British witch hunt continues: Rolf Harris chided for complimenting 13 year old bikini body in the 1970ies

Operation Yewtree’s witch hunt continues in Great Britain. 80 year old entertainers get ruinous persecutions and rare convictions for groping willing groupie fans in the 1960íes to 1980’ies.

This was the rolling sexual liberation time before the feminist sex repression backlash. Britain’s sun had sexy topless 15 year olds on page 3, like Samantha Fox. In Germany, one could legally buy creepy nudist magazines with nude children of all ages. Playboy and Rock stars had their stable of 14 year old groupies that flew with them around the world. Child Porn was legal in most of the world.

Recent scandals about historic abuse accusations against deceased men have typically led to a media-feeding frenzy, with lurid accounts in TV documentaries and newspapers, often alleging paedophilic abuse. They come with a Greek chorus of activists and campaigning charities demanding justice for ‘victims’ or, more accurately, complainants.

The result is a veritable tsunami of blame, engulfing every institution with which the deceased had dealings, each of which is targeted by claimant lawyers looking for compensation. Undeniably, the money motive looms large in these historic sex scandals.

And now:

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris has admitted that he admired a 13-year-old friend of his daughter sexually while on holiday.

Harris, who wore a dark suit and red tie and was supported in the public gallery by wife Alwen and other family members, sat in the witness box as he admitted that he might have complimented the girl’s bikini on holiday when she was 13.

What extreme worry: murder has a statute of limitation, but admiring adolescent beauties does not. Note that legal movies like blue lagoon could never be made again, as they clearly would be child porn by today’s laws.

Women are encouraged to come forward with false and exaggerated old claims, because they get government moneys and the right so sue for huge damages. And, of course, female false accusers (almost) never get as much as a slap on the wrist.

10 unproven allegations are considered proof of the crime. But these allegations were called for by a media frenzy that actually calls for such allegations and rewards them. Note also that there is a percentage of mentally unstable women who confuse fantasy with reality, and

Jimmy Saville

Court rules that 32-year-old man’s sex with 17-year-old was legal… but pictures of it cost him 8 years in prison

Court rules that 32-year-old man’s sex with 17-year-old was legal… but pictures of it were not


Although a man who was 32 wasn’t breaking the law by having sex with a 17-year-old girl in 2008, he was by photographing the act, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Marshall Hollins was convicted in Stephenson County of making child pornography and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Is this not sad? It brings me to tears.

A good black man’s life destroyed, a girl’s boy friend taken away. All to protect her from "abuse". 

Where is Al Sharpton?

Where is President Barack Obama. I know, if he had a son, it would be a street fighting thug like Trayvon Martin. Where are men’s rights activists?

Where are the feminists, for the girl’s rights to have a boy friend, and to have her pictures taken?


He admitted he had sex with the girl when she was 17, which is the age of sexual consent in Illinois.

In a 5-2 ruling, the high court said that although the law allows 17-year-olds to consent to sex, they are still minors, making photos or video of such sex child porn.

This is nothing new:

The two dissenting justices said that because the photos don’t show an illegal act, they shouldn’t be illegal.

The dissenting minority has a bit of decency and common sense.

‘There was nothing unlawful about the production of the photographs taken by defendant in this case because the sexual conduct between defendant and (the girl) was entirely legal,’ wrote Justice Anne Burke, who was joined by Justice Charles Freeman.

‘The photographs are therefore not child pornography as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court for purposes of the First Amendment.

Due to voodoo theory and falsified research about the child sex trauma myth (Rind Study), the US supreme court made an EXCEPTION to constitutional rights of the First Amendment.

In the above case, no "*child" has been harmed through an illegal act, so there should be no reason to make an exception to constitutional first amendment rights.

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Court rules that 32-year-old man’s sex with 17-year-old was …
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Feminist protest against sexist Barbie house in Berlin

Barbie dream house opened in Berlin. The little children are happy. Feminists are aghast and protest against sexist Barbie. Her curves are unattainable by the average woman, thus Barbie ought to be abolished.

We suspect that children will be seriously traumatized seeing pictures of Barbie crucified and burned alive by a naked woman that looks like Barbie. Feminists burn witch Barbie at the stake., for being too attractive.   We are speechless and rest our case.

