Nudist non-sexual child photos, legal in Germany: trouble for MP Sebastian Edathy and Merkel’s government


 Edathy pornography affair: The story so far

Among the ring’s customers was Edathy, who is said to have ordered material from the site between 2005 and 2010. The material consisted of pictures of naked boys assumed to be between nine and 14, in various poses, but not involved in sexual activity. The possession of such pictures is not illegal in Germany.

That is interesting. In Germany, possession of harmless photos of young children naked is not a crime yet. You can see such young children live on the innumerous nude beaches in Germany.

Human Stupidity has trouble understanding, or explaining to children, why photos of 100% legal acts, or cartoons of such acts, can be such a terrible crime. On the other hand, videos of terrorist beheadings, made exactly for the impact on the viewer and the publicity,  are legal.

The scientific truth is that accessible porn reduces rape and prostitution, countering the voodoo theory. Of course, the child sex trauma myth lobby can only ask for harder punishments

Germany’s Child Protection Agency demands that any commerce with pictures of naked children must be penalized. Justice Minister Heiko Maas also comes out in favor of stricter laws.

A huge international police inquiry because of a few photos of naked boys, which happens to be legal in Germany. Have we no other problems? Millions of obese and sedentary children have their health and future destroyed. The Euro crisis causes massive unemployment and might lead to civil war. And we care about a few nude photos?

Watch this video, one would never think that these were simple nude photos, no sexual activity or abuse.

Unfortunately, outside Germany we are not allowed to see or show the photos to understand what all the fuzz is about (Disclaimer)


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Naked child on street while Google street view passed through.

Google drives through all streets in all cities in the world. What a miracle that they found only one naked child there.

naked-boy-google-streetviewPeople complained, Google pixeled out the picture. Surprisingly, there was no huge scandal.

According to the voodoo theory of child porn, this child will be constantly victimized whenever someone sees his photo.

This child is certainly scarred for life, justifying drastic measures against the heinous transgressors.

Internet Lawyer: Google Street View and Public Nudity

If you were representing Google as an Internet lawyer, you’d be concerned not only about potential privacy issues but also child pornography laws. Even if inadvertent, taking pics of naked kids and posting them online is just begging for trouble — government investigations and probably shakedown lawsuits. This isn’t an issue of an adult sunbathing nude the backyard…it is a child who is mentally incapable of providing consent for the photos to be taken even if they were deemed artistic rather than pornographic.

There’s also an important distinction here that you can discuss with your Internet lawyer if you have privacy issues involving your website. Google was an active participant by creating this particular content and posting it online. That’s a different scenario than a website owner having a third party post similar content to a site without the owner’s knowledge.

The entire Google staff should get 10 years in jail for production and distribution of child pornography. [/end sarcasm].

This actually is not funny: if this photo were, unpixelated, on Human-Stupidity’s web site. we might face long prison terms.


Google faces storm over naked child on Street View

Google has apologised after its Street View photo mapping service showed a frontal view of a naked child on a family day out.

Images of the blond boy, aged four or five, went live on Thursday in an update for the service.

They pictured him with his trousers down after going to the toilet on Wimbledon Common, South-West London.

The photos, showing the child’s mother or nanny helping him dress and a man looking on, have sparked fears that paedophiles will have a new way to search for photos or targets online.

Google had blurred the child’s face but not the registration plate of the family’s car, making it possible to trace their address.

The photos were removed soon after Google was alerted yesterday.

But they are further ammunition for critics of Street View, branded a ‘burglar’s charter’ when it launched last year.


Google Street View ‘Naked Child’ Incident Reveals Anxiety About Technology

Here’s the original UK newspaper report:

The Independent on Sunday alerted the internet search giant after finding the image of the toddler, playing at a family summer picnic in a garden square in north London, captured permanently on the revolutionary mapping system. Britain’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, is considering an investigation into Google if more images of naked children are found to have been picked up by its cameras and made available to internet users.

