HIgh school teen faces 10 years in prison for sexting female classmate

Teen sexting case highlights severity of N.C. sex offender laws

A North Carolina teenager faces felony sex crime charges after police discovered sexually explicit photographs of a sixteen-year-old girl on his cell phone. Cormega Copening is a seventeen-year-old high school student at Jack Britt High School. Copening was playing quarterback on the football team before being forced to sit out because of the felony investigation. The Fayetteville youth was arrested and charged with violating state law prohibiting the transfer of “sexually explicit” photographs of minors when police discovered nude photographs of Copening and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend on his phone. Police found the photographs by asking his mother, who pays the bill, if she would permit a search of the cell phone so the police might look for any possible evidence in a separate investigation of statutory rape.

Statutory rape means consensual sex with a minor, who is considered incapable of consenting, i.e. consent is invalidated. That also has difficulties as we show in

Copening was not a suspect in that investigation. During the search, the police discovered the nude photos of Copening and his then girlfriend.

It is sad, but it is safest NOT to cooperate with police. Innocent collaboration can point to some unexpected violation of the law.

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Rodney King 1992 LA Riot hoax, George Floyd deception have in common: Prior video hidden!

Blatant media dishonesty caused the LA Riots with its 63 deaths, 2383 injured1. The first 13 seconds were quietly omitted from the viral video, in addition to the usual silence about Rodney King’s prior criminal records, drug use, the high speed chase. Resistance to arrest and Rodney King’s attack on police were visible in the “accidentally” omitted 13 seconds of the video (where King violently attacked police). Even today, the full video is hard to find, only on VK and, surprisingly, on YouTube.  Similarly, in 2020, while hundreds of cities in the US and the world burn, police body cam and other videos about the deadly George Floyd arrest are simply withheld for months on end. Quite likeley these videos are also exculpatory and would show that all rioting is actually pointless.

Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net
Rodney King Beating Full Video – including censored first 13 seconds | VK

To maintain the lying media narrative of senseless police brutality, the first 13 seconds of the video had to be edited away: Rodney King getting up and violently attacking police. This would show that beating the joints is the most humane method to subdue a potentially armed felon and to avoid shooting him. 25 years later, the lying media narrative still is pervasive.

Standard MSM videos of Rodney King beating and LA riots

Of course, none of the Main Stream Media (MSM) videos shows the ignored first 13 seconds where King gets up and violently attacks police.

None of them mentions that the beating always stopped when King did not try to get up. The beating was the last resort, before shooting King, because 4 police with tasers could not subue him.

It remains a secret that King’s car had 2 black passengers that obeyed police orders, surrendered and were unharmed.

Some commenters say that King was “unarmed”. This is dishonest, he was potentially armed. It is dishonest to forget to clarify that police were unable to pat down and handcuff an uncontrollably violent Rodney King. They could not be sure that Rodney King was unarmed and thus had to treat him like an armed felon.

On this day: Camera rolls as Rodney King beaten by LAPD


The Beating of Rodney King, and the 1992 L.A. Riots

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BBC’s dishonest, misleading reporting on Darren Wilson/ Michael Brown. An analysis.

Misleading readers 16 times in one single article!

Michael Brown: Ferguson officer won’t be charged for 2014 killing |BBC

<follows a cute adolescent photo of Michael Brown.>

Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

Dishonesty #1: A sweet childhood photo of heavy set strong-arm robber and police assailants is not an innocent mix-up. We can assume that the main stream media journalists are no stupid amateurs and act with conscious intent. So we can clearly see deceptive intent to suggest the killed police assailants is an innocent sweet child.1.

Recent photos from the strong-arm robbery right before his death would give too bad an impression,  Media’s childhood photos of Trayvon Martin were and still are even more blatantly misleading

Michael Brown was due to start college two days before he was killed

Dishonesty #2: He was due to start college 2 days earlier? Strange that he did he not start? Darren Wilson prevented him from starting college 2 days earlier? 6 days after graduation, starting college2?

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16 year old Maryland girl produced child porn of herself

Why a 16-year-old Maryland girl shouldn’t be charged with child-porn distribution after making a video of herself. She did a sex act with a legal, “age appropriate” partner.

16 year old girl shouldn’t face child porn charges


Whenever a naked minor looks into the bath room mirror, s/he sees child porn.

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16 year old Maryland girl produced child porn of herself
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FOREIGN VIRUS? Saying COVID-19 originated in China is xenophobic, even though it’s a fact

#TrueSpeech is repressed by the #PCGagOrder: Everyone must conceal any negative “minority” performance, to avoid stirring up prejudices. Truthfully stating that the Coronavirus is foreign and comes from China, or Wuhan, is “racist” and xenophobic. “Wuhan Virus” or “chinese Virus” is “racist” and xenophobic. Telling true facts is not allowed.


But It is ok for Leftist TV commentators to first use the term “Wuhan Corona Virus”. See video as proof.

