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Court rules that 32-year-old man’s sex with 17-year-old was legal… but pictures of it cost him 8 years in prison closing down? MRA (Men’s right) support incarceration of men for normal male sexuality

Black Comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has shows cancelled in France after Nicolas Anelka’s inverted Nazi salute

Anti PC Humor and Satire: Diversity Chronicle jokes about Political Correctness

Marijuana sale, plantation, private consumption free in Colorado, USA, 2014

PC madness: Steve Martin’s Lasonia joke offensive to Blacks

Barack Obama Sr., bigamist, pedophile, child rapist?

Singapore fails to recognize human rights of rioters. Fantastic!

How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .

South Africa, cultivated by Whites, taken over by Black population explosion

Go ahead, shoot your sleeping husband! It’s not murder!

Nelson Mandela – worse than Apartheid?

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