America’s #1 most wanted criminal .. for taking photos in a boy’s toilet


eric_justin_toth-most-wanted-posterEric Justin Toth is on the #1 on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Taking photos, the worst crime in the US

Eric Justin Toth is a peeping Tom who installed a camera in a boy’s restroom. (Disclaimer).

He did not kill, he did not maim, he did not rape, he did not abuse children sexually. He did not betray national secrets. It is noteworthy, that espionage has lower prison terms then possession of child porn  (7 /8 / 9 / copine scale

Does peeping Tom Eric Justin Toth, deserve to be the enemy #1of public order, an honor formerly bestowed upon Osama Bin Laden?  Is secretly taking indecent photos of children a crime equal to Osama’s  masterminding of many terrorist attacks, including the 9/11 twin tower attack that killed 3000 people on US soil. (Disclaimer)

Non-violent Eric Justin Toth was arrested by a police force almost as heavily armed as the marines hunting Osama Bin Laden


FBI’s most wanted list discriminates against women:

all 10 are male. Human-Stupidity demands a 40% female quota. It is also mandatory, that the next #1 be a woman, like the European Central Bank leadership.

Toth committed a victimless crime, it seems the victims did not even know they were photographed (see: voodoo theory)

Last year, the FBI upgraded Toth from a local most-wanted list and named him one of the country’s most notorious fugitives. His face was plastered on bus stops and billboards in the Washington area and nationwide, including in Manhattan’s Times Square.

At the time, FBI officials said they gave Toth such treatment because they thought that he was a threat to children

A threat to children?

On the FBI’s most wanted list, Eric Justin Toth ranks #1, above drug trafficking multiple murderers like

Glen Stewart Godwin is being sought for his 1987 escape from Folsom State Prison in California, where he was serving a lengthy sentence for murder. Later in 1987, Godwin was arrested for drug trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After being convicted, he was sent to a prison in Guadalajara. In April of 1991, Godwin allegedly murdered a fellow inmate and then escaped five months later.

What terrible crime die Eric Justin Toth commit? He took a few photos in boy’s bath rooms.Eric Justin Toth guarded by half a dozen heavily armed Swat, as if he were a violent felon.

Eric Justin Toth, a former private-school teacher, is wanted for allegedly possessing child pornography in Washington, DC. It is alleged that in June of 2008, pornographic images were found on a school camera that had been in Toth’s possession. Toth also allegedly produced child pornography in Maryland.

Eric Justin Toth seems to be a peeping Tom. Secretly taking indecent photos he should not take. Not nice. Illegal.

I would rather have a few secretive photos taken of myself, or my child, then getting my head dunked into the school toilet by a notorious school bully. (voodoo theory, Disclaimer)

No word, no allegation he sexually touched a child. Which would be more eerie, but not as terrible as it is made out to be (Disclaimer, child sex trauma myth, rind study) Justin-Toth-wanted

Toth taught third grade at Beauvoir, a private elementary school on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral. He was escorted off campus in June 2008 after another teacher reported finding sexually explicit photographs on a school camera in Toth’s possession. He had not been seen since he lost his job. […]

Toth was added to the FBI’s most-wanted list in April 2012 for allegedly possessing and producing child pornography, giving him notoriety normally reserved for people sought in connection with violent crimes or terrorism.

Osama bin Laden and purported Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger have both been featured on that list, but the FBI said it put Toth on because there were no reliable clues as to his whereabouts and because his Internet skills and alleged penchant for grooming children made him especially dangerous.

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