Impunity for violent criminal feminists, MRA charged $ 964 police protection fee at U of Toronto

Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) have to pay $ 964 "security fee" for police protection against feminists who engage in criminal mischief to crash MRA events

the Canadian Association for Equality has learned that the administration will force a mandatory $964 security fee on our allied campus group to cover costs of police they have deemed necessary next Friday. This means the event “Caring About University Men: Why We Need Campus Men’s Centres in a Time of Crisis, with Miles Groth” is currently in serious jeopardy.

This is the culmination of Political Correctness Hate Speech Laws.  While speech can not be repressed with hate speech law, make it impossibly expensive. Blame the victim of violent demonstration,, make them pay for their right to free speech.

The politically correct interpretation is different. Hate speech by the privileged patriarchy does not deserve free speech rights.

.MRA, part of the patriarchy, are offensive to feminists, who represent the historically disadvantaged group "women".  So it is the MRA’s fault if the offended women feel compelled to act against them, blocking entrances, pushing, shoving, spitting at police. Or they feel compelled to even pull fire-alarms, in their justified despair and frustration about the offensive event /sarcasm

"… therefore we should not be allowed to speak, and that, from their perspective is not an abridgement of freedom of speech, it is rather the prevention of hate speech." -Warren Farrell


Janice FIamengo: What’s Wrong With Women’s Studies? A CAFE Event by EqualityCanadaTV


Human-Stupidity Analysis

Not only does Political correctness brainwash children and adolescents in school and University, adults through press indoctrination. Political correctness now actively shuts down all critical speech by outlawing it. This is enforced top-down,by international organizations.

We are appalled and shocked. Freedom of speech has been the hallmark of most Western constitutions and liberties. Political correctness has restricted such freedom in colleges, at the work place. But to make this official policy of 28 countries, is unimaginable. EU to ban anti-feminist, racist, homophobic speech The United Nations also is very active in such subject matters. UN demands Germany repress free Speech.





Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

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5 thoughts on “Impunity for violent criminal feminists, MRA charged $ 964 police protection fee at U of Toronto”

  1. I’m not surprised; and also wouldn’t be surprised if it were discovered that the police were also collecting a ‘protection fee’ from the feminists (because they of course always seem to have a lot of cash on hand—even though they’re a ‘grass roots’ populist movement).

    Which also makes one wonder how these feminist groups—supposedly spontaneously organized—always seem to carry out such well-planned and well-executed ‘protests’.

  2. Hey HS, what’s up?

    Did you know Germany already represses free speech? For example you can’t talk about the fact that the Jewish big lie “Holocaust” was a hoax. And you can’t even homeschool your own kids without risking prison. That’s exactly what they want here in the US too. The Ashkenazi Jews and their evil friends already control the media and the educational system, so it’s impossible for anyone who knows what’s going on to even be able to RAISE their OWN KIDS how they want. And that’s if they even get to keep them, because you know how women love divorce and stealing kids, and you should know that CPS is a child abduction scheme in which the stolen children are often sent to rapists in what is really HUMAN TRAFFICKING. PS Israel is the human trafficking capital of the world.

    I do wish you would focus on Jewish guilt more. If we don’t do that, we won’t change anything. All the PC shit, was from the Jewish quarter, intended to harm the rest of us and make the world safer for Jews to rule. Freud, Friedan, Boas. Read Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

    1. I respect Jews for their high IQ. If you think they commit mischief, how would you contain this?

      What would you do about this alleged Jewish influence? Can you suggest non-violent humane solutions to that?

      I will not delve much into such issues, I already make enough enemies.

      But you are welcome to post your thought provoking comments here. Long time, no see.

      1. Violence, direct (e.g. war) or indirect (e.g. feminism, liberalism, through the courts) is only a means to an end.

        For the Jews, as Maurice Samuels said, their motto is “Jews Must Live”. The corollary is: everyone else must DIE or BE SUBJUGATED.

        And that is the end: death to all who oppose Jewish rule. So as long as Jews are around, they will be trying to
        murder us and clear the way to rule the world, with a dumb sheep slave race with no resistance all that’s left of
        the rest of humanity, with everyone like us who wants to resist DEAD.

        The only question is, do you want that world or do you want a world where GOOD people like us are still around
        trying to make the world a better place? If you want a bright future, jabbering on about “non-violent humane solutions” as the only option proves that Jewish mind control works. They repeated that gibberish enough that now most people actually believe it! It’s a lie. A great foolishness, ensuring the Jews win, if you believe that absurdity. Judaism doesn’t teach that sort of stupidity, but Christianity does, and it also teaches people to, in essence, worship the Jews. So as long as people are going to follow retarded BAD ADVICE which Jesus told you, or Jewish liberals told you, they’re going to die. That even guys like you can’t get this through your heads no matter how many times I explain it, even though it is a simple concept, is the reason Jews are winning and have been for a long time.

        Personally, I’m not that much of an idiot. Nor are our “elite” today, who are composed not just of Jews but others as well. I’m talking the real few hundred families at the top who control world events. More and more it seems the only choice for me is to try to join up with them, or find a few others like me who want a bright future but aren’t retarded by Jewish lies, whose minds are free. Really, though, I don’t want to join with the Jews. They’re ugly as sin, and they would create a world in their image, stark and grey, worse than even now. I like to believe there are other Germans like me who aren’t dumb retarded sheep, but you see the Jews are always killing off the best and brightest amongst the Gentiles if they won’t sign up with them, so these days there aren’t many left. Luckily my family moved to the US before the Jews and their allies murdered millions of our best Germans.

        How to deal with the Jewish problem is a complicated question. There have been many attempts to squash this evil,
        Germany tried but Jewish money = Jewish power, and so they bought European/US politicans, and they bought the media to
        tell us lies to convince us to do their dirty work for them. Just like they are doing today. So that tells you right
        there what we must do: we must do what the Jews do, to some extent, but for a different purpose. Our own purpose.

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