Couple stoned to death by Taliban Video. 17 year old girl stoned to death, too.

The two people have been publicly stoned to death in Afghanistan’s once peaceful north over an alleged love affair.  Warning: Don’t worry: only legal depictions of killing and gore,, no offensive illegal nudity, eroticism or sex.!

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The alleged lovers, who were engaged to be married to other people, were arrested by the Taliban on the request of their families after they tried to elope.

The video shows a woman wearing a blue burkah buried up to her waist as a baying crowd hurl rocks at her head and body.

She is then shot three times by a Taliban fighter.

Her alleged lover is then blindfolded and his hands tied behind his back before he also is battered by a barrage of rocks.

See the Video here: Taliban stoning to death Video (Telegraph, UK)


Possession and distribution of stoning to death videos: perfectly legal.
Video of same 17 year old girl nude or making love: Child Porn conviction: 5 years jail!

You can watch without concern. This is only people getting murdered for having a love affair. Perfectly legal. Of course, the video of the couple making love, involving a 17 year old, that would get you in jail. You would be a pervert. Understand?

Most likely, youtube will remove this at some time. But, it has been shown on CNN Television!

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    Am I really the only one that thinks our child porn laws are sick?

    17 year old girl stoned to death: mainstream TV news. 17 year old girl nude, making love, masturbating: 5 years in jail for possession of child porn.

    Cruel child porn laws kill, "destroying lives unnecessarily” (Judge Jack B. Weinstein)

    Movie of 15 year old girl repeatedly brutally stomped on head: prime time news. Depicting the same girl posing nude would be child porn, a heinous crime.

    Years of Jail for "clicking on child porn link". But lynching videos are legal

    Jailed for possession of video of himself masturbating when he was 12. Another victim of child porn laws faces minimum 2 year jail.

  • Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii)

    So the child porn witch hunt helps to increase real child abuse of real children, according the serious academic peer reviewed research.

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