Covid-19 solutions so white. Boycott vaccines invented by whites, oppose quarantines ordered by whites



  • imageCoronavirus research happens mainly in the USA, Israel, and maybe China. But Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Muslim countries in general are not allowed to participate with their wisdom.  The Coronavirus research results of sub-Saharan Africa are being culturally appropriated and stolen by Whites, without proper recognition, like so many inventions. Without Black women we will never find a cure for Covid-19. 1. Whites are 11.5% of the world population2. If a vaccine is obtained by over-representation of white racist supremacists, the vaccine must be boycotted.
  • Oppressive white ideas of social distancing, quarantine, and lockdown must never be allowed to re-oppress3 historically disadvantaged minorities. Quarantines must never be an excuse to stop the free movement of unvetted refugees at the Southern borders of the USA, Europe, Germany.



    When Stopping a Pandemic Takes a Backseat to Fighting Imaginary Racism: Best-Selling Author Stephen King Attacks the Whiteness of President Trump’s Coronavirus Team

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    Covid-19 solutions so white. Boycott vaccines invented by whites, …
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  • South African Whites living in dire conditions. Please donate

    8.9% Whites [] in South Africa are, of course, NOT a minority with minority protection. On the contrary, due to Black privilege White South Africans suffer from quotas favoring the Black majority, and vicious genocidal persecution.  The following is a complete reprint from EUROPA UNITAS MOVEMENT




    March 20, 2016 ·



    UNION visited some of South Africa’s poor working class White Afrikaners living in the countries many illegal White Squatter Camps.

    Please help by donating at

    South Africa Background information

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    South African Whites living in dire conditions. Please donate
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    Sexism in Ferguson police department: more men than women arrested!

    Sexism? Though women constitute 50.8% of the US population, more than 3 times the number of men than women get arrested (FBI).  Women constitute 1.88% of persons on death row. Women get lower punishment for most crimes, thanks to the Pussy Pass.

    Certainly, Eric Holder will now start an inquiry into the sexist practices of the Ferguson Police department. Though we could not find the Ferguson arrest statistics by gender, they are probably similar to the national statistics cited above. Just as the Ferguson racial arrest statistics are similar to the national arrest statistics. Probably not because of this

    Darren Wilson: proven innocent, acted in self defense

    A white police officer who shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., last summer was cleared of civil rights violations on Wednesday.  Source | Source2 | Source3

    50 (?) FBI officers working for months could not dig up any dirt on impeccable officer Darren Wilson who killed in self defense. Will Holder apologize?  [Impeach Obama and Holder for inciting riots].

    Ferguson: Racist for arresting more criminal Black than Whites

    But a separate, broader investigation found that the Ferguson Police Department violates the civil rights of black male  residents all the time.

    To distract from the total failure of the Justice Department witch hunt against Darren Wilson, the Justice Department finds another target: Ferguson police was found to arrest more people from a high crime population (Blacks) than from a low crime population (Whites).

    Ferguson: Not guilty of sexism for arresting more criminal Men than Women

    So how come Holder has not noticed the sexism, that males get arrested more often than females? Answer: Males are not a protected disadvantaged class by Political Correctness definition.

    Holder and Obama make a big fuzz about alleged racism against Black criminals, but deafening silence about potential sexism for high male arrest rates. (Pussy Pass)

    Sexism Definition:

    unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatment of women

    Blacks commit more crime: Evidence

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    Sexism in Ferguson police department: more men than women arreste…
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    White men and lack of diversity ruined Google & Apple

    #1 Google and #2 Apple, the world’s most valuable, profitable, successful companies have rapidly grown while deprived of the benefits of racial and gender diversity.

    Imagine how much more profitable these companies could have been if white men had not made irrelevant products and bad decisions. Diversity is strength!

    Having a diversity of perspectives leads to better decision-making, more relevant products, Google diversity report 

    1. Had Google and Apple embraced diversity,  hired lots of women and Blacks, had they been led by minorities, Google and Apple would be much more valuable then they already are. They would not merely be the two most valuable companies in the world.
    2. White men created the two most successful enterprises in the world. White men are especially capable and successful.

    Please chose (1) or (2)

    Economic success is racist! Economic success favors White men!

    (2) must not be true because it is racist and sexist.  Occam’s razor is racist. The obvious easy explanation must not be true.

    the data — which in Silicon Valley usually reigns supreme — shows that diversity on groups benefits research, development, innovation and profit. [New York Times]

    The data:

    The two companies with the best profit, innovation, development and research are led by white men and lack diversity. This proves that diversity benefits company success.

    Had they only hired Blacks with lower IQ (see Bell curve) these companies would not be such failures.

    Racist white male patriarchy’s logic needs to be abolished in favor of political correctness own logic


    How the Asians Became White 

    Asians are around 30% in these companies, according to  Google diversity report. Numbers about Jews are glaringly absent.


