Covid-19 solutions so white. Boycott vaccines invented by whites, oppose quarantines ordered by whites



  • imageCoronavirus research happens mainly in the USA, Israel, and maybe China. But Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Muslim countries in general are not allowed to participate with their wisdom.  The Coronavirus research results of sub-Saharan Africa are being culturally appropriated and stolen by Whites, without proper recognition, like so many inventions. Without Black women we will never find a cure for Covid-19. 1. Whites are 11.5% of the world population2. If a vaccine is obtained by over-representation of white racist supremacists, the vaccine must be boycotted.
  • Oppressive white ideas of social distancing, quarantine, and lockdown must never be allowed to re-oppress3 historically disadvantaged minorities. Quarantines must never be an excuse to stop the free movement of unvetted refugees at the Southern borders of the USA, Europe, Germany.

    When Stopping a Pandemic Takes a Backseat to Fighting Imaginary Racism: Best-Selling Author Stephen King Attacks the Whiteness of President Trump’s Coronavirus Team

    This Tweet received 114,00+ “likes” and more than 13,800+ re-tweets… for those unfamiliar with Twitter lexicon, this means the Tweet went not only viral, but was received overwhelmingly positive.

    “White” is a pejorative now.

    “White” is a regarded as a negative, universally denounced by the woke amongst us. […]

    Were a bunch of white guys to save the world from a meteorite, they wouldn’t be celebrated.

    No, their efforts would be denounced, for their successful mission to save the planet lacked the requisite diversity, inclusion and equity.[…]

    The question you must consider asking at this point is simple: would those anti-white individuals amongst us rather tens of millions of people needlessly die from the coronavirus/Wuhan Virus spreading across America or would they rather white people in leadership positions stop the pandemic from happening? […]

    Because in the eyes of shocking number of white people in America: fighting white racism > stopping a pandemic from taking American lives.

    Coronavirus vaccine research is moving at record speed [washingtonpost]

    The science is fast, but the virus is faster

    Medical workers talk with a woman suspected of being ill with the coronavirus at a community health station in Wuhan, China. (Chinatopix/AP)


    Carolyn Y. Johnson

    Jan. 31, 2020 at 12:06 a.m. GMT+8

    In a suburb south of Boston, robots have already started manufacturing a potential vaccine against the fast-spreading coronavirus. Another candidate vaccine — developed when a similar virus terrified the world — sits in deep freeze in a repository in Houston, ready to be thawed and formulated into thousands of vials for further testing. Yet another is being put together at facilities in San Diego and Houston, with projections that it could be tested in people by summer.

    To scientists, the work to create a vaccine against the new coronavirus is advancing with a speed they could barely have imagined a decade ago. At the same time, it’s not even close to quick enough to contain the spreading infection — and in many ways, the outbreak will test the capacity of science to react in real time to a new and unknown “pathogen X” that takes the world by surprise.

    “Traditional vaccine development efforts have usually taken decades, not months,”  [washingtonpost]

    Coronavirus vaccine research to include team from …

    A group of Queensland scientists is one of three research teams around the world who are starting work on potential vaccines against coronavirus. They think they can have it done in 16 weeks

    Scientists Hope This ‘Throwback’ Can Fight Coronavirus Until …

    2 days ago With a vaccine for coronavirus at least a year away, a group of scientists is hoping a technique used during the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak can …

    Biohackers Are on a Secret Hunt for the Coronavirus Vaccine

    5 days ago Biohackers Are on a Secret Hunt for the Coronavirus Vaccine. DIY biologists propose creating a public domain SARS-CoV-2 vaccine with $25000 in funding.

    Trump Attempts to Poach German Scientists Developing …

    4 days ago Trump Attempts to Poach German Scientists Developing Coronavirus Vaccine – Report. © REUTERS / YURI GRIPAS. World. 01:36 GMT 15.03.


    1. See the hidden figures hoax
    2. 11.5%  Whites in world population,
    3. Germany: ISIS flags fly as ‘asylum seekers’ riot against quarantine …  Germany, along with France and Sweden, have previously experienced huge riots in asylum centres and refugee camps in recent years.

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