NYT’s rare honesty: 3/4 of mass shooters are Black

Rarely do MSM admit to #RacistFacts. The NYT’s and other Ethics Style Books1 * 2 explicitly require that  media, police, teachers3*4, and social media users5 cover up true #RacistFacts in order not to stir up prejudices.

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Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. {Source: Multiple Shootings |NYT}

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Such admissions, of course, appear, late in an article, hard to find, in convoluted language and never6 repeated, except by Colin Flaherty. Note that the NYT actively distracts from blacks-as-criminal-shooters perspectives and totally focuses on blacks-as-victims issues.

Multiple Shootings |NYT

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  1. Media Speech Codes #1: USA, Canada, Germany – “Forbidden to …

    August 11, 1946: The [New York] Times introduced an editorial change announcing they will no longer refer to the race of persons suspected of a crime unless race is relevant to the story.

    62 years of systematic mandatory omission of true information. Thou shalt not tell the whole truth, like “Black man robbed, assaulted, raped”.

  2. The NYT is clearly insincere, because “White kills Black” is fit to print. The NYT is not concerned at all with hiding the race of white Christian crime suspects. The same insincere feigned color blindness can be found in the Associated Press Style Book, Reuters Hand Book, the National Association of Black Journalists Style Guide, the The Diversity Style Guide Society of Professional Journalists, Canada’s Globe and Mail Style Book (all discussed further below)

  3. Police gag order to protect national minorities from discrimination. Police of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

    Minority membership is only mentioned in the internal and external reporting if it is absolutely necessary” . Media information, external and internal (!) police reporting must never discriminate nor stir up prejudices against minorities.  Police, like media,  must obey a written #PCGagOrder, to censor and hide information. Even in internal reports, stigmatizing information about minority

  4. #PCGagOrder
  5. Social media “community standards” don’t allow “content” that encourages hatred against protected groups.

    1. As in hate speech laws1 *2, it is not allowed to say anything negative about a “protected group” aka “minority3
    2. It is irrelevant if the disallowed “content” is factually true (#TrueSpeech).
    3. It is ok to encourage hate against an unprotected group4

    “Community standards”5 are just  another version of the #PCGagOrder re-formulated6. Community standards are another WRITTEN PROOF of repression of #TrueSpeech with PesseKodex12.1’s restrictions

    “Encouraging hatred” is interpreted very widely[12].  with typical PC dishonesty.   Negative facts might encourage “hatred” against “protected groups” aka “minorities”. The #PCGagOrder is officially enforced by YouTube and FaceBook. Forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices.   This #PCGagOrder is enforced by Hate speech laws, and social media.

  6. or very rarely

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