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    White men and lack of diversity ruined Google & Apple
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    Donald Sterling punished for slight offense to over-sensitive Blacks

    Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life from NBA, fined $2.5 million by NBA.

    A disgruntled girl friend illegally recorded hundreds of hours of private conversation.

    With effort she managed to coax Donald Sterling to state a personal preference that he prefers her not to post photos of herself with Blacks on instagram and not bring Blacks to his games.

    Otherwise he says, she can to whatever she likes, go with Blacks, have sex with them, love them, anything. Donald Sterling loves Blacks, pays millions to Black players and coaches, has White players under-represented in his team.


    She tried her best to get him to say bad things about Blacks, but she did not manage. He only voiced a personal private preference for his girl friend’s public behavior.

    Donald Sterling did not say anything politically incorrect about race and iq, black crime, the need for white quotas in black dominated US pro sports, or the problem of non-mulatto Black coaches in the NBA. Or criminal involvement of players:

    Still, Donald Sterling was seriously punished for private conversations in his own house,  No sanctions for recording in violation of state law. [4]


    Nevertheless, when nonsense like stupid racial remarks by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Clippers boss Donald Sterling can consume the nation’s conversation for a full week, it does raise a far more disturbing question:

    Is America still a serious country?



    Human-Stupidity Analysis

    Black Privilege: Blacks promoting genocide and killing of Whites is acceptable



    1. Though shalt not dispute or oppose teaching of homosexuality in schools
    2. PC madness: Steve Martin’s Lasonia joke offensive to Blacks
    3. Though shalt not dispute or oppose teaching of homosexuality in schools
    4. Obama-with-banana picture: freedom of expression in Russia vs. PC madness in USA
    5. Olympic political correctness: though shalt not pose with weapons, befriend rightists or joke about Blacks
    6. Olympian Voula Papachristou banned for a joke ‘very bitter and upset’. Dictatorship of political correctness destroys lives and freedom.
    7. Racist joke by stand up comedian: theater owner arrested in Brazil
    8. Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness
    9. Brazil votes to criminalize homophobia. Political correctness threatens freedom of expression & research
    10. Medical research and treament for Blacks hampered by "race does not exist" dogma
    11. Geert Wilders in court for offending Muslims (who threaten his life and already killed Theo van Gogh)

    More proof of George Zimmermann’s self defense and innocence. A book review.

    George Zimmerman declines ‘stand your ground’ hearing.

    "We decided to focus on the idea that George wants to have a jury of his peers decide his case," O’Mara told reporters, according to the Associated Press. "And it’s going to be, I think, a more accepted result for everyone who has to accept the result — that he gets an acquittal at trial, more so than an immunity hearing given by a judge."

    Everyone knows that no judge can afford to let Zimmermann go, or else risk rioting, looting, and lose re-election. So he can not easily be acquitted:

    George Zimmermann killed Trayvon Martin, after getting his nose broken, the back of his head seriously banged up. In violation of the iron legal maxim "Don’t talk to Cops" he totally cooperated with police, proving that he was acting in self defense. Not one lie, no contradiction was found in his testimony.

    An outcry of Black fanatism, including president Obama’s infamous meddling in a police case: "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon", caused the case to be re-opened. George Zimmermann was evicted from his college, is in hiding from unpunished New Black Panthers mob violence,  He is totally broke from legal expenses.

    The reason for Florida’s "stand your ground" laws was exactly to spare good men – who act in self defense – the ruinous expense to hire a lawyer.


    Forensic evidence both supports, casts doubt on Zimmerman claims

    • based on the times and distances Zimmerman said he covered, Zimmerman would have still been on the phone with Sanford police when he claims he was attacked by Martin;

    Interestingly, Michael Knox desperately tries to look unbiased. Because the facts are so overwhelmingly in George’s favor. So he finds every little straw that casts light doubt upon George. If George stopped a while to look around, that is enough to explain why he was not back to his car.

    • had Martin walked directly to his destination, his father’s girlfriend’s townhome, he would have made it there safely before Zimmerman ended his nonemergency call to Sanford police;

    It is harder to explain why Martin had backed up and returned, instead of just simply going home.

    • Martin was in fact leaning over Zimmerman when the fatal shot was fired, just as Zimmerman has maintained.

    To reach that last conclusion, Knox examined both a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report on the gunshot’s impact to the hooded sweatshirt Martin was wearing and the autopsy report describing the gunshot wound to the body.

    The medical examiner determined the gunshot was fired from "intermediate range," but the hoodie showed a "contact" shot, indicating the muzzle of Zimmerman’s gun was touching or extremely close to the fabric when the shot was fired.

