Journalistic and scientific standard of evidence in blog writing

At we do have evidence for almost all our statements. With our background as scientific researchers we like to meticulously document every single statement we make.

We want to make sure the supporting evidence comes from reputable sources, from 1A MSM (Main Stream Media) press sourced or can be tracked back to peer reviewed scientific research.

Our careful effort to only write what we can prove led to our being very unproductive, writing very few posts per month. Thus almost nobody reads us, and all the painstaking effort of good documentation is in vain.

??? Whenever we are certain that we have supporting evidence, but too lazy (time is limited) to find and cite it, we will mark it ???.

We will make an effort to find the supporting evidence, when asked and challenged, and we request our readers to provide such links in the post replies.

We also actively seek helpers who would do such work (provide evidentiary links) out of the goodness of their hearts. We are even willing to entertain a low wage/rewards for a person who can do so efficiently.

Furthermore we are obliged to the truth and to human well being. We admire the US for their ??? amendment of freedom of speech and abhor hate speech laws that restrict those.

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