The article is fairly inflammatory, as the paragraph above suggests. The idea is that Google is somehow aiding would-be child abductors. Further down in the article a more explicit connection between StreetView and crime is made:

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Naked child on street while Google street view passed through.
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Brooke Shields nude: exploited pedophile magnet?

Brooke Shields, now 44, posed for a nude photo when she was 10 years old. Now Richard Prince’s photograph of the picture, called “Spiritual America,” has been yanked from a major exhibition at the Tate Modern. If pedophiles didn’t already know about “Spiritual America,” the Richard Prince photo taken of a nude, heavily-made-up 10-year-old named Brooke Shields, they do know. London police made headlines by yanking the photo from an exhibition at the Tate Modern after child exploitation groups protested, saying it could be a “magnet for pedophiles.” So what if it becomes a magnet for pedophiles? What if 300 pedophiles crowd into the art museum’s room to see the picture? What damage would be caused?We have so many real problems in this world. Why invent non-existent problems about a 32 year old photo of a now 42 year old woman?I see more damage in this violent, but legal, movie:

“If you are using a picture of a naked child to bring people to your exhibition, then you are exploiting that child,” Michele Elliott of the child advocacy group Kidscape tells the Daily Telegraph.

How does that child get exploited? If she were not famous, she would not even know about the art gallery. In this case, she probably even got paid. And why that be exploitation? And what is the problem of being thus exploited? Will she lose money, health, time?

Oh, dignity? Well check the dignity of the kid that is being clubbed to death, on prime time TV:

Feminists repeat the same stupid drivel (“picture of naked child is exploitation of the child“) over and over, until people actually believe their nonsense. This never ceases to impress me. Feminist stupid talk has magical qualities. No matter how stupid, no matter how unfounded and baseless, it becomes public policy and profoundly convinces press, police, law makers, the United Nations assembly, and supreme court judges.

The same exploitative photo was in Playboy in the 1970ies or 1980ies. We can see the horrendous damage that has been caused to Brook Shields and to millions of readers of that Playboy edition. She must still be a wreck today at 42 years of age.

I guess all people over 40 who have seen these and similar photos, are probably totally screwed up. They did not see only this one photo, but photos of nude 12-16 year olds were routinely in newspapers (page 3) and in youth magazines like Bravo or on the cover of prestigious German news magazine “Der Spiegel”. (23. May 1977)

Be careful, if you collect such magazines, you might get a 15 year jail sentence for possession if child pornography! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Brooke Shields 10 years old nude photo. Censored.
The above photo was removed from the art gallery in London.

Wet Gold, USA 1985, Director: Dick Lowry.  Brooke Shields, Burgess MeredithYou pedophiles want to see the uncensored photos?

If you like this photo to the right, you are a “hebephile”, you like adolescent girls. Nowadays this is, on purpose, confused with pedophiles (pedophiles like pre-pubescent girls)

  • Below: Cover of most prestigious new magazine of Germany. May 1977. Nude.  Today this constitutes child porn.

Der Spiegel May 1977 Lolita Issue. Censore to avoid Child Pornography charges and to avoid corrupting my blog readers. Of course, there were hundreds such photos on other magazine covers. The entire Germany, a nation of pedophiles!? Or today, a time of witch hunts?!
An entire nation of pedophiles: Millions - adults, children, babies - saw these photos (uncensored in complete nudity) in public news stands all over Germany in 1977. Imagine the terrible damage to the entire German population and to the girl. Any scientific literature available that discusses the damage from this heinous crime of exposing the poor victim? Of course not!!!
Child porn showing a baby's genitals and urination
Clearly visible genitals, urination of an infant child. A heinous crime: the statue needs to be destroyed. Everyone responsible for this monstrosity needs 25 years of jail. Until recently, the world was unaware of the damage caused by such despicable criminal art.

A very nice discussion with examples of child pornographic art from major art museums, worth millions of dollars follows

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