PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub (because we hate porn)

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The religious right wing resorts to manipulative dishonesty, just like the Left.

Here is a petition. By people who hate porn, and found a good excuse to fight porn. People post things to pornhub, the same way they post to facebook.

Pornhub, one of the world’s largest pornography distributors, must be investigated and shut down 1

Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media text and video distributors, must be investigated and shut down.

Petition: Authhorities must shut down facebook after showing videos of Isis decapitations, burning people to death, blacks torturing a mentally disabled white boy, and more.

That would be an equivalent demand

Recently, Pornhub was discovered hosting 58 videos of a 15-year-old human trafficking victim who was raped.

Recently, facebook was discovered hosting vidoeos of ISIS beheadings, of Blacks torturing a white mentally disabled boy for hours,  other life streamed beatings and murders.2

Due process would require to say “allegedly raped”. 

Honesty would require to explain what “statutory rape” is.

Producing 58 videos by forcible rape, and going grocery shopping in supermarkets with the rape victim, is unlikely. She probably was “statutorily raped”. She probably participated in the sex acts voluntarily. But due to her being under the “age of consent” she is considered incapable of consenting and this is called “rape”. I bet that over 90%, if not 99%,  of the readers mistakenly(?) believe the girl was forced to have sex. It is dishonest to not mention this undisputed fact that, confusingly, consensual sex with a minor is called rape.

3 * 4. “Pornhub hosted illegal sex videos of a 15 year old runaway girl” sounds much less shocking. than “trafficked rape victim”  

Please sign this petition which calls on the U.S. Attorney General and his Canadian counterpart to investigate and shut down Pornhub, whose parent company,, is based in Canada.

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PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub (because we hate porn…
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