"Protection from Abuse" (restraining) order is Abuse

Restraining orders or protection-from-abuse orders from a random stranger are not a big deal. But if you are ordered to stay away from your home, your kids, your documents, your clothing, your medicines, your library, computer, then this is a disaster.

Restraining order to immediately stay away from own house,
all belongings, documents, clothing, children?

How can you be kicked out of your own home, with no prior warning, no chance to take your ID and documents, pick up a change of underwear, not even your credit card so you can buy underwear. But you have the obligation to continue paying the mortgage, or rent, are prohibited to even send a text message to your kids.  If this is a shared marital home, it is very bad. If this is the man’s home and the complainant a mere girl friend he allowed to live there, that now kicks him out of his own property and home, the injustice is worse.

protection-from-abuse-temporary-restraining-orderThis restraining order has the same effect as if a tsunami or tornado had passed over one’s home. Immediate homelessness, living on the street. But it is worse. After a tsunami, one can go back to the remnants of the home and try to find one’s Identification papers, and also has a chance to find a shelter. And all this basically with no due process, with no proof, and for crimes as simple as allegations of annoying a woman, without corroborating proof.

Slightest violation of unjustified protection from abuse/ restraining order:
mandatory felony jail terms

Any innocent unintended violation of a restraining order leads to mandatory felony jail terms as happened to Dr. Emerson.  His life was ruined due to unproven (probably false accusations), a protection from abuse/restraining order and the consequential criminalization of his perfectly legal gun collection. 

Why can’t she leave if she feels threatened?

Why can’t she leave if she feels threatened? Even if he committed violence, a man’s home should be sacred. 

Whoever is the main home owner, the main tenant, the payee of rent should have the right to stay.  Are there no constitutional protections? This is worse then anything I have read about the worst dictatorships.

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"Protection from Abuse" (restraining) order is Abuse
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