Sincerity Saves Social Sciences. Tell The Whole Truth, Hide Nothing

We need an enlightenment: truth and honesty in social sciences and politics
Zero Tolerance for Repression of True Speech

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Media and politicians have the duty to mislead the citizenry by withholding truthful information. German thoroughness produced a precisely written formal  guideline out of this universally obeyed but mostly unspoken norm.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers‘ understanding of the incident. In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council 1]

Shockingly, this gag order is widely supported by virtually all politicians world wide 2, media, police, government information offices, school teachers, they all obey this rule to omit information. 3 has the radical position that sincerity in media reporting, in science, politics, crime reporting, police action and school policies is indispensable and absolutely unrenounceable. 

We are surprised that citizens do not revolt against this mandatory gag order. 4It is this mandatory insincerity that keeps our Social Sciences and political decision process in medieval darkness and stark error {Psychology findings all wrong}5.

Systematic Subversion of the democratic ideal of the informed citizen voter has been consensual main stream policy for over half a century. The sovereign voting citizen must be misled, lest he would become prejudiced. The media, politicians, police, scientist are not allowed to tell the whole truth but are required to withhold true facts from the public. 

Analyzing PresseKodex Guideline 12.1 6] in detail

Repression of TRUE SPEECH

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership.

An explicit prohibition to report TRUE facts (Thou shalt not divulge the truth about ethnicity, the truth religion of “minority” perpetrator). The mandatory information blackout refers only to “minorities”7 The gag rule does not apply all religions and races equally and thus is racist. Thus, ironically Section 12.1 violates the same PresseKodex section 12.

SECTION 12 DISCRIMINATION There must be no discrimination against a person because of his/her sex, a disability or his membership of an ethnic, religious, social or national group

Nobody considers this discrimination, thus we can conclude that rights are unequal  8: discrimination against “majority” white Christian native Europeans is explicitly allowed.

[…]. In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council 9]

Sovereign Citizens must be empowered: cease withholding the truth

Why would the true, honest, sincere reporting about “minority” crime stir up prejudice against minorities?  Maybe because Prejudice is correct, mostly 10?

All parties, from Left to Right, are part of this strange conspiracy to withhold the truth from the public. Even Richard Nixon was worried about the public discovering race differences 11

Terrible Consequences of Insincerity



  • Our entire social sciences are wrong 12



  • Mass rape goes undetected for decades, to avoid islamophobia etc.  See Rotherham, Telford, New Years’ eve mass sexual assault in Cologne, rapes in Swedish music festivals and more14



  • Pervasive violence in school, perpetrated by “minorities” is covered up. 15. White flight is the secret answer, white flight away from dangerous schools is not starting in Europe too.


    • This dishonesty totally warps election results.  If media, police, teachers told the full truth, the voter would abandon the main stream political parties

    • Thousands of additional black murders can be traced to policies based on false theories

    • and many more


    1. German Press Code: Guidelines for journalistic work as recommended by the German Press Council
    2. Associated Press Stylebook [2] [3]

    3. Code of Silence 

      Elimination of Free Speech, also Elimination of TRUE speech

      Below we list a host of issues that are covered up

      0) Churches and Pope

      1. Police and government embellish and falsify refugee or black crime statistics.
      2. Search for criminals gets delayed because identity and race of criminals get covered up. See also Swedish White Pixelation &&&
      3. Terrible bullying and criminal assault by Blacks, Muslims, refugee bullying and violence in schools
      4. prison rape that is mostly against Whites
      5. systematic harassment and violence against Christian refugees in European refugee housing
      6. Pope and Churches downplay violence, murder, destruction of churches in Muslim countries
      7. Armed Forces secrets: Black mutinies, racial tension caused by Black aggression in the units, the disaster of Black only battalions in wars are all kept secret.
      8. Physicians don’t tell the public about the dreadful diseases that are coming with refugees, from lice to tuberculosis, measles,   That would be xenophobe and racist. 
      9. Crime by extremely rich Black athletes and rappers get downplayed
      10. No go zones, assaults and rapes by refugees at festivals. Black mob crime in fairs, black biker meetings etc.
      11. Lebanese and other foreign crime clans who intimidate citizens, witnesses, police and judges
      12. Whistleblowers get fired for finding fraud by refugee organizations and refugees.
      13. Destruction of neighborhood, cities, countries taken over by Blacks
      14. IQ research, racial test gaps,

      {For more details continue at Code of Silence}

    4. It is amazing how the politically correct PC anti-racists could install systematic censorship world wide. This systematic mis-information of the population is to blame for anti-racist success and its dreadful consequences:

      See Anti-Racism Destroys Lives, Freedom of Speech, Banks, the World Economy

      Brainwashing the world population with systematic lies and omissions is the root cause for election-changing decisions of manipulated ill informed voters, and for serious policy mistakes like immigration, diversity, and the collapse of social sciences research (Psychology findings all wrong)

    5. Psychology findings all wrong

      Nurture Assumption Judith Rich Harris

    6. German Press Code: Guidelines for journalistic work as recommended by the German Press Council
      1. Unequal Rights, Black and Leftist Privilege:
        Minorities and the Left can spew murderous hate with little consequences
      2. Unequal Rights #2:
        Unequal rights for the races, black privilege. Media quotes show what Leftists, Blacks, Minority can do with impunity
      3. Unequal treatment, unequal rights :
        Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, “no beer for racists”, affirmative action, cultural appropriation, antifa violence, and dozens of more examples of unequal rights.

    7. German Press Code: Guidelines for journalistic work as recommended by the German Press Council

      Lee Jussim’s Research on Stereotype accuracy shows that prejudice is frequently correct, and that humans evolved to be good intuitive statisticians.

    9. Richard Nixon, Race Realist – American Renaissance

      \May 12, 2017 A fascinating recording of a 1971 conversation between President Richard Nixon and his advisor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was recently …

      1. Science Fraud (DV) by PC:
        Female domestic violence is rampant, violates the feminist politically correct narrative. This leading academic researcher describes all the tricks hw this fraud is committed.
      2. Psychology findings all wrong:
        Dogmatical ignorance of genetics is the main reason, followed by finagling results until they conform to PC beliefs.
      3. Nurture Assumption Judith Rich Harris
        The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich Harris devastatingly shows: All of social science research is wrong, because they tacitly that only nurture counts, there is no genetic inborn hereditary behavior component.

    10. Racism reduces rape

      Rape prevention and prosecution are hampered by fear of being called racist. Rotherham, Telford, Swedish schools, .. 13

      Racism-phobia, a dangerous scourge | Human Stupidity: Irrationality …

      Apr 8, 2018 Rotherham, Telford, Swedish schools, .. Black Privilege Quota jobs without passing entry exams, allowed to use racial slurs like cracker or …

    11. School Bullying Terror
      Interracial school bullying is covered up, not prevented. Vulnerable children of all races are forced into schools without protection against violence and rape by “historically underprivileged” youth.

    12. Snitches get stitches, witness intimidation, Blacks don’t report crime (shot spotter), Bronx Juries, ,Hispanics criminals counted as “White” increase white crime statistics. See

      Black crime much worse than statistics  indicate

        1. Truth Revolt: Sept. 11: Defy gag orders, tell truth
          The federal election in Germany (Sept 24 2017 [a]).can still be turned around, if the voter is told the full TRUTH about immigrant crime and violence.Police, judges, school teachers, parents, refugee aides, statisticians, physicians, tell the truth!.

      1. Racism saves lives:
          Crime rates increase because highly efficient police strategies get outlawed (“Stop and frisk”, racial profiling)

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