add, for the elimination of doubt, that I accept the conclusions of the article. I read the original text upon which this article is based.

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      For the elimination of doubt, I agree with the conclusions of this article. I have also read the text upon which it is based.

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      If you consider intelligence to be a factor in superiority and inferiority. I would personally say nature has balanced it fairly well, with (Subjectively) “good” traits in each race. So far what I’ve looked up has all said the same thing asians are smartest yet not quite physically inclined white people are intermediate at everything and black people are not quite the smartest but the best physically inclined but these things are determined more on chemicals in everybody and their potential through genetics. Certain genes are more prominent in certain races, obviously … the anti-racist dogma was an attempt to eradicate racism quickly, stamp it out so it wouldn’t return. Brain washing every generation and not properly researching and educating them about these sort of things was quite irresponsible. Though I think that if it went the other way instead of the way it is now, the black populace i’d assume would be very outraged. I understand that but they should be informed clearly about their own positive traits … such as quick maturity higher testosterone making them more physically inclined. Though I know it’s quite useless in the environment they might be in now it’s still good to know you beat everybody else at something. Whites don’t get that. They get to be in the middle, neither great or horrible in anything. Think of that … but some would observe that that’s a benefit in and of itself, not overwhelmingly weak, but not overwhelmingly strong. Not overwhelmingly unintelligible but not overwhelmingly intelligent. In the middle, that balance is quite an advantage in development in new environments, smart enough to do things, strong enough to survive. Not strong enough to dominate. Not weak enough to die. Though looking at it with this sort of perspective limits your thoughts, the fact is … intelligence is ultimately the deciding factor. You aren’t physically inclined enough to do something? Use your intelligence to get around it. Humans are the best because of this … and you don’t have to be a scientist to make that realization.

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    I guess the socioeconomic crowd doesn’t understand the trans-racial adoption studies, or the MRI brain volume studies, or the large sample size IQ tests that show around the world that northeast asians score the highest, whites in the middle, and blacks on the bottom. If the test was biased, then why do non english speaking asians score the highest on a white designed test….hmm. Why has there never been a majority black society of great inventions and achievement. The conditions of a country reflect the intelligence of it’s people; you can’t blame everything on white people.
    As for the serial killer thing, over 20% are non white, so blacks represent at least their percentage of the population, if not more. The media focuses more on white serial killers.

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      Yes, but environment can change brain structure, function, and connectivity. Look up research on interpersonal trauma and neurocircuitry. Adults, of all races, with histories of childhood maltreatment have significantly smaller brain sizes, hyperactivity in the amygdala, and abnormalities in the hippocampus and hypothalamus. The participants from trans-racial adoption studies are predominantly children adopted at an average age of 7 years old. Look up studies by Rutter. Children adopted from Romanian orphanages after 6 months had significant developmental delays and poorer IQ scores. Children adopted before 6 months showed typical development and intact IQ.

      Culture plays an important role in IQ testing, but that does not mean the tests are biased. There are some questions that are based on information that is typically learned in secondary school (e.g., world history, etc.). Poor education and lack of cognitive stimulation would result in lower scores compared to someone who is constantly stimulated. But this does not negate the role of genetics. For some people, no amount of stimulation will change cognitive performance. We have not really explored this in blacks to determine that lower IQ scores are solely the result of genetic differences.

      As a child, I was teased by my black peers for reading books. Reading is crucial in IQ performance. There are some measures that assess processing speed and working memory, which are culturally neutral, but verbal and non-verbal measures really do require stimulation in early childhood.

      Also, a disproportionate amount of these studies look at blacks from “urban” communities or “low SES.” A thorough research study should also look at confounding variables and other factors that may mediate or moderate the results.

      As for blaming everything on whites, I completely agree with you. It needs to stop. I don’t think we can continue to blame whites for the state of blacks. Although black history is scarred by the atrocities of slavery and the Jim Crow era, playing the victim is not going to change a thing.

      Arguments that attempt to point out who is “worse” are not going to lead to answers. Blacks are disproportionately represented in prisons. Does that mean every black person you see is a criminal? No. I have met some pretty racist white people in my lifetime. Does that mean every white person I meet is racist? No. I have white, black, hispanic, and asian friends. We have more in common than people realize.

