Bin Laden could face 25 years for child pornography if he doesn’t have proof of age for all his porn girls

If Osama Bin Laden has any photos or movies of underage girls, or girls that he can not prove to be over 18, he could face 25 years in jail for possession of child pornography. That is almost as high as the jail term for masterminding the killing of 3000 people in the terrorist explosion of the twin towers.

The enormous cache of computer files taken from Osama bin Laden’s compound contained a considerable quantity of pornographic videos, U.S. officials said Friday, adding a discordant note to the public image of the Islamist militant who long denounced the West for its lax sexual mores.   Porn videos found in bin Laden’s computer files

If Bin Laden’s porn collection contains a single child porn video, the punishment is almost as high as for blowing up the twin towers and killing 3000 people. Each image in a video can count as one instance of child porn photos. It is easy to convict, as the burden of proof usually is inverted, as Mr. Simon-Timmerman found out when he was arrested for having a video of over 18 year old younger looking porn star Little Lupe. Possessing child porn has higher punishments then actually abusing the children. And, by US laws (Knox vs. United States), movies of 15 year olds gyrating sensually while fully dressed in Leotards qualifies as child porn.

It might prove easier to convict Bin Laden on child porn charges then to prove his authorship of terrorist acts. Almost any man on earth who ever surfed porn sites has some questionable photos he could be indicted for. It does not matter if photos were already deleted but can be recovered. And, if in doubt, photos can be planted by the CIA. Such photos must not be presented to the press, so it would be a safe strategy.

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