Video in German

barbie-crucified-burnedIn pictures: Berlin Barbie doll house attracts fans and foes |BBC

‘Pink stinks’: Protests greet Berlin’s Barbie Dreamhouse

The Child Sex Trauma Myth. #1: You must be a pedophile, if you defend child porn and pedophiles

We are not pedophiles. We have no interest in children or their indecent depictions.

We make extreme efforts to not run afoul of any law, not even by mistake or accident 1 2 3 .

We are interested in truth, free academic research, in protection and happiness for children 5.
We are against unnecessary witch hunts that demonize and imprison people with unnecessary rigor and that criminalize a huge percentage of the (male) population.

The biggest of all taboos: to research, study or discuss adult-child sexuality.

We have been warned. We will be called pedophiles. We may suffer vigilante action. We may suffer government prosecution. We should not mess with the topic adult-child sex.

Yes we are talking about real children under 12 years of age, not just 17 year old adolescent young adults, re-defined as "children" by feminist dogma and by the *United Nations.

The Rind Study serves as a warning: a prestigious, peer reviewed meta analysis, published in one of the most prestigious journals of the American Psychological Association: probably the only piece of peer reviewed academic research condemned by unanimous vote by both the United States Senate and Congress.

The authors’ stated goal was “…to address the question: In the population of persons with a history of CSA [child sexual abuse], does this experience cause intense psychological harm on a widespread basis for both genders?” Some of the authors’ more controversial conclusions were that child sexual abuse does not necessarily cause intense, pervasive harm to the child;[3] that the reason the current view of child sexual abuse was not substantiated by their empirical scrutiny was because the construct of CSA was questionably valid; and that the psychological damage caused by the abusive encounters depends on whether the encounter was consensual or not.  Wikipedia on Bruce Rind 

The US Senate and Congress have decided, once and for all, by dogmatic fiat: "child sexual abuse" is is extremely traumatic under all circumstances.  Academic research must not arrive at any different conclusions.

Such a shocking interference of religious and moral zealots with scientific truth has not happened since Galileo Galilei: a few centuries ago, the catholic church decreed the "scientific truth" that the sun revolves around the earth.

The Trauma Myth

Susan Clancy inadvertently stumbled over the unpopular truth, as published in

The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children–and Its Aftermath .

All hell broke loose. I was bombarded with accusations that I was hurting victims even more than they already had been and that I was a friend of pedophiles. I was also vilified by many in my own scientific community. Some colleagues and graduate students stopped talking to me. A well-meaning professor told me to pick another research topic because I was going to rule myself out of a job in academia. Some felt my research had a political agenda, one biased against victims. I was invited to give a talk about my research at Cambridge Hospital—home of the tremendously influential sexual abuse treatment program Victims of Violence. No one from the program showed up. Clancy (pp. 77-78).

Researchers refuse to discuss issues in a seminar?! The most convinced adversaries never counter with true research, with true arguments?

This is the sad state of affairs. A dogma does not need to be discussed scientifically. The Bible has the definite answer. The US senate made the scientific decision.

And Human-Stupidity has the insanity to question and analyze the dogma.


Human-Stupidity is open to science. Just prove me wrong, using science.

  1. TruthWillSetYouFreeIf unbiased free academic research can show that 17 year olds get traumatized for life for having sex with older people, we will support age-of-consent laws.
  2. If the Rind study, and Susan Clancy can be proven wrong, by free unbiased academic research, we will support draconian decade-long punishments for all childhood sexuality. 
  3. We would stand corrected if the voodoo theory could be proven true, by free unbiased academic research: if it were proven that looking at photos of lightly clothed 15 year olds, downloaded for free from the internet does irreparable harm to the minors depicted. If that harm is so perverse that looking at the photos ruins the model’s life forever. And that downloading free photos truly stimulates the rape and abuse of innumerous children. Then we might agree that life in prison without parole is a proper punishment for possession of a few hundred photos, which are nothing else then 0’s and 1’s in files on a computer hard drive.

But against all odds, Milton Diamond, in peer reviewed research, proved the opposite: freely available child pornography reduces sex crimes against children, because many pedophiles can satisfy themselves merely by perusing pictures.