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    Why do White people with high IQ killer are (Serial Killers).

    Charlene William, she was a literal genius with an IQ of 160
    Looked up all of the Serial Killers?
    Most Black people are in prisons for Drugs – Low IQ something is wrong with this picture..American Blacks do not get the same Ed as Whits ..

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    I forgot to mention that your findings strongly lean on the theory of eugenics (an interpretation of Mendel’s theories on inheritance, typically rejecting Lamarckan theory). The pseudoscience of eugenics has already been challenged and proven as an inadequate measurement of genetically inherited aptitude or strength. Scientists have already demonstrated that major genetic changes occur outside of inheritance and that the concept of eugenics is flawed. As a scientist I find your article thoroughly problematic.

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      I would be interested to know where Lamarckian theory has been resurrected. Maybe in obesity. Heredity of traits has beem shown by Bouchard’s twin studies. It is clear that environment plays a big role too. But the best environment can not elevate people beyond their genetic potential. “Be all you can be” is the limit.

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    Your lack of data representing socioeconomic factors and your thorough dependence on IQ measurement (or failure to compare this to any other standard means of measuring intelligence) makes your study one dimensional and highly inadequate by any scientific or academic standard. If you want your findings to carry any weight I suggest you follow the basic scientific method (like the one your friend Galileo followed) and other methods of sociological study that present a multidimensional representation of human intelligence. I’m not criticizing your work for its lack of “political correctness” as you call it, but rather for its total lack of basic components that are common to any form of study. From what I have read here I see no indication that you hold the requisite skills to measure human intellectual aptitude as your internet moniker suggests. I recommend further study in various fields if your ultimate objective is to come to a conclusion with practical findings.

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      IQ scores are based on tests. You need to look into the field of neuropsychology and explore articles within this field. It is common to use cognitive measures to explore constructs and theories. It is not my intention to look at intellectual functioning, as there is considerable disagreement as to what intelligence really is.

      And I did not post an article nor my findings on this site, so I’m not sure why you are concluding that I lack data representing socioeconomic factors. I appreciate your eagerness to point out flaws, but I did not realize that I needed to post my entire methodology on this forum.

      Also, thank you for your criticism regarding my ability to measure human intellectual aptitude. However, I’m not concerned with your assessment of my abilities based on an internet posting. Fortunately, I have time to gain proficiency at the two ivy league sites at which I am training

      The conclusion of genetic inferiority is premature and many variables are not explored. However, it is impossible to explore every variable, so I certainly do not intend to. Empirical research adds to existing knowledge. I’m surprised to find someone who actually believes that one study should answer everything. Wow. Thank you for that enlightening post though.

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    Adopted children have higher suiciderates, suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. These stem from social problems, bullying, loss of identity, not feeling accepted etc.

    If anything, social factors contribute to intelligence.

    There is no real truth, that´s the beauty of science. Sure these facts can determine something within a few boundaries and limit´s, but it doesn´t mean that it is applicable to reality.

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    jixiang :Like or Dislike: 0  0
    Here we go. You see why people object to this sort of theorizing? The next step is always the support of discrimination. By the way crime hasn’t increased in South Africa, it’s just that during apartheid the whites were shielded from it. The townships were always very violent. In any case if the whites don’t like living in a country run by the black majority, then they can leave. Or do people with a “lower IQ” not have a right to their own land either?</blockquote Your ignorant
    of the fact that both Zimbabwe and South Africa were sparsely populated when the white settlers arrived populations stabilized and grew because of the whites medical care and policing of the actual native population. Hordes of foreign illlegal immigrants flooded their (the white, boers and affrikaaners) beautiful country's and ignorant college students around the world bought into the black is for Africans communist hate propaganda and a genocide was started against the whites, The truth is that under the evil apartheid, the black African's had more automobiles than all of the entire Soviet Union and thats counting only , South Africa. Truth being all of you ignorant supportters of scum bag Nelson Mandela should be charged with crimes against humanity.Wiithout white guidance the worthless native African's would have breed themselves out of resources, murdered,and induced plague upon themselves and would already be extinct. Every resource allotted to them is mismanaged, the native population never farmed invented anything and still are today cannibals. Talk all your delusional bullshit you want Blacks have no rights to land that was never theirs. To get a better idea of the destruction the liberal scum has done with their lies watch the Italian documentary" Africa Addia" that was made in 1964. I am American, and I cannot believe, that we allowed the communist scum, to destroy, what through hundreds of years of intelligent management and hard work by the white Afrikaans took to develop.Watching the loss of the game perserves alone in the documentary brings tears to my eyes. I would have never thought that that I could shed tears for crocodiles as I watched the futile attempts to rescue Africa's animals from the sub-human zombie hordes.The real truth is that through our welfare programs we have bred a subhuman mutant swarm,hence let loose on their own devour mame and destroy everything in their path. Our absolute negligence in the assessment of the actions needed to perserve our existence will be our ruin. We have passed that point of any recovery. By submitting to the political correct communist " I'm educated crap" that the Democrat party has dictated upon us for the last 40 yrs. While the Republican Party whimpers at their feet, and submits to the authority of what!! little spoiled communist traitor college children!! and thats all the Democrat's really are besides their billionaire communist supporters. We have allowed the
    exticntion of all of Europe and North America.

