Demand Equal Rights!! Civil Rights for All!! Abolish “minority” quota privilege!!

Whites voluntarily forfeited1 constitutional rights!!

    1. equal treatment under the law (independent of the color of the skin)2

freedom of association3

  1. freedom of speech to criticize
    4, the democratic ideal of the fully informed



Only Whites can be "racist". "It is ok to be white" is racist

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Solution to the cartoon’s riddle:

  1. Point out the inequality and injustice. Humbly suggest, or demand, to be granted the same right Blacks have. White Genocide Quotes #2
  2. “Racist” has been weaponized. Reappropriate “racism”
  3. Flipping race #2 to notice left-racist unequal treatment:
    Imagine the German chancellor saying: “all remaining black residents in government sponsored housing in Germany must be kicked out of their apartments to make way for homeless Germans.” But Zimbabwe’s president Mugabe can propose kicking out Whites.



Solution to the cartoon’s riddle

Whites, demand the same rights that Blacks have.
Refuse second class citizenships. Demand an end to anti-white discrimination6


“Civil rights” laws gave special rights to “minorities”; took away rights from whites.

To right (alleged) past, long gone, injustice, inequality, discrimination and repression, we have actual, lawful, institutionalized injustice ….against whites.

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  1. or maybe were duped into yielding to “minorities”
    • Anti-white discrimination is compulsory: “White kills Black” is fit to print. Unequal Rights #3, Black and Leftist Privilege: Minorities and the Left can … Stirring prejudice against Whites by mentioning race of white suspects is all right.
    • MLK Racist? Color Blindness, the new “Racism”.
    • Unequal treatment, unequal rights Unequal rights, Minority Privilege. Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, “no beer for racists”, affirmative action, cultural appropriation, antifa violence, and …
    • Unequal Rights #2 Unequal Rights #2. Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, “no beer for racists”, affirmative action, cultural appropriation, antifa violence, and dozens of more ..

    • The revocation of business owners’ rights to do business with whomever they saw fit.

      the West’s democracies had already turned illiberal themselves, and the problem had begun with American-style doctrines about rights. At some point in the half-century leading up to 2014, the United States had ceased to be a classic, open-ended democratic republic. It had taken on features of a “managed democracy” along European lines.

      In the fall of that year, Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul fashioned himself into the mainstream politician most in sync with the Tea Party’s views. “I have a message,” he said on the night of his nomination, “a message from the Tea Party.” Progressives believed they knew exactly where Paul was going with that message. First the Louisville Courier-Journal, then National Public Radio, then Rachel Maddow of MSNBC questioned him aggressively about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Paul professed to “abhor racism” and to approve of nine tenths of the articles in the act but to be uncomfortable with its revocation of business owners’ rights to do business with whomever they saw fit. “Does the owner of the restaurant own his restaurant? Or does the government own his restaurant?

      These are important philosophical debates, but not a very practical discussion.”

      It certainly wasn’t practical. As constitutional orders went, civil rights was well and securely anchored. It had won the loyalty of those it was intended to empower. Blacks voted almost unanimously for the party of civil rights, giving Democrats 90, 88, 95, and 93 percent of their votes in presidential elections after 2000. The civil rights regime could also claim the overwhelming loyalty of other minorities, those non-white, non-male, and non-heterosexual groups to which it had been extended. It reserved a special role for the country’s moneyed leadership class, too, providing a haven from unruly democracy that members of that class always seek. Finally, civil rights, more than any American political movement since Prohibition, rested on a conception of evil. It had a moralistic, even a religious, component that was a powerful weapon for building esprit de corps among insiders and intimidating and shaming outsiders. Its promoters saw their foes as evil incarnate.


      [Caldwell, Christopher. The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties (pp. 236-237). Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.]

    • #PCGagOrder: Everyone must
      conceal any negative “minority” performance, to avoid stirring up
      We are shocked that it is perfectly socially acceptable for
      government to emit gag order police, teachers, military, refugee
      helpers, to lie to the population.

rigged brazenly, by omitting facts that can be EXPLOITED by the Right

        • Citizens cannot be trusted with the whole truth, lest they develop prejudice.


        • Systematic and mandatory omission of true facts  to avoid “prejudice”


        • 2, admittedly to reduce sympathy and votes for “the Right” makes a mockery of


        • the democratic ideal of the informed voter.


        • Elections are, unashamedly,


        • rigged against the “Right”. The consequences are grave and world changing The


        • needs to be kept in the dark in order to “avoid prejudice”.


        • If


        • told the truth , the


        • might vote for xenophobia and segregation.


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