Blacks are the only participants in Olympic 100 m running finals, be it men’s or women’s final dashes. We dare to say the obvious, though politically incorrect and taboo.


We tried to search Google about the races (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) of the finalists, but this is hard to find. The runners here look black.  It is not politically correct to mention race, much less to ask why all the finalists are Black.  Wikipedia told us

Ivet Lalova the tenth fastest woman in 100 metres history, the fastest white woman in the world,[1] and finished fourth in the 100 metres and fifth in the 200 metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Talking about race is a politically incorrect no-no, so much that

One may not talk about black race, iq, crime, or racing prowess

We do predict confidently:

Among the top 70 under 10 second runners, the only White man is Christophe Lemaitre.

When Blacks are under-represented in academic pursuits, in elite colleges, in top CEO ranks, then automatically discrimination is the presumed culprit. Race and IQ is a taboo topic. So conventional wisdom would deny any relation between race and running ability. In other words, the only acceptable explanation for lack of Whites and Asians is: Whites and Asians must be discriminated against in 100 meter running.

Whites and Asians should demand protective racial quotas. 50% of Olympic finalists should be White and Asians. Just as police officers, CEO’s, students at elite colleges have black quotas. And women in Norway and Sweden have quotas for CEO’s and politicians.

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  1. jewamongyou says:

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    Allowing non-native athletes at the Olympics destroys the concept of the games. It makes a mockery of the notion of “nation” by implying that anybody can represent any nation. If so, then why even pretend that there are nations? Just have the Olympics as a competition between individuals – without flags, anthems or any national solidarity.

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