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The Child Sex Trauma Myth. #1: You must be a pedophile, if you def…
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Children loved non-nude solo modeling, were traumatized by federal government child porn hysteria: "Photo sessions were the highlight of my life"!

"We were not victims.  The only people that ever victimized me was the federal government themselves" (sic) 5:54

Child porn "victims" decided to speak up: ."I loved modeling.  It was the highlight of my life" 1.00  The models were best friends with the photographer, were profoundly scarred by the photographer’s arrest and the judgmental panic hysteria of neighbors, friends and school mates. The life of the photographer, his children and family were ruined by long prison sentences.

Around 2003, the US repressed, with heavy prison sentences, child modeling sites with non-nude children and with adolescents dressed in light clothes like swimsuits and lingerie. These sites were careful to stay legal, to have no nudity, semi-nudity nor sexual behavior. To no avail. The harmless fairly innocent photos were determined to be child pornography.

Of course, such expanded child pornography definitions can criminalize department store child swimsuit catalogues (so much that Human-Stupidity thought it wiser NOT to even repost catalogue photos) or parent’s nude baby photos in the bath tub 

jeff-piersonTuscaloosa County photographer sentenced to federal prison in child modeling porn case

A Tuscaloosa County photographer was sentenced today to serve five years and seven months in federal prison on child pornography charges for providing pictures of underage Birmingham area girls in provocative clothing and sexually suggestive poses to a child modeling website.

After his release from prison Jeff Pierson, 47, also will have to serve 10 years on supervised release by the U.S. Probation Office and register as a sex offender, U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler ordered at today’s hearing. Coogler ordered Pierson to report to prison on March 9. […]

A few of the girls who had their photos taken by Pierson were at today’s hearing. Coogler offered them a chance to make a statement in the courtroom but they declined.

Now the girls are making statements.  Several of the 16 "victims" speak out in a campaign to clarify they enjoyed the photo sessions and were in no way traumatized. Or rather, how they were severely traumatized by the hysteria in press and the police prosecution.

I understand. That’s why I can’t get some models to join our campaign. They agree with us and support us but they don’t want this to be a part of their lives anymore, and I don’t blame them. But I will do everything I can to set the record straight and any webe models (even if they weren’t my dad’s) who want to join this campaign are more than welcome. 4

Speak out campaign: former child erotica models declare
they enjoyed the modeling and were in no way traumatized.


Video: A girl and her family, victims of child porn hysteria.

Normal department store child lingerie photos can become child porn, when collected in ways that indicate that the interest is not in the clothing (See Copine scale, also Knox vs. USA). The children do not get victimized by millions of viewers of their newspaper ad. But according to the voodoo theory they get victimized when the same photos are being watched by a photo collector with potential prurient interest.  Remember, Dr. Milton Diamond has proven the opposite, that availability of child erotica and child porn reduces actual child abuse crimes.

You can see some of the  webeweb photos in question (at your own risk to potentially pollute your computer cache with child porn)  by doing a Google image search for webeweb. Human-Stupidity will not risk posting these photos or even linking to them. Google is better equipped to fend off malicious prosecution.

Video Playlist: Speak Up: WebeWeb – Child Erotica – Sandy Models:
Child porn hysteria victims speak up



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Children loved non-nude solo modeling, were traumatized by federal…
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Teacher Sex with 14 Year Old: 40 year Prison in USA, Acquittal in Germany

Germany: High court acquitted teacher for 22 sex acts with 14 year old student.
It voided a 2 year suspended sentence proffered by two lower courts

A a German appeal court voided of a lower court’s  suspended 2 year sentence for a 32 year old male teacher. He had sex with a 14 year old student on 22 occasions. The court decision is final. The court justified the decision:

  1. Sex with a 14 year olds is not a crime. Article 176 of the German penal code only covers sexual abuse of children under 14 years , unless it is paid (Art. 182) [6].
  2. According to the Penal Code Art 174 [6],  sexual abuse of wards occurs only when a minor under 18y has been entrusted to the offender "for the education, training or supervision". The student was not entrusted to the accused, because he only covered for the teacher’s absence and only gave very occasional classes to her. If he were her regular teacher, he would have been convicted [6].