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    Negros are dumb and stupid – how can one explain how they take a country that prospers under colonials only to reduce it to ruins under their own rule?
    They’ll crib WHITEY did that – tell those porch monkeys that Whiteys Ruled Asia too – now Asia is going to rule the world!!

    Tell those porch monkeys that they’re only ONLY fuxated race that turns a FIRST WORLD nation into a third world ghetto – no Negro Hood can be considered worthy of living by humans!!!

    yet they scream “WE DIDNT DO NUFFIN!!!” DATS WHITEYS FAULT

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    Well, blacks used to be considered incapable of reading, writing etc…I guess, within the past few centuries, blacks have evolved the most. From iqs in the retarded range to ninety..whatever. I think it would only get better.

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    As an aspiring neuropsychologist, it dismays me to see that these type of inflammatory beliefs are increasingly the norm. The sweeping comments of “blacks” being inferior and blacks “blaming the white man” is appalling. As an Black American, I see little use in blaming anyone, yet I am arbitrary placed into the “playing the victim” category. Nevertheless, to deny the impact of years of discrimination, such as Jim Crow laws, is misguided. In addition, blacks are over represented in poverty and violence stricken communities. As someone who actually administers IQ tests, it is naive to claim that culture is irrelevant. Yet it is equally naive to ignore the importance of genetics. There are syndromes that solely target Jewish communities and there are various disorders that are more prevalent in blacks, as well as whites. However, many people completely ignore the fact that our human brains are malleable.

    Studies on racial differences in IQ is unimportant. I can’t help but wonder, what are we trying to accomplish? It is more advantages to look at within group differences. There are differences within white, black, and asian communities, but, for some reason, blacks are viewed as monolithic. I would also urge people on this site to search all literature. After attending a seminar at the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, current literature revealed that there were significant differences in adopted black children, suggesting that environment does indeed play a role. We must be steadfast in not only knowing the truth and searching all sides of the story, but we must also search for solutions. Although overarching claims that blacks are inferior may make some swell with pride as they breath a sigh of relief that they have evolved higher faculties, it does nothing to further human progress.

    From my own clinical work, when whites and blacks are compared from similar disadvantaged environments (e.g., community violence, interpersonal trauma, etc.) there are no significant differences. Researchers in this field have the propensity to look at only a fraction of constructs, while ignoring the broader ecological-transaction system. I hope to contribute to this field of work in the future, as I passionately believe it is needed. But I am dismayed by the aim to disaggregate races into superior and inferior groups. Why is this important? Finding the truth? My goal for research is to look at the disparities within groups to offer targeted interventions that will extend beyond the satisfaction of knowing that “my group scores higher than that group.”

    As mentioned previously, I administer IQ tests. Most IQ measures consist of tasks that assess working memory (e.g., math problems), vocabulary, fund of knowledge, perceptual reasoning, and processing speed. The majority of these measures require a healthy environment to evolve adaptively. As someone who was fortunate to thrive in a middle-class environment, I can’t help but wonder, “would I really be curious in the fate of Winston in 1984, Aldos Huxley’s musings, or enigmatic dark matter if I was subjected to an environment shrouded in violence?” I would hope that I would still retain the same level of curiosity and many blacks who have come from impoverished communities have been successful. But what behavior is adaptive for each community? Learning the wonders of the universe or learning skills to survive on the street? If I look at this issue candidly, I cannot honestly say that I am so superior that I would be unaffected by situations that inflict many blacks.

