False Rape charges by trespassing maid against IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director and French presidential candidate accused of rape. As the feminist dominated press is scared to even think that the rape accusations are false, Human-Stupidity has to speak up. The story is very strange, and dominated by clear mistakes committed by accuser.  A five star hotel maid trespasses into a naked client’s room?  Unforgivable. 5 Star hotel ecurity lets a rapist check out? The maid is not trained to instantly report crimes to security staff?

Maid violates professional ethics and walks into a prominent naked guest’s room

The New York Police Department claims that at about 1 p.m. on Saturday, a hotel maid entered a $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel near Times Square, believing that it was empty.

 No possibility of false rape charges set up against Dominique Strauss Kahn. Gulty verdict has already been decided by the press. No presumption of innocence.That is a bad start.  She made a mistake. This should not happen in a top class hotel. Were the sex roles inverted, were a male employee walk in on a prominent naked female guest, like Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the male employee would be fired and arrested for sexual harassment.  Usually, hotels have a policy to avoid such embarrassment: cleaners should knock on the door, ring the bell, yell "room service" when walking into rooms.

Strauss-Kahn then emerged naked from the bathroom, and grabbed her, pulled her into the bedroom and threw her on to the bed, before trying to lock the suite’s main door, according to New York Police Dept. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, who outlined the charges to reporters. "She fights him off, and then he drags her down the hallway to the bathroom, where he sexually assaults her a second time," he told Reuters.

What a coincidence: she makes a serious professional mistake. A hitherto well behaved, civilized man, suddenly goes crazy? Just because he was naked he wanted to take advantage of her and rape her?

A man on the covers of all magazines, admired by millions of women, who could get women at a snap of his fingers. A man from a country with legalized prostitution who could afford 2 luxury prostitutes per day, in case he is a sex addict.  And this guy, exactly the moment the woman walks in, illegally, incorrectly, grabs her and rapes her?

The maid, 32, finally managed to push Strauss-Kahn away and escape, according to Browne, and her colleagues called 911. Strauss-Kahn had checked out by the time police arrived at the hotel, leaving behind his cell phone.

Very strange. No rapist makes it out of a 5 star hotel, full of security agents, trained to catch thieves, impostors, troublemakers.  Especially people who cause trouble and then want to slip away without getting caught. Top hotels have a very professional security staff. I am sure maids are trained to instantly report crimes to security. So any delay in reporting would be her second professional failure of the day.

New York Police usually does not take longer then 5 minutes to arrive.  And he made it all the way into the plane? Check out of hotel, check into the airport, pass security?

Strauss-Kahn was arrested on charges of attempted rape, conducting a criminal sexual act, and unlawful imprisonment of the woman. 
Arrest of IMF Chief on Attempted Rape Charges Throws French Presidential Race Into Chaos | Time Magazine

A really important man:

In fact DSK, as the French call one of the country’s leading political figures, happens to be on the cover of virtually every French magazine this week as the country’s possible next President, […]

Across Europe, too, Strauss-Kahn’s arrest will have a major impact. It could impact critical negotiations over the E.U.’s deep debt crisis, in which Strauss-Kahn has been a key — if not the key — player. He was due to be at emergency debt meetings in Brussels this week, and perhaps mindful that he could soon be one of the E.U.’s most powerful leaders

False rape charges to cover up own wrong, or for political reasons?

What are the alternative explanations? Don’t forget, she committed a serious professional lapse, almost a crime. So it is quite likely that she did that for a reason, with intent.

  • Many political and economic enemies would pay millions to get him out of the way.  maybe they bribed a lowly hotel maid?

But there is a much easier and parsimonious explanation:

The room maid, in serious violation of her professional duties, walked into a client’s room and surprised him naked. Even if that was a honest mistake, it could have serious consequences for her. 

  • Maybe he reacted with strong irritation, wanted to complain and get her fired (for good reasons). That scared her. There is no talk about her getting fired now.
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to steal and was caught
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man
  • Maybe she planned to seduce him and was rejected. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man and then blackmail him by threatening to cry rape.
  • Maybe he made an indecent proposal, even tried to indecently touch her. In revenge, she cried rape.

As we learn in the false rape society, many women have a knee jerk reaction to cry "rape" in order to distract from their own problems.  Did you notice? Nobody talks of firing her for her transgression.

Let us see if there is any hard corroborating evidence, except an accusation by a guilty woman that committed a serious, unforgivable professional mistake.

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