    Knox explained that the loose fitting sweatshirt was farther away from the body because of gravity, which pulled it down as Martin was situated above Zimmerman.

    That is consistent with Zimmerman’s claim that he was on his back struggling with Martin when he reached for the gun, pointed it upward and fired, Knox said.

    "We look at the physical evidence and then we say, ‘What does it tell us?’" said Knox, who before his 2010 retirement testified often for the same state attorney’s office that was specially appointed by the governor to prosecute Zimmerman.

    Knox also says that Zimmermann could have gotten back to his car before the struggle, and Trayvon Martin could have easily gotten home. Of course, neither of the two would be obliged to do so. And Zimmermann had more reasons to stand, linger, wait and look. Trayvon Martin would have more reason to walk a quarter of a mile to get home and out of the rain.

    More than 2:30 passes between the time Zimmerman hung up with Sanford police (7:13:39) and when a neighbor who heard the commotion connected with a 911 operator (7:16:11). The struggles continues on that call for 45 seconds, until the fatal gunshot is heard at 7:16:56.


    The evidence against George Zimmermann?

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    More proof of George Zimmermann’s self defense and innocence…
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    George Zimmermann – Trayvon Martin re-visited: Black youth DeAndre Felton was killed in clear self defense

    DeAndre Felton was killed by a white man in clear self defense. No arrest was made. All people present, including DeAndre’s friends confirmed that he had attacked his killer with the intent to create trouble.

    In spite of such clear evidence, we can see the typical black posturing about the "poor kid" that was killed, without mentioning the child’s criminal intent and attitude.

    The evidence favoring George Zimmermann  is not quite as strong, though his story proved consistent and non-contradictory.

    Of course, we must not defend racial profiling nor mention a long list of black criminality which is a multiple of white violent criminality

    Police Report: Witnesses gave consistent accounts as to what happened prior to. during, and after the
    incident. They alleged that DeAndre Felton and the 13-year-old male had been with
    them, as a group, at the Westfield Shopping Town Plaza (Meriden Square) on Lewis
    Avenue prior to the incident. When the mall closed, the group gathered in the parking lot
    of the mall, where DeAndre and the 13 year old, whom the witnesses claimed were both
    "high," made statements to the effect that they wanted to "look for trouble" and "beat
    someone up."

    According to the witnesses, the group walked across Lewis Avenue and entered the north
    parking lot of Midstate Medical Center. As they began to exit through the pedestrian
    access gate leading to Kensington Avenue, Felton and the 13 year old suddenly broke
    away from the group and began running east along Kensington Avenue, where they
    jumped a male from behind and began assaulting him. The witnesses disclaimed any
    prior knowledge that this attack was going to take place. Moments later, Felton and the
    13 year old ran back to the group, where they collapsed from stab wounds. The other
    male involved in the incident ran away in the opposite direction.


    Black mob picks on ‘The Wrong Guy’: ‘Knockout Game’ results backfire when ‘victim’ is armed  2 

    "The plan was I was going to go to his house and get picked up there to meet his parents," she told Eyewitness News. Standish said her cousins were with Felton and Jones when they were stabbed.

    "They said they (Felton and Jones) were looking for trouble," Standish said.    3


    Striking similarities with George Zimmermann case

    Sounds very much like George Zimmermann. The killer was very cooperative, says police. Police was convinced that it was self defense. Witnesses consistently testify the "youth" were looking for trouble and attacked.

    And no, black activist don’t bemoan the criminal attitude of the black youth. Rather the usual blabbering that the poor little child is innocent, even though his own friends implicated him as a drugged violent aggressor.

    Blacks are always victims. Even if everyone can testify that they were the attacker. No sense of justice. Fellow Blacks get defended unconditionally, no matter how heinously criminal they are.  Very rare the attitude of reverend Manning, the rare Black who blames Blacks for their own misfortune they bring about themselves.

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    George Zimmermann – Trayvon Martin re-visited: Black youth D…
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    Black Culture: violent gang rap videos. Peer reviewed articles about race differences in criminality

    This is Black culture? Just found these scary videos, with hundreds of thousands of views each.

    Any doubt that a white boy, venturing into a group of these people would be an instant victim of racial profiling ??

    Add such bad cultural influence to the widely proven genetic differences in IQ and criminality (see links below) and you get terrible results.


    These videos show the "justified Black rage" about 200-year-ago slavery that entitles Blacks to riot, burn down entire cities and violently attack in "self defense" when suspected of a crime

    Rap music is an example how to have financial success without need for high IQ. Whites with similar lyrics languish in European prisons for violating hate speech laws, like the authors of "Affen nach Africa" (Apes back to Africa).

    I now understand Reverend Manning‘s concerns about the Black Race and the immorality of rap.

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    Black Culture: violent gang rap videos. Peer reviewed articles ab…
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