Africa’s population growth, the root of the refugee problem, and the Swedish rape epidemic (#3)

In 1950 Africa had 230 million, Europe 549 million inhabitants. By 2100 Africa is expected to have 4200 million, Europe 640 million. Africa grows from half of Europe’s population to seven times the European population.

It is of course a problematic issue. What to do with migrants "who have fled persecution and poverty at home and now face sickness and starvation at sea" 22? Should Europe let in 2 Billion of the 4 Billion Africans expected by the year 2100? This is a difficult, probably unsolvable problem. Letting hundreds of Millions into Europe, creating another Africa in Europe, with civil war, week long riots, large scale car burnings, and tens of thousands of forcible rapes mainly perpetrated by African and Arab immigrants [60 61 64 65 66 67 68 70 71 72 73]. It still does not solve the suffering of billions of ever multiplying Africans.

Africa grows faster than Europe could ever host them. A large percentage of Africans are threatened by hunger, civil wars, Muslim terrorism like Boko Haram. Africa is already overcrowded, unable to feed their 1.2 Billion population. Should Europe accept 200 Million? 1 Billion (1000 Million)? Where is the limit? Refugees already fight proxy wars, and execute acts of terrorism (car intifada). Should this go on until Europe becomes equal to Africa, thus loses its attraction? Or should Europeans preserve their culture, the affluence they worked and planned for, maintain their social network that is getting strained by immigration of life long multi-generation welfare recipients?

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Africa’s population growthafrica-europe-population-growth[4]

In 1950, Africa had only some 230 million inhabitants. Today, the population is already 1.2 billion und it is almost certain that Africa’s population will double and reach 2.4 billion by 2050 – despite the projected fertility decline.

Africa’s population will be between 3.2 and 5.7 billion by the end of the century (95% confidence interval) – with a median population of 4.2 billion.

This explosive population growth causes unprecedented economic, social, political and environmental challenges and risks […]

In 1950, Europe* had a population of 549 million; today, there are about 743 million. Over the past 60 years Europe’s population increased by almost 200 million.

Politically incorrect racist analysis

European technology, medicine, moneys and aid have greatly reduced mortality and led to unchecked Malthusian growth 68 that only ends once the population can not be fed and supported.

Black Africans, due to low IQ averaging 70 in Africa, low self discipline and high crime have never efficiently governed densely populated cities and states. 

The World’s most important Graph [67]

To understand what’s at stake regarding the Mediterranean, here’s a graph I made from the numbers in World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision: Volume II: Demographic Profiles, which was published in 2013 by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.

The United Nations’ population projections for the continent of Africa are on p. 10 of the paper document (p. 36 of the PDF); the data for the continent of Europe are on p. 23 (p. 49 of the PDF).

(Now, of course, these UN projections are based on the highly arguable premise that the emigration rate out of Africa will decline steadily. The million or so Africans currently massed in Libya waiting to set sail for the EU, where they will invite their relatives back home to join them, would probably not agree with that heroic assumption.)




The United Nations Population Division, which tracks demographic data from around the world, has dramatically revised its projections for what will happen in the next 90 years. The new statistics, based on in-depth survey data from sub-Saharan Africa, tell the story of a world poised to change drastically over the next several decades. Most rich countries will shrink and age (with a couple of important exceptions), poorer countries will expand rapidly and, maybe most significant of all, Africa will see a population explosion nearly unprecedented in human history.

If these numbers turn out to be right – they’re just projections and could change significantly under unforeseen circumstances – the world of 2100 will look very different than the world of today, with implications for everyone. It will be a place where today’s dominant, developed economies are increasingly focused on supporting the elderly, where the least developed countries are transformed by population booms and where Africa, for better or worse, is more important than ever. Washington Post

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8 thoughts on “Africa’s population growth, the root of the refugee problem, and the Swedish rape epidemic (#3)”

  1. If African peoples were as intelligent as Europeans, how come they have only created a few civilizations that with difficulty fits into this description (Ethiopia, Zimbabwe) while Europe has been the cradle of civilizations for more than 3 thousand years.

  2. You are a fucking racist. I liked your website but you consistently bash African people and swear that they have lower IQ. I have news for you asshole, low IQ exists in all races, not just black people. Go look at the low IQ rates in your own people before you start attacking other races. Stop posting articles insinuating that african people are inherently stupid and unable to control their impulses. It’s obvious that crime and etc are related to LOW INCOME and not race. oh and go fuck yourself.

    1. You are welcome to quote scientific proof for your statements. I have a few dozen articles about research about race and iq.

      Low IQ leads to poverty, which leads to more crime, as you say. there is research showing less impulse control, less delayed gratification in Blacks vs. Whites. I would have to check for research comparing criminality of Upper class Blacks vs. poor Whites. East Asians score considerably better than Whites in IQ and criminality.

      1. problem is you are probably in the west and is stupid enough not to know that the birth rate in africa is not increasing really. The education levels have risen rapidly. Idiot

        1. gahjahsdjb – birth rate isn’t increasing, you’re right, but it is incredibly high and thanks to the whites providing help, medicine and food, less newborns is dying early, like it was earlier. Thus enormous population growth. And what about education levels amongst low IQ people? From literally nothing to a few being able to read? It can’t solve a thing in this millenium.

    2. You idiots that throw around racist as if it is worse than being a murderer or pedophile, do so because you are too unread and uneducated to make a coherent comment. Science says all races are not equal at all things. You’d know that if you read science.
      There are many reasons Africans cannot integrate into a developed economy.
      1. they inbreed, as in marry a second cousin or closer relative. This is fraught with risk of mental illness and cognitive deficit, in addition to a host of genetic diseases.
      2. they suffer from multiple generations of poor nutrition, leading to various mental disorders.
      3. they have not had selection pressure applied to favor higher cognitive skill. they live subsistence lifestyles and have territorial fights. This favors physically fit people, as opposed to higher mentally acuity.

      Those who think all races and ethnic groups are equal have no comprehension of the history of the Western civilization. They do not understand the wars and fights that have gone on for centuries to strike a power balance between the rulers and citizens. Those from undeveloped nations need to go through these struggles themselves, before they’ll evolve to a point where they can compete in free market economies. Until then, those who migrate to the West will perpetually be a welfare burden, and come to resent not having the success they see others around them enjoying. The point is their skills are superfluous and oversupplied in a free market modern economy. Though if these people were educated, they’d know this stuff and do something about it. But they just prefer to chant racist and blame white folk for their misery. You’d even be more miserable where you came from you stupid sexually unrestrained fucks.

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