Civil disobedience: blackface

Conspire to Tell the Truth, Defy Gag Orders is the real important disobedience to change the world. Violating the blackface prohibition is just a anti PC provocation to show the tyrannical political correctness (PC) yoke we that holds us down &&

Let us reclaim our freedom to use costumes and skin color of our choosing, be it in theme parties, at Halloween, carnival, and choice of sports team mascots.  Let us demonstrate against politically correct impositions, demand freedom and equal rights (Note that people of color can bleach or talcum their skin with impunity[3]).

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Where are the rebellious youth that defy and disobey societies’ norms? What about a go-blackface-day, where hundreds of thousands1 of youth or adults wear blackface? Blackface is not illegal, it is not a crime. People of color can show their solidarity and PC-defiance by also wearing blackface shoe polish.  Alternatively, POC can don “whiteface”, with talcum powder or other white face coloring.

skin-whitening-amazon Politicians get into serious trouble for having used blackface at a college party 30 years ago.2


People of color, on the other hand, can buy skin whitening products at Amazon or everywhere,  and use them without consequences. 3


  1. protestors must be large in numbers to make individual punishment unlikely, as in Conspire to Tell the Truth, Defy Gag Orders

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