Daniel Holtzclaw: BLM and Feminazis Unite, Railroad White Policeman

Daniel Holtzclaw, a white policeman, raping disadvantaged black criminal women. The perfect PC narrative. This stacks all odds against him.  The usual anti-racist race mongers

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw (born December 10, 1986) is a former Oklahoma City Police Department patrol officer who was convicted in December 2015 of multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and other charges.[6]

Of the thirteen women whom Holtzclaw assaulted, several had criminal histories such as drug arrests; all of the women were black.[7] According to the police investigators, Holtzclaw used his position as an officer to run background checks to find information that could be used to coerce sex.[2] During the trial, the defense questioned the victims’ credibility during cross-examination, bringing up their criminal records.[8] However, the prosecution argued that victims were deliberately chosen by Holtzclaw for this very reason.[9]

Holtzclaw pleaded not guilty to all charges. On December 10, 2015, an all-white jury convicted him on 18 of 36 charges, and on January 21, 2016, he was sentenced to 263 years in prison.[10][11][12] [Wikipedia]

holtzclaw-cry36 charges of rape, that must be true. Backed by DNA evidence. One DNA evidence in one case caused the jury to lend credence to all other cases.  Who would defend such a slime bag, he must be guilty. Dozens of women can not lie. 

Actually, multiple unproven uncorroborated accusations can all be wrong. Add to that jury intimidation, jury misinformation, shoddy falsely explained DNA evidence.

According to Michelle Malkin, police hunted for accusers, and picked especially drug addicts, prostitutes and convicted felons. Investigators strongly suggested to potential victims what the crime was, forgave blatant errors like "victims" describing tall Caucasian Holtzclaw as short and black. Witnesses were still believed after being found blatantly lying. They did not tell the jury that at least one of the witness was convicted of perjury, that many witness stories were so outlandish and blatantly false that they had to be dropped.  While Wikipedia claims that feminists and race activists were not active, Michelle Malkin shows photos of Black Panther activists in full military garb inside the court room and says Jury was exposed to screams "give him life" from street protesters.

CRTV: Daniel in the Den | The truth about Holtzclaw (Parts 1 and 2)

The most recent evidence for prosecution misconduct and Holtzclaw’s innocence.


When there is a common hysteria, and a fishing expedition for accusers and witnesses, many false accusers can surface. It has happened before.

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Racist Nobel Prize Winners (4Racism.org)


Computer/electronics and genetics are the most revolutionary inventions of our time. The founders of electronics, and of genetics were both racists.

Maybe the most inventive creative scientific minds of our times are right? Maybe the founder of genetics has the qualification to speak about genetic differences?

The truth is racist!?


  1. William Shockley, inventor of transistor, was racist
    Physics Nobel laureate William Shockley, inventor of the transistor and (probably) the founder of Silicon Valley [10] pointed "out that to blame all the failures of black people on racism was a misdiagnosis of the problem" [12]. Shockley was reviled for suggesting various well meant "racist" research projects to the National Academy of Science [12]. 
  2. europe-for-everybodyJames Watson’s Inquisition #2:
    James D. Watson, perhaps the most distinguished living American scientist, has now been kicked to the curb by the Cold Spring Harbor genetics laboratory he rescued and rebuilt over the last 40 years for making politically (but not scientifically) incorrect statements about African IQs.
  3. James Watson Racist:
    Nobel James Watson Top 20 most influential Americans of all times, top 100 Person of all times, was socially and scientifically destroyed for a well meaning comment about race differences.



Finished and published pages in 4Racism.org

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Own the insult: "Racist". Reappropriate Racism.

Reclaim "Racist"! The provocative thesis of 4Racism.org is that Racism saves lives and thus we need to proudly accept the label "Racist".

Instead of whining "I am no racist but …..", radically accept the insult!

Racism saves lives:
  Crime rates increased in because highly efficient police strategies get outlawed ("Stop and frisk", racial profiling). They increased further because of BLM (Black Lives Matter) in 2016, 2017.


Reappropriation means "taking a derogatory term and owning it with pride" ("owning an insult")

Reappropriation or reclamation is the cultural process by which a group reclaims terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group […]


"Racist" has been weaponized
and must be defused

  • Racist Dog

    Racist Dog

  • Only Whites can be Racist

    Only Whites can be Racist

Calling someone "racist" ends any discussion and dispute.  "Racism" accusations end political discussions about immigration, affirmative action quotas. The "racism" weapon can even shut up Nobel prize winning scientists for good.