Facts are a no-no, if facts are offensive to “disadvantaged minorities”. Especially when such facts are uttered by Donald Trump or other “right wing” “white exploiters”.  See Unequal treatment, unequal rights1


Biden: Calling Coronavirus ‘Foreign Virus’ Is ‘Xenophobic,’ Blasts Europe Travel Ban

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a speech on Thursday addressing the coronavirus outbreak, accusing President Donald Trump of “xenophobia” for calling it a “foreign virus” and slamming his announcement on Wednesday that flights from Europe will be banned for 30 days.[Biden: Calling Coronavirus ‘Foreign Virus’ Is ‘Xenophobic,’ Blasts Europe Travel Ban]

First Point of Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Action Plan is to Stop “Racism”

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FOREIGN VIRUS? Saying COVID-19 originated in China is xenophobic, …
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PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub (because we hate porn)

LifePetitions is the leading petition platform exclusively serving the pro-life and pro-family communities.

The religious right wing resorts to manipulative dishonesty, just like the Left.

Here is a petition. By people who hate porn, and found a good excuse to fight porn. People post things to pornhub, the same way they post to facebook.

Pornhub, one of the world’s largest pornography distributors, must be investigated and shut down 1

Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media text and video distributors, must be investigated and shut down.

Petition: Authhorities must shut down facebook after showing videos of Isis decapitations, burning people to death, blacks torturing a mentally disabled white boy, and more.

That would be an equivalent demand

Recently, Pornhub was discovered hosting 58 videos of a 15-year-old human trafficking victim who was raped.

Recently, facebook was discovered hosting vidoeos of ISIS beheadings, of Blacks torturing a white mentally disabled boy for hours,  other life streamed beatings and murders.2

Due process would require to say “allegedly raped”. 

Honesty would require to explain what “statutory rape” is.

Producing 58 videos by forcible rape, and going grocery shopping in supermarkets with the rape victim, is unlikely. She probably was “statutorily raped”. She probably participated in the sex acts voluntarily. But due to her being under the “age of consent” she is considered incapable of consenting and this is called “rape”. I bet that over 90%, if not 99%,  of the readers mistakenly(?) believe the girl was forced to have sex. It is dishonest to not mention this undisputed fact that, confusingly, consensual sex with a minor is called rape.

3 * 4. “Pornhub hosted illegal sex videos of a 15 year old runaway girl” sounds much less shocking. than “trafficked rape victim”  

Please sign this petition which calls on the U.S. Attorney General and his Canadian counterpart to investigate and shut down Pornhub, whose parent company, MindGeek.com, is based in Canada.

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PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub (because we hate porn…
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Kobe Bryant, disadvantaged minority? Rape accusations must be silenced

Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]{#PCGagOrder}

Kobe  Bryant rape accusation in 2004 must never be mentioned, because Kobe Bryant has black privilege1 and is protected by the #PCGagOrder.

The Washington Post suspended a reporter Sunday after she sent a series of tweets about NBA star Kobe Bryant’s rape case following his death.

Felicia Sonmez, a national politics reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted out a story from the Daily Beast about Bryant’s rape case shortly after reports of his death. Sonmez faced massive backlash after her tweet and subsequently posted images of her inbox to show the threats she was receiving. [Read more: Daily Caller]

Extremely rich black athletes tend to engage in crime frequently 2. Leaving aside if Kobe Bryant’s rape accusations were false. 3, here the issue is that black crime must be covered up, because of societal norms.


  • What happened in the rape claim case against NBA star Kobe Bryant that was dropped in 2004?

What was the allegation?

In June 2003, Bryant went to Edwards, Colorado for knee surgery, staying at the luxury Lodge and Spa at Cordillera.

The then 24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player was already a household name.

By 2003, he had played in three championships for the Lakers, who took out back-to-back NBA titles in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

The woman, who was not identified and was 19 at the time, told police Bryant raped her in his room on June 30 after arriving at the hotel near the skiing town of Vail.

She was a concierge at the hotel and a college student.

Bryant was arrested in early July and said while he’d had consensual sex with her, he denied the assault.

He was already married to wife Vanessa, and his first daughter Natalia was born in January 2003. In his public statement after the alleged assault, Vanessa appeared alongside him but did not speak. [Read more: abc.net]


When the media rewrites Kobe’s story to make him innocent, the media rewrites women out of the story. Kobe doesn’t need to be innocent to be loved. And his victim doesn’t need to be perfect to be believed. Kobe’s death is an opportunity for journalists to report difficult truths to readers and for moms to have tough conversations with kids. [Read more: penelopetrunk.com]


Kobe Bryant Wins at Time’s Up Oscars Despite Rape Accusation [Read more: National Review]

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From holocaust denial to race/gender equality denial

Lawyers and historians who testified in court in defense of holocaust deniers, are threatened with prosecution1. Such a blanket prohibition of speech, where truth is no valid defense2, can lead down the slippery slope to hate speech laws and repression of #TrueSpeech.  Denying that the Nazi holocaust killed 6 million Jews is a felony3 in many countries. “Scholars have pointed out that countries that specifically ban Holocaust denial generally have legal systems that limit speech in other ways, such as banning “hate speech.”[Laws against Holocaust denial|Wikipedia]

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Switzerland: Prison Term for ‘Holocaust Denial’

On April 10, 2000, a Swiss court sentenced 79-year-old publicist and retired teacher Gaston-Armand Amaudruz to one year in prison for “denying” the existence of homicidal gas chambers in World War II German concentration camps. […]

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From holocaust denial to race/gender equality denial
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