    I am an African American female and doctoral student. I am single and have no kids. I have a father whom I admire, parents who have been married for 30 years, friends of diverse backgrounds, and an obstinate desire to learn. Yet I am often lumped into a stereotypical category. People automatically assume the worse and become puzzled if I should become offended. My entire race is blamed for behaviors that have nothing to do with me. And even worse, my skills are always evaluated with a much more critical eye than students of other races. I have seen this reflected a few comments on this site. It seems that there is sometimes a propensity to look for inferiority.

    To avoid PC, does one actually expect the entire black race, to “face the truth” and accept that “my race is inferior and less evolved.” Would any of you do truly do this?

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      It is a statistical fact that Blacks commit multiple times as many crimes then whites. For whatever reason. So for police to racially profile makes sense, scientifically.

      Oh, and everyone who lives near a Black US neighborhood knows that as a White you will be racially profiled for serious whooping or worse. You would not walk or bicycle through there at night. It would be unwise.

      UK: Police stop and search innocent white people to balance race figures, terror watchdog says

      You are probably in the top 0.1% of IQ for Blacks, but probably 0.5% of Whites and 1% of East Asians and 2% of Ashkenazi Jews share the same IQ. I hope you don’t blame discrimination for the fact that Blacks are under-represented in PhD programs. They have lower average IQ, very few reach IQ levels of 120 and above which are appropriate for PhD students. Certainly the bad environment and a culture hostile to behaving white and studying hard add further to the problems. Your High IQ parents helped to choose and create a better learning environment for you.

      Everything has been tried to bring Blacks to the same level of education, of financial success, through affirmative action. It has been tried in Africa, in the US and other countries. All has failed to get them to the same levels as Whites, much less East Asians. Same with IQ. Everything has been tried to change the tests, to test in thousands of different ways. The differences could not be eliminated.

      You are among a privileged group, most likely with a high IQ.

      Thanks for your very detailed and elaborate reply.

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        This reply is in response to the posts above and below.

        Thank you for your responses. I think the assumption that differences are “inborn” is a premature argument. Everything has not been tried to bring Blacks to the same level of education. Affirmative action and blind aid is definitely not the answer, but the answer is tackling the root of problem, which I feel is multifarious. When you look at literature that explores developmental outcomes in children exposed to community violence, neglect, abuse, etc. you find no significant differences across races. I think we have only scratched the surface on this topic to jump to conclusions. From my own research, environment has a substantial impact, especially during the first five years of life. The research on adopted black children typically explores children at age 7 or older. I think it is important to look at early environment. All of the school services and quota mandates do little if the child is sent back into a deleterious environment.

        As far as racial profiling, my concern is with stereotyping in day to day interactions. Why not get to know people prior to ascribing personality traits? There are also white neighborhoods that I would not venture in past dark due to the high aryan brotherhood population (e.g., Yucca Valley). There are also hispanic communities that I would avoid, specifically Florencia 13 gang infested communities that target African Americans. But when it comes to daily interactions at work, at stores, at libraries, what is the use of profiling?

