Safe Cheap Natural Birth Control Methods

There are fairly safe methods like the pill, monthly injections, etc. There are some health risks to them, additionally they make people neglect safe sex

The following is an example of human stupidity, because natural, cheap, and fairly safe methods of birth control are not taught and fairly unknown.

Now there is a NATURAL method that is very safe. Even more, if you use only 1) 2) and 3), even the catholic church allows it and if you do it right it is pretty safe.

  1. the calendar method gives you a basic idea of your cycle. Pretty bad method if you do it alone, unless if your cycle is extremely regular. Need to study it to do it right, most people do it wrong.
  2. the cervical mucus method is extemely safe when practiced well (but requires some intelligence)
  3. the basal temperature method as additional third method further increases the safety of these methods
  4. By these methods, at least 1) and 2), or maybe all 1) and 2) and 3) you can know quite precisely
    1. on which days you are very fertile (actually this method is used by doctors to get women pregnant on purpose),
    2. when you might be fertile
    3. when you can be pretty sure to be infertile
  5. for the paranoid, the safety can be increased greatly by using another method, like condom and withdrawal, the following way:
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      Safe Cheap Natural Birth Control Methods
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