Dangerous pedophile hunters threaten harmless pedophile (Jack McClellan)

Jack McClellan is a totally harmless child lover who refrains from acting out his impules. Most pedophiles are totally or fairly harmless.( But public opinion, on purpose, confuses the harmless  guy attracted to children or adolescents with  dangerous criminal child mutilators and murderers).. Pedophile hunters bash these people with baseball bats, murder them, threaten their lives, harrass them.  Talkshow hosts and youtube commentators threaten them with deadly violence. Non-violent "pedophiles" get put in jail for 70 or 240 years, without proof or with manipulated proof, where they are likely to get violently raped, Lightly fondling an adolescent carries much higer prison terms then torture, mutilation, and murder. Normal adolescent sexuality carries strict penalties,  too. And, unlike murderers, arsonists and robbers, the lifel long US sex offender registration prevents these nonviolent people from living normal lives, working, and puts them in risk of  vigilanteism. That I also consider (institutional) violence.


"Law abiding pedophile" gets persecuted

Jack McClellan publicly outed himself as a "law abiding pedophile". He admits feeling sexual attraction for children, but never touched one sexually.

He took photos of cute children and put it on a web site for other pedophiles to delight in, but he always stressed that everyone should refrain from doing anything illegal.

While it is perfectly understandable that parents worry about their kids, it is very clear that Jack McClellan is being singled out for thought crimes, for crimes he has not even committed and does not plan to commit.

In California, he got slapped with a restraining order to stay 20 (?) yards away from children, which makes it impossible for him to even go to a grocery store or walk on a busy street.

Why, on the other hand, do violent repeat offenders, like robbers, bullies, street fighters not get the same attention. There is no national robber registry.



Why do we only have a sex offender registry? Why not one with ALL criminals online? Let us create an arson offender registry?

Why do a repeat arsonists, multiple robbers, murderers not get registered?

Why don’t we get warned if an arsonist or a child murderer moves into our neighborhood?

This is a very legitimate question. Why should we not warned if really dangerous criminals live near us?


The dangerousness of the pedophile hunters (see these youtube threats & comments)

  1. Note that these people want to kill Jack McClellan, the "law abiding pedophile"
  2. A harmless guy who enjoys young girls, but never harmed one and never touched a minor sexually.
  3. His main problem is that he is naive enough to be out of the closet. He is honest, he admits his sexual attraction to young girls 4-11. If he kept quiet, he would not have a problem.


  • Geitje007 @mumuluku123
    I would have done the same!!! Torture him foreverrrrr fucking bastard!!!! 1 week ago
  • MaIcoImZieI @mumuluku123 You are so full of shit. You act like this guy actually mudererd and raped people. Shut the fuck up man. I’m sick of people like you talking shit about how you are going to torture paedophiles. Shut the fuck up. 1 week ago
  • sarahsmith995 i hope he dies a horrid death! 1 week ago
  • Kingler91 do a suicide, and tell all ur subscribers at that fucking website of yours to do the same, and maybe people will let their children out.
    Hope you die with alot of suffering. Would laugh my ass off if i saw you dead in the street. Fuck you. Goodbye 2 weeks ago
  • TheN1PlaylistChannel @mumuluku123 i wish i would see this animal in the street so i could punch him so hard that he would end up like a vegetable in his death bed i hope he ends up in prison OF COURSE FOR ANOTHER CRIME AND NOT HURTING AN INNOCENT CHILD and ones this animal is in prison for all the inmates to rape him and stab him to death.THE WAY I SEE IT ANYBODY HURTS AN INNOCENT CHILD DESERVES A BULLET TO THE HEAD PERIOD NO MERCY 3 weeks ago


Much more about vigilante "pedophile" hunters: Click on "More"


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