Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims

A prisoner is under the control and mercy of gangs of violent felons, all day long, unable to escape.  Under the guardianship and responsibility of government. Feminist anti-rape activists are not concerned about the grave injustice of prison rape, which is on-going long term year-long power, humiliation, and sexual violence. Prison rape accusations get ignored. Even "voluntary" sex in prison is often rape, due to power differential and serious consequences of saying "no". Why this deafening silence of the feminists regarding prison rape? Only Human-Stupidity points out that prison rape epidemic is only the tip of the iceberg: has a hidden prison-rape-by-intimidation part larger then the know forcible rape cases.

compare: Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 

The following article shows a light at the end of the tunnel. US authorities are starting to take the prison rape epidemic more seriously.

Raped and extorted by a prison gang, Scott Howard was called a "drama queen" by corrections officials 

This is a lengthy 8 page report. Read it all, don’t get stuck on the first page only

I served time in the Colorado Department of Corrections, and it was there that I was repeatedly raped, assaulted and extorted by members of a large, notorious gang." […]

"I spent well over a year trying to get protection by writing to officials," he said. "My efforts to report were mostly fruitless — and often put me at greater risk. Because I am openly gay, officials blamed me for the attacks. They said as a homosexual I should expect to be targeted by one gang or another."

Howard didn’t tell the whole squalid story. He didn’t mention the evidence of staff involvement with the gang that made his efforts to seek protection even dicier. He didn’t go into how, once he finally started "naming names," as prison investigators demanded, they accused him of crying rape to cover up his own criminal activities. He barely referred to his last day as a Colorado prisoner, when, he says, he was put in a cell with one of the gang leaders and sexually assaulted again. Despite being a bare summary, the statement was still graphic — and powerful. At times his voice choked up, but Howard kept reading.


Human-Stupidity Analysis

Prison rape is comparable to being locked for years in Mr. Fritzl’s rape dungeon. Years under the power of rapists with nowhere to escape. Prison rape is aggravated because

  • the victim is under the threat of violence and repeated rape for hours, days, weeks, months, and years. No escape possible
  • At all times, while sleeping, while in the shower. The threat is always there
  • gangs gang up on him. No chance to resist.
  • The perpetrators continuously have power over the victim. It is not a "one shot crime". It is constant and repeated.
  • Many many prison rape victims are never seen as rape victims. They probably don’t even see themselves as rape victims. Many just give in and become long term sex slaves in order to avoid gang rapes and gang beatings.
    • females that suffer the slightest, barely noticeable, coercion, are rape victims
    • I have never heard of "voluntary" sex slaves in prison being called "rape victims". By feminist rape standards, a prisoner is unable to consent to sex, because he has no safe option to say "no". Unless he is willing to fight to death, is a member of a gang, etc, his "no" just puts him into more danger
  • the victim is under the power and protection of the state. The government is locking him together with felons, the government is responsible for his safety
  • There is a popular misconception: "he is a criminal, he deserves to get ass-raped". Problems
    • this is cruel and unusual punishment through the back door.
    • If you think people deserve corporal punishment, be honest and adopt the Sharia or something similar.Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 
    • In the case of legalized flogging, the corporal punishment follows due process and does not transmit Aids.
    • Usually the serious criminal gangs prey upon the first time light criminal (drug users, people who did not pay their parking tickets). So the wrong ones get punished


Clearly double standards for female and male rape victims

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Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims
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