Frances Inglis’ Painless Mercy Killing of Brain-Damaged Son: Murder Conviction

An Old Bailey jury was heckled yesterday after a mother who injected her brain-damaged son with a lethal dose of heroin to end his suffering was found guilty of murder.

She could have petitioned to court, to allow life support to be turned off, to let him die of starvation, hunger and thirst. This would have been a slow but legal way. Wait for months and years for a court verdict and then let the kid die of hunger and thirst. How humane our laws are. Typical example of human stupidity because of religious hangups.

A painless death, this is illegal. A human has only the right to starve to death. Such is human “morality”.  A horse or a dog may be killed with a lethal injection for a painless death.  If you killed an animal by starvation, or if you kept it alive artificially, the humane society would sue you.  And this is what this mother will go to jail for:  she wanted her son to die in dignity, like any dog or horse.

The family had thought of applying for a court ruling to allow Tom to die in hospital, but decided against it as it meant stopping food and water, starving him to death.

Alex added: “How can it be legal to withhold food and water, which means a slow and painful death, yet illegal to end all suffering in a quick, calm and loving way? It’s cruel and illogical. The law isn’t keeping pace with modern medicine and surgery, which is wrong as it leaves too many people in such tragic and painful existences.


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