Punish more Asian and White Students – demands Eric Holder

US Attorney General Eric Holder complained about subtle Racism "cited disciplinary practices in schools that punish black males at three times the rate of their white peers."

Should Schools Have Racial Disciplinary Quotas? When we have misbehaving Blacks, we will have to punish enough Asians, or else. If schools want to be allowed to evict misbehaving Blacks, they must evict equal percentages of well behaved Asians. This is why Trayvon Martin was not sent to police for graffiti, drugs, loot, burglary tools.   

"The progressives campaign for race-based discipline policies also won a victory in Maryland July 24. The state’s board of education established a policy demanding that each racial or ethnic group receive roughly proportional level of school penalties, regardless of the behavior by members of each group."

Due to the same impeccable logic, UK: Police stop and search innocent old white ladies for bombs to balance race figures when searching young muslim males.


Black boys are indeed, suspended at about three times the rate for white boys, and black girls at nearly four times the white rate. However, every account of these findings ignored the fact that, as study after study has shown, Asians are suspended less often than whites. If it is “alarming” that black boys are suspended at three times the rate for white boys, why is it not “alarming” that white girls are suspended at three times Asian rate? Source

Political correctness posits that all races have the same propensity for crime, and the same IQ. All research proves the opposite.  Statistics about Black crime are shamefully hidden in the Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence

Boys are at least twice as likely to be suspended as girls, but no one talks about that either. Everyone knows that boys behave worse than girls, but to acknowledge sex differences in behavior might suggest the possibility of race differences. Correction: Almost everyone understands this. The Southern Poverty Law Center worried that the data “raise important questions about . . . the possibility of conscious or unconscious racial and gender biases at the school level.” (emphasis added)

Just a few weeks after its report on suspension rates, the Department of Education issued a joint report with the Department of Justice called Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2011. It got a bit of press attention, too, mainly for pointing out that although there were more than 1,000,000 violent crimes committed at American public schools, only about 300,000 are reported to the police.  Source

School Suspensions: More Official Baloney reports more statistics that clearly point to school crime and indiscipline growing unison with higher Black enrollment.



The underlying issue here is that black students are disciplined at much higher rates than nonblacks.  The most parsimonious explanation, as with the dramatically higher black crime levels, is innate race differences; bu

Holder of course is having none of that.  It`s not that he denies high levels of black misbehavior:  He says it doesn`t matter.  What matters is that the numbers for suspensions and other disciplinary measures come out equal.

Here is the relevant passage from the “Dear Colleague” letter sent out by the Justice and Education Departments January 8th.  It`s on page 11 of the letter.

“Schools also violate Federal law when they evenhandedly implement facially neutral policies and practices that, although not adopted with the intent to discriminate, nonetheless have an unjustified effect of discriminating against students on the basis of race.”

Got that?  You have a, quote, “facially neutral policy.”  You implement it, quote, “evenhandedly.”  You have no, quote, “intent to discriminate.”  Yet if the numbers still come out wrong, you`ve broken the law!

The instruction here is plain: You have to stop implementing that program evenhandedly.  You have to practice racial profiling to make the numbers come out right.

You will recognize here the poisonous doctrine of Disparate Impact.  If you give a written exam to a mixed-race group of firefighter applicants, and seventy percent of the whites pass the exam but only thirty percent of the blacks do, you have broken a law.

Same thing here.  To stay out of trouble with the feds, schools must either go easy on misbehaving blacks or discipline more non-misbehaving whites and Asians.  Gotta get the numbers right. [Source]



The giveaway: references to “racial disparities in student discipline” and to “disparate impact”:

The administration of student discipline can result in unlawful discrimination based on race…if a policy is neutral on its face— meaning that the policy itself does not mention race—and is administered in an evenhanded manner but has a disparate impact, i.e., a disproportionate and unjustified effect on students of a particular race.

Emphasis added. “Disparate impact”  is an anti-scientific phrase which institutionalizes the dogma that there are no racial differences in behavior. It has been enshrined in rogue court decisions by racial socialist judges.

The Obama/ Holder letter cites fraudulent “scholarship” that asserts that black students do not misbehave or commit crimes any more than do students of any other group. Such racial socialist propaganda disguised as scholarship used to appear every few years, but now appears more frequently.

Obama/ Holder have finally attracted some conservative opposition (Experts slam DOJ letter telling schools to implement race-based punishments, by Robby Soave, Daily Caller, January 10, 2014). But their move is only the latest in what a appears to be a step-by-step White House campaign in support of black school thugs and what VDARE.com’s Alan Wall has properly called White House “racial totalitarianism.”

Thus on July 26, 2012, Obama signed an executive order “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.” I wrote at the time that Obama was “Granting Black Students Carte Blanche to Engage in School Violence and Disruption.”

Source: Trayvon Martin—A Victim Of The Obama/ Holder Campaign To “Disappear” School Crime

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12 thoughts on “Punish more Asian and White Students – demands Eric Holder”

  1. Holder tells teachers to racially profile . (See above.)

    This is also a good way to put it.

    Student punches a teacher in the face.

    If Student is Asian, kick him out for good. This is necessary to fill the Asian eviction quota, so teacher will be allowed evict a Black for serious mayhem, repeated felony violent attacks, or knife attack.

    If Student is White, suspend him for a few days

    If Student is Black, tell him to please stop doing that. One must not spend precious discipline quotas for a simple punch, or else there will be no black discipline quota left for serious mayhem, knock out games, …

  2. “What this means is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bader is a former official in the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, and has sued and represented school districts and colleges in civil-rights cases.

    “It is too bad that the president has chosen to set up a new bureaucracy with a focus on one particular racial group, to the exclusion of all others,” said Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

    “A disproportionate share of crimes are committed by African Americans, and they are disproportionately likely to misbehave in school… [because] more than 7 out of 10 African Americans (72.5 percent) are born out of wedlock… versus fewer than 3 out of 10 whites,” he said in a statement to The Daily Caller. Although ” you won’t see it mentioned in the Executive Order… there is an obvious connection between these [marriage] numbers and how each group is doing educationally, economically, criminally,” he said.


    He already has good enough a point. He does not need to say another taboo truth: that there also are genetic differences in iq, aggressiveness, self control, discipline, propensity to crime,

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