Reclaim "Racist"

  • The fear of being stigmatized as "racist" ‘haters" paralyzes people and prevents us from stating scientific truths, from promoting the policies that best help all people of all races, from voting for politicians and parties that pursue such humane goals.

Continue at 4Racism: Own the insult: "Racist". Reappropriate Racism.


4Racism.org: Racism is Love, Racism Saves Lives, The Scientific Truth is Racist

4Racism.org is FOR Racism. Another Neo-Nazi Hate site?

No, 4Racism claims that Anti-Racists are the real Racist Haters

  • Anti-Racists treat people differently by the color of their skin.
  • Anti-Racist de-policing and promotion of race riots cause grave harm to Black Lives.
  • Anti-Racist ideology is anti-scientific, patently false theory and thus causes grave policy errors.
  • "Shut up, This is Racist" is not a scientific argument


0) Racism: a Virtue to Reclaim?!

4Racism.org will argue the radical notion that "Racism" (as defined by Anti-Racists) is something positive worth striving for, that Racism is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism!

  • The fear of being called racist (Racism-phobia) corrupts social science research, paralyzes media and police, hampers public safety, harms minorities, leads astray politicians and manipulates the voting public.



Reclaim "Racist"

  • The fear of being stigmatized as "racist" ‘haters" paralyzes people and prevents us from stating scientific truths, from promoting the policies that best help all people of all races, from voting for politicians and parties that pursue such humane goals.
  • To extirpate the horrible consequences of misinformed anti-racist policies, the derogatory term "Racist" must be reclaimed as virtuous  and owned with pride.

  • Racism (as defined by the anti-racists) is beneficial to Blacks, Minorities, to all.

    We have no option but to propose to reappropriate "Racist" and "Racism" as a positive, beneficial terms.


    Racism is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism

    Anti-Racists causes immense damage in lives  and outright deaths, even to the minorities they purport to protect.

    As enlightened people of the 21st century we believe that policy and voting decisions should be based on scientific truth, not on false Anti-Racist ideology.

    We must drop patently false anti-racist beliefs and brainwashing,  halt Science Fraud, employ the generally recognized Scientific Method



    We dream of an enlightened, scientific, truth-loving #RacismIsLove #4Racism society that will create a better world than anti-racists’ medieval dogmatism with its factually wrong world view.

    • Anti-racist anti-scientific⇓ denial of racial differences leads to disastrous policy mistakes⇓. This anti-racist denial of science facts is as deadly as the denial of the germ theory of disease in the 19th Century [3, 4, 5]


    Read more at 4Racism.org


    "White House" is racist! Repaint it "Black House".

    The "White House" was built with the sweat of Black slaves [2 3].

    Black House! Because "White House" is racist. The name "White House" is the legacy of centuries of Institutionalized Racism. The "White House" symbolizes White Repression of people of color, in the USA and world wide. An eyesore, a constant micro-aggression against disadvantaged minorities. 

    Black Power in the Black House!
    Abolish "White House", white Privilege!

    It is not enough to have a Black President in the white "White House". We need a Black President in the the black "Black House".

    We have already taken down the confederate flag. We now have to take down the white "White House". 

    The White House should have been called "Black House" from the beginning, to honor the Blacks that built it.

     White House


    Impeach Obama, Holder for inciting riots, violating civil rights of Darren Wilson

    A US Justice department report corroborates Darren Wilson’s statements, cites evidence he rightfully shot Michael Brown in self defense. Impeach Obama and Holder as repeat offenders. Obama and Holder did the same illegal interference in state judiciary matters, made false racially motivated declarations, obstructed justice in the George Zimmerman’s self defense case against Trayvon Martin. Impeach Obama for condoning non-prosecution of felonious friends and family of Michael Brown, for allowing felonies of special prosecutor Angela Corey. Impeach Obama for prohibiting racial profiling thus undoing Giuliani’s public safety improvements in New York.

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    Impeach Obama for intentional lies,
    interference in state police and judiciary,
    inciting riots, arson, false persecution, witness intimidation

    Impeach Obama for lies to incite race riots, looting, witness intimidation in FERGUSON  Impeach Obama for causing race riots by publicly  lying, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in witnesses corroborating Darren Wilson’s innocence. Impeach Obama for preventing police from protecting innocent businesses from arson, looting, riot, mayhem.

