Jezebel sucks: feminist excuse female child killer LaShanda Armstrong, instantly delete dissent

LaShanda Armstrong killed herself, tried to kill her four children. One managed to escape her grip. is trying to psycho-analyze the poor woman.

Blame Husband’s infidelity even finds a way to blame the father’s infidelity for it: The serial cheater who berated his longtime girlfriend just before she drowned herself and their three kids in the Hudson River won’t face any charges in the tragic deaths

Jezebel-sucks deletes dissent

Human-Stupidity posted a comment on Jezebel that this is a psycho assassin infanticidal mother. We mentioned that feminists would not look for psychological explanations if the father were the assassin like father shot family dead.
It took 8 entire minutes, at 7 am, to delete our comment. Admirable efficiency. Dissenting opinions are not welcome. 

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Armstrong, 25, drowned along with 5-year-old Landon, 2-year-old Lance and 11-month-old Lainaina. Only her 10-year-son Lashaun escaped the tan van turned death trap NY Daily News

Of course we, unwisely, could not refrain from mentioning that if the father had slightly fondled the kids in wrong ways, they would not try to find deep motivations in the father’s past but rather want to jail him for 20 years.
(no, we don’t condone inappropriate fondling of children, but we think that assassination is a much more serious crime. See our teenage sexuality and child porn witch hunt topics)

River Murder-Suicide Mom’s Tragic Final Moments

Tragic final moments of the murderer?  a multiple child assassin? What about the tragic moment of the drowning kids? And the grieving father?

Anna North — A day after a Newburgh, New York mom killed herself and her children by driving into the Hudson River, interviews with survivors reveal some clues about her emotional state — and the family problems she was struggling with. River Murder-Suicide Mom’s Tragic Final Moments | Jezebel sucks

Her emotional thought? that is the fist thing feminists at Jezebel-sucks think after a multiple child assassination. Pre-meditated. Even announced it on Facebook!


According to her surviving son, ten-year-old Lashaun, she told her kids "I’m sorry, I’m going to do something crazy," and "If I’m going to die, you’re going to die with me." But just before Lashaun escaped the sinking van, she grabbed his pant leg and said, "I made a mistake."

jezebel-sucks-ashandra-armstrong-suicide3While your car is sinking you hold your kid by the pant legs to have a chat? Probably she tried to hold him by the pant leg so he would drown too. My suspicion is confirmed by the MSNBC TV report. Obviously she was not sorry enough so she would try to save the kids.

Initial reports made it sound like Armstrong had intentionally let Lashaun out of the car, but it now appears that he slid out through a window and swam back to shore,

No, she wanted to kill the fourth child too.

The newspaper quoted Ryan as saying that Lashaun’s mother held her children as the minivan slipped into the river, saying: "If I’m going to die, you’re going to die with me." MSNBC

It is the father’s fault!

It is unbelievable. We thought Jezebel was bad. It can get worse:

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Deadbeat Dad Won’t Face Charges Even Though His Restraining Order Violation Drove Ex To Drown Herself And Their Kids

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