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This blog is not the god given truth, rather the personal conclusions after reading literature regarding a topic.

All here is construed as the personal opinion of the authors, even if occasionally they forget to hedge and speak matter of factly.

If anyone disagrees, if you write your opposition in an educated manner, it most likely will pass the automatic spam filter. Thus you may add opinions and facts at will.

We do not have a legal department and a research team verify every single statement.

So, please cut me some slack, as long as the politically correct press is not held liable for PC lies about domestic violence, false rape prevalence, the wage gap.

Everything stated in this blog is a personal opinion which might be false


Difference Between Opinion and Defamatory Statement

Once you understand what defamatory means, you may think that it sounds a lot like an individual having an opinion. There is a difference between having an opinion and making a defamatory statement. In order to differentiate the two depends on the nature of the statement. If you make a statement in a magazine about an individual and it sounds like a fact, then it is a defamatory statement. It has to be made known that it is an opinion. Telling the courts that it was an opinion will not be enough to defend yourself in a defamatory statement case.

There are two types of parties you can report against. With private figures, like your neighbors or roommates, they will have to prove negligence – where a person of reason would have made the same statements. If they can prove you made false statements, then you will lose your case against them. Then with public figures, they have to show “actual malice” to prove that you published knowingly or unknowingly about something that wasn’t true. Proving this case can be a bit hard for a plaintiff to win.


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