    Darren Wilson cleared of Rights Violations in Ferguson Shooting | NYT

    Barack Hussein Obama must apologize to Darren Wilson!
    Impeach Obama for inciting civil unrest and mayhem
    Impeach Obama. His lies incenced these riots and prevented police action

    US Justice Department Report declares

    “Those witness accounts stating that Brown never moved back toward Wilson could not be relied upon in a prosecution because their accounts cannot be reconciled with the DNA bloodstain evidence and other credible witness accounts.” […]

    “Witnesses whose accounts supported Mr. Wilson said they had been afraid to come forth or tell the truth because they feared reprisals from the enraged community”. NYT

    The US Justice Department Report should state

    “Those witness accounts stating that Brown never moved back toward Wilson must be prosecuted as racially motivated perjury that violated Darren Wilson’s civil rights. Their accounts are unequivocally proven false  by the DNA bloodstain evidence and other credible witness accounts.”

    “Witnesses whose accounts supported Mr. Wilson said they had been afraid to come forth or tell the truth because they feared reprisals from the enraged community.” That rage was caused by the perjurers, by Holder and Obama.

    ‘If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon   or worse Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago declared Obama, thus fanning the pervasive atmosphere of fear in witnesses against black agressors.

    Impeach Obama!

    1. Impeach Barack Obama for violating civil rights of Darren Wilson, witnesses, and Ferguson riot victims, through false public declarations
    2. Prosecute perjurers for willingly inciting riots and for conspiring to violate Darren Wilson’s civil rights.
    3. Prosecute all rioters and criminals like Michael Brown Sr, Lesley McSpadden, Dorian Johnson to the full extent of the law
    4. Impeach Obama for illegal Executive interference in state judiciary matters, and
    5. Impeach Obama for High Treason for conspiring to incite riots in Ferguson through knowingly false declarations that were now proven false. And for preventing the Ferguson police department and the National guard from protecting innocent civilians from rioting, looting and arson.
    6. Impeach Obama for High treason for failing to  defend the United States against false accusations, to officially reject findings of the U.N. Torture Panel condemning the US; for failing to inform the panel they were giving voice to indicted felon Lesley McSpadden‘s statements, who were unequivocally proven false.
    7. Impeach Obama for violating the civil rights of Ferguson business owners and workers, whose businesses were torched and looted as a consequence of this incitement and lack of police protection
    • Indict Eric Holder as a co-conspirator.
    • Impeach Obama and Holder as repeat offenders. They did the same illegal interference in state judiciary matters and false racially motivated declarations in cases like the George Zimmerman‘s self defense case against Trayvon Martin. Or the tasteless interference in state police matters in Henry L. Gates, Jr., arrest. Prohibiting racial profiling endangered public safety and undid the life saving crime reduction of major Giuliani’s stop and frisk.
    • Unfortunately, this impeachable executive collusion has been happening since multiple felon career criminal Rodney King had endangered the Los Angeles population by causing a high speed police chase, resisting arrest and weapons search, and in PCH enhanced strength shaking off 4 police officers trying to subdue him.
    • We recommend to indemnify Darren Wilson with US$ 1 Million for his persecution and suffering, plus 20 Million punitive damages. Darren Wilson should be commended for bravery, re-instated as a police officer at a Police Department of his choosing, or offered retirement at full pay.
    The Justice Department should open an inquiry into
    the habitual criminality of Michael Brown, his parents and Ferguson supporters.
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    Obama honors black assailant Trayvon Martin

    Trayvon Martin‘s assault did not succeed in maiming and killing George Zimmerman. But the Trayvon Martin fallout ruined Zimmerman’s,  life and condemned George Zimmerman to a life in hiding from the likes of The new Black Panthers, a violent hate group.

    Still, in 2015, Obama Again Remembers Trayvon Martin at African-American History Month Event: "Trayvon Martin could have been me [Obama] 35 years ago  .. or could have been my son". Even Obama’s worst enemies would not equate him with a thug who gets multiple 10 day school suspensions, gets caught with loot and burglary tools, starts a deadly attack upon a neighborhood watch, needs his school records sealed, his @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA [6] twitter and facebook accounts wiped.