        In response to the comment below, positive discrimination, affirmative action, and aid to Africa are not the answers to the pervasive problems that I think are contributing to the state of blacks. Many of the speculative adventurous theories you are referring to have been proven, but are often in ecological-transactional studies that look at IQ as a covariate rather than a dependent variable. IQ might be a secondary construct that researchers are exploring. Yet, as indicated above, environment has consistently contributed to lower IQ scores and lower verbal ability. The history of African Americans permeates in black culture today. Does that mean we should blame the white man for disadvantages? Absolutely not. During the Jim Crow era, you were ridiculed and, sometimes, threatened with death if you carried yourself like an “uppity” black. My mother experienced this treatment and she instilled in me the value of carrying yourself as an intellectual, articulating your thoughts coherently, and searching for knowledge. Yet I have seen traits that were forced during Jim Crow era and slavery replicated in today’s black community. For example, you are often ridiculed by other blacks for reading or taking interest in school and are called an oreo or white person. Conversely, Asians tend to be encouraged to excel by their peers. Like I said before, the problems are much more multifaceted and we have only scratched the surface. Summing it up as lower intelligence and inborn differences is misguided. I actually give IQ tests and I can tell you with confidence that a large portion of the tests depend on environment. If you are an avid reader and live with caregivers who use a variety of words, you are likely to have a higher vocabulary score. If you are exposed to museums you are likely to have a higher information score. If you are encouraged to play with puzzles during your childhood, you are likely to have a higher perceptual reasoning score. The list goes on and on. But to say IQ tests are in no way impacted by environment and history and scores are all a matter of genetics is ridiculous and ill informed. I would recommend thoroughly researching this topic and not just what already fits your worldview.

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      If African countries and Black communities in the US could become as rich and successful as Taiwan or Chinatown in San Francisco, we would be delighted. And most “racist” people I know would be very happy if black crime rates in Africa and US cities would drop to East Asian crime rates. We don’t delight in Black suffering and demise.

      The problem is that all good intent, aid to Africa, affirmative action, positive discrimination, nothing could make African nations and US ghettoes comparable to Asian and Jewish nations and ghettoes. Nobody found the recipe. And they deny the simplest explanation (lower intelligence and other inborn differences) but come up with speculative adventurous theories that are defended tooth and nails no matter how much disproven they are. Like “race does not exist’, and “Blacks suffer from 200 year old slavery”, etc.

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    These findings are highly flawed. The only way to prove or disprove any of this is to have hundreds children all of different races placed into a group from with they are together from birth, or at least of an age at which they could not have already formed subconscious alignment towards anything. In which case there would have to be many controls set in place that I am fairly certain are impossible. You would need one sole caregiver, identical treatment, care, attention, living environments, choices, etc. Then there is also the many different personalities of these children to consider, which on its own makes any sort of research on this subject invalid. In conclusion until a completely unbiased and 100% sterile experiment of this nature is conducted, which could never happen. This theory can neither proved nor disproved, therefore this or any study on the mater has no grounds on which to claim it is correct. I apologize for any misspelled or misused words and all grammatically incorrect statements let them not detract from what I have said. If it means anything to anyone I am Black.

    1. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

      Academic psychologists devised very clever experimental settings. Identical twins reared apart vs. together is the perfect science experiment with genetically identical children: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Twin_Family_Study

      Furthermore, the right experimental design can observe random samples of normal, non-twin people exposed to different environmental stimuli and get to clear conclusions based on group differences in outcome. Basically large groups would compensate for the non-standardized treatments of individuals and avearage out to equal treatment in both groups.

      Don’t forget, racial differences in IQ, criminality are undeniable statistical facts, see US Dept. of Justice statistics. We are only discussing if the reasons are genetic, or if slavery hundreds of years ago can be blamed. Note that Blacks growing up among Blacks, with no evil whites nearby, don’t fare too well either. While Chinese, Koreans, etc, no matter how discriminated, flourish world wide, be it in the US or Africa.

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    Interesting blog. I have another take on what causes the behavioural difference we observe between groups of people. (The biological differences are insignificant. I’m a biologist and agree with Colbert – I’m colour blind). I think it all turns on our cultural icons and how they have evolved and influenced how we have developed.

    Why did the western culture develop the industrial revolution and then far surpass other cultures in developing science and applying it to it’s civilization? I think the answer is an from an unlikely and unappreciated source. Only the western culture has cultural icons that develop skeptical thinking in its population. I know education, or the western school system, may want to claim the credit but I believe Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy (The Holy Trinity) deserve the credit. Indeed each of these innocent children stories, once started, evolved into more elaborate deceptions in their detailing that made them more believable to impressionistic minds.

    Why would parents deceive their children this way. What is the hidden cultural agenda? Why would such stories persist in the culture if it did not confer an advantage? These memes are very important.

    What other culture so thoroughly convinces kids one thing and then at an early age bursts their bubble about it.