USA: 40 years for the same crime: for female teacher’s sex with 14 year old boy

shannon-alicia-schmieder-teacher-sexFemale teacher Shannon Alicia Schmieder (39) in Coweta, Georgia received a 40 year jail sentence for sex with a 14 year old boy [2][3]. This fills some men’s rights proponents with glee: finally a woman gets a taste of the bitter "age of consent"  medicine concocted by feminists and religious zealots:  the same high jail terms men routinely get sentenced to.  Making love carries the same prison term as as murder or manslaughter [4]

The randomness of adolescent sex laws

Teenage sexuality is plagued by arbitrary laws which vary a lot over time and over places [1]. So much that children need a lawyer before playing doctor [8].

Human-Stupidity never made it a secret that we don’t think that the might of the state needs to interfere in such consensual adolescent affairs. We think that it is the parents’ have the duty to supervise and educate their children and that parents have a right set limits for them [5].  German law is inspired by sensible sex positive realists.

Teacher still faces disciplinary action and protests

The teacher still faces disciplinary action from the school. "Der Spiegel" calls the verdict "controversial". Sensationalist yellow press Bild calls it a "scandalous verdict" [6]. Parent organizations, press organs and the German Child Protection Association vehemently protests [6].

Human-Stupidity Analysis

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Teacher Sex with 14 Year Old: 40 year Prison in USA, Acquittal in …
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"Tanning bed pervert" nailed for kiddie porn production. Decades in prison for secretly watching and filming?

A peeping Tom rigged a tanning bed so (female) adults and children alike could be watched and filmed by him. This is bad taste, and quite common. He deserves a lesson. He probably needs some therapy.  From the story below, it seems they don’t even prosecute him for peeping and filming adults. For that transgression he probably would receive a deserved and measured punishment.

The punishment for violating the privacy of adults is negligible compared to the draconian child porn prison terms he faces. For peeping and filming minors, he is likely to suffer enormous and disproportional punishment. Decades for each count of child pornography "production" could add up to a century.

peeping-tomThe victims did not even notice they were filmed. So they did not suffer great harm (except for the Voodoo theory of child porn victimization).  No, I am not saying that there should be no punishment.

But does it make sense to punish him as strictly as for child kidnapping for ransom?

  • Do you prefer your child to be secretly watched and filmed by a shy immature pervert or be kidnapped?
  • Don’t you prefer your kid to be secretly filmed on the tanning bed 100 times, then to suffer one single instance of kidnapping?  I would be more concerned about the cancer risk from 100 tannings.

Wouldn’t you rather have your kid secretly filmed on a tanning bed then to fall victim to any of the following

  • The neighborhood gang extorting an adolescent’s or child’s lunch money
  • School bullies sticking a kid’s head in the toilet or beating the child (even if only lightly)
  • Drunk drivers running over children on the street
  • Bicycle robbers that dangerously push children off bicycles
  • Dog owners that don’t keep their dogs leashed, locked, muzzled and thus get children bitten?
  • A flash mob roaming the neighborhood, setting ablaze buildings

All the above crimes carry much lower penalties.  So why does our perverted filming peeping Tom get so much higher penalties then those who truly endanger and traumatize our children?

This peeping Tom erred, committed a puerile immature mistake. Unlike many other victims of the child pornography witch hunt that are totally innocent

This peeping Tom is an example of compulsive people who might be helped to refrain from acting out their urges with real children, if they had easier access to legal child "pornography": depictions of harmless photos and videos of adolescents in tanning beds.

We can not know if he was interested in actual true children because we invented manipulative language to confuse on purpose, confuse adolescents with children


"Tanning bed pervert" nailed for kiddie porn production

Doyce Dean Griffis of Starke, FL, is charged with seven counts of production of child pornography, two counts of receiving child pornography, and one count of possession of child pornography.

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"Tanning bed pervert" nailed for kiddie porn production….
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Jailed for possession of video of himself masturbating when he was 12. Another victim of child porn laws faces minimum 2 year jail

A young man got arrested for possession of child porn, depicting a 12 year boy old masturbating. It is his own video: he recorded himself when he was 12 years old. Mandatory minimum jail sentence: 2 years.

Think hard: maybe you took some indecent photos of yourself. Or your family album contains nunde photos mom took when you were a toddler.  Burn your childhood pictures while you still are out of jail!

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Jailed for possession of video of himself masturbating when he was…
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