    After years of full time effort of dozens of Justice department officials, George Zimmerman‘s innocence could not be impugned. And Obama does not call George Zimmerman to officially vindicate him and to apologize for the persecution.


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    Mathematics of Racism: Explaining Moses Rifkin’s Dearth of Black Physicists

    Physics Teacher Develops Unit About Racism, White Privilege, Social Justice

    You can access Part 1 and Part 2 here on curriculum on Social Justice written by private school physics teacher Moses Rifkin.  Original Article @ Breitbart

    John Burk, a physics and math teacher in Delaware, wrote at his blog that he met physics teacher Moses Rifkin of University Prep in Seattle at a People of Color Conference. […]

    As reported at Missouri Education Watchdog, in a series of guest posts for Burk’s blog “Quantum Progress,” Rifkin writes that he felt “jealous of my colleagues in English and History who got to talk every day in class about society and how it worked and how to be moral and caring and kind.”

    Rifkin explains he is “stuck” because he is teaching at a private school, where his “students weren’t learning about their own privilege (academic and, in many cases, economic and racial).”

    The physics teacher, however, says he has “found a way to introduce my students to the ideas of racial and gender privilege, to the idea that our society is far from a meritocracy, and to broaden their conception of who (racially, gender-wise, etc.) does science to include a much broader slice of society.”

    “As science teachers, we have to take an active role in undoing the bias in our society,” Rifkin encourages. “Don’t be afraid to try, and don’t wait until you know exactly what to do.”

    Rifkin’s six-day curriculum focuses on the central question of why there are few black physicists.

    Original Article @ Breitbart

    Open letter to Mr. Moses Rifkin,

    I enjoyed your class assignment about the race gap in physics, about the lack of Black physicists.  You seem to think that this is due to white privilege.

    As you are a physicist, and mathematician, I trust you can understand data analysis, statistics, math, correlation and causation. You certainly also heard about Occam’s razor and wondered about the convoluted logic employed to justify giving up Martin Luther King’s dream of a "color blind society". In exchange we now have color quotas everywhere, even in school discipline.

    As a scientist, I trust you are open to scientific argument and mathematical proof. I will provide this to you, and I am confident that you are a natural scientist that is open to data, not a social science dogmatist.

    Blacks, a group of people have consistently low achievements, everywhere, at all times, in spite of 50 years of affirmative action.  They consistently have high crime rate, everywhere in the world, be it Watts, Detroit, or Haiti. That low achievement and high crime is exacerbated when there are no Whites that could discriminate, and Blacks govern themselves, like in Haiti, Detroit, or Zimbabwe.

    By Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation is that
    the group has inherent low achievement and high criminality.

    Races are different, they are not equal.

    From this hypothesis only, it can be shown statistically, that we get gender and racial distributions, for physicists,  exactly as they occur. With your mathematical qualification, you will enjoy the

    Mathematic-heavy analyses by La Griffe du Lion

    1. *** Pearbotham’s Law on the Persistence of Achievement Gaps
    2. The Sex Gap in Mathematics Revisited: A Theory of Everyone
    3. Intelligence, Gender and Race
    4. Sex Differences in Mathematical Aptitude
    5. Racial Disparities in School Discipline
    6. The Color of Death Row
    7. The Death of Meritocracy
    8. Some Thoughts about Jews, IQ and Nobel Laureates
    9. Women and Minorities in Science.

    Certainly, as a physicist , when presented well formed argument supported by a vast body of proof. you would not cast the evidence aside, because it violates the equality dogma of the  political correctness religion. Just as the medieval pope did. He rejected Galileo’s proof of the heretic heliocentric theory.

    Like everyone else I was indoctrinated by political correctness‘ equality dogma [10]. So were Arthur Jensen, and J. Philippe Rushton, until unequivocal data forced them to change their mind.  This tremendous paper summarizes the evidence

    I trust you can either be convinced by the host of these data, or point out where the data or conclusions are wrong. If you find the truth, you might find you get ostracized. Even one of the most prestigious Nobel Prizes of the last century would not save you from persecution

    1. *** James Watson’s most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy
    2. Jared Taylor Remembers Philippe Rushton And Arthur Jensen
    3. *** James Watson tells the inconvenient truth: Faces the Consequences
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