Lying by omission, with intent to deceive! #1 Failure to disclose is immoral misrepresentation

Misrepresentation and lack of full disclosure can be serious misdeeds, before the law.  Yet leftist’s incessant lies of omission1, required by media ethics codes2 and police gag orders, are tolerated.  Even Media and politicians rarely tell outright lies (lies of commission). They spread misinformation by strategically omitting specific relevant details3. Deceptively they fail to disclose the whole truth. They lie by omitting racist facts4 and “hatefacts”. Such lying is mandatory5

The guiding principles for the omission is the spreading the leftist narrative of egalitarianism, of the noble “disadvantaged” “minorities”.

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It is not permissible to inform the race of a black criminal6, nor the crimes of a Black shot or injured by police7. Media gag orders mandate such lies by omission in order to “avoid prejudice”. Prejudice is frequently correct, a fact that also must be omitted.

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  1. “They Lynched Ahmaud Arbery: MSM omissions, distractions, lies ..
    ‘Why is this black guy running?’: After Ahmaud Arbery’s killing ..
    “George Floyd’s KILLING”!? Never let an incorrect statement stand … Note: that was before Chauvin’s conviction
  2. #FactsAreRacist! #RacistFactsAreRacist! #RacistFacts are “racist

  3. #TrueSpeech is Forbidden, True Facts are Taboo.

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