    Most religious oriented cultures today discourage skepticism. Those in control of these cultures are threatened by skepticism. A “doubting Thomas” is a derogatory term discouraging any questioning of a culturally held belief. Faith is a virtue or advanced as such by these cultures. One could argue it keeps believers gullible and child-like and thus easy to control. Ironically the belief in the tooth fairy is frequently used to label adults as being too trusting and ready to believe anything.

    I contend that these three unappreciated cultural lies promote healthy skepticism. Only when you can inculcate disbelief in children in such a joyful and playful way can you develop a questioning way of viewing the world and thus advancing it. At least I think it worked for me.



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      Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy myths get debunked by every child. Thus they all learn skepticism. Intriguing theory. Any links for further study of this theory?

      I was always wondering why parents would blatantly lie to children. And, you are right, every single adult has already found out that the stories are lies.

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    FWIW, I have the same sexual orientation as my adopted mother (lesbian) as opposed to my biological mother (heterosexual.) While there surely are genetic aspects to IQ, sexual orientation, personality, etc., you can’t discount the effects of parenting, either.

    To put it another way, nobody thinks a white baby adopted by a ghetto single mother would sail easily through life based on having good genes.

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      Actually, your conclusions are incorrect. Children adopted into BETTER circumstances DO have increased I.Q.’s, but not by more than a couple of points.
      Adopted children score close to their racial mean.
      Even if you change their enviroment, you can only change their I.Q. by at most 6 points.

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    Great, so blacks are not as smart as whites. Ok, and what does this do for your idividual life? Is constantly screaming about the achievements of your ancestors (I’m Asian) going to help you build a fortune 500 company? How about scoring a hot blond wife(if male, lol or if female)? The only problem I have with these websites and people who frequent them is that all in all they’re losers! they are no better than the “blacks” in my book. I have met some hard-core posters from Stormfront and believe me, they embody “white-trash”. It would seem the only thing the majority of whites have is the acomplishments of the few gifted whites and the “at least I ain’t a n!gger.” deal. Oh, and as for myself I’m studying Bio-Engeering at Georgia Tech, with six whites, four blacks, and eleven asians (including myself) and English is my second language. Here’s some free advice and instead spending your time telling everyone how great whites are why dont you improve your own life?

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      White trash are in direct competition with Blacks for jobs and cheap housing. They feel the injustice of affirmative action and of tolerance for Black racist violence first hand, starting in school. And these simple people gravitate towards simple ideologies like storm front.

      Race distribution at your college confirms that Asians are totally over-represented. The number of Blacks is surprising, I have an inkling that affirmative action and quotas are involved. Also, Georgia probably has a high percentage of Blacks.

      I know there seems to be only one woman who has created a Fortune 500 company. How many Blacks?

      The differences in IQ, impulsiveness etc show 3-fold: the average Black is like an low IQ white. There are no Blacks with Nobel Prize winning IQ in hard sciences. And there are more Blacks in the lowest rungs, equal and below low IQ high violence “white trash”

      I agree with your facts, but not with your conclusions.

      False theories about Black IQ cause black anger (they think their low worldly success is the fault of evil whites), and causes false policy (which should be informed by scientific TRUTH and not by false myths of equality).

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    since we know the black mind is inferior the question is how to make the black mind overcome this inferiority

    1. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

      Calling the black mind “inferior” is more anti-PC then I dare to do. But denial of the lower IQ, lower impulse control causes anger and rage in Blacks. Blacks and politically correct Whites perceive Black lower status, lower income, higher prison rate as unjust discrimination, not as result of innate differences. Because the differences are attributed to the evil white man, his constant discrimination and repression, and to the long lasting effects of slavery centuries ago. In general, it is difficult to solve a problem based on totally false premises and theories. Nobel prize winner Watson was maligned for saying this about Africa. So once you see the facts of IQ differences, you then can start looking for solutions.

      The IQ differences can not be solved in any quick and sensible ways. So one needs to look how to productively engage lower IQ people. Giving higher value and salaries to honest manual labor comes to my mind. There might be an injustice why high IQ office work is valued so much higher then street cleaning, brick laying, or plumbing. Both financially and status-wise.

      Other conclusions are so un-PC that I don’t even dare to vent them there. Look for HBD, Human Bio-Diversity movement for more ideas.

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