Hate Speech Laws: France’s Jewish Council engages in "hate speech"

Hate Speech Laws outlaw true speech, kill political and scientific discourse, end free speech! Hate Speech Law doesn’t scare death defying Jihadists.Wait, there is more! This article continues! Continue reading »
Hate Speech Laws: France’s Jewish Council engages in "hate speech"
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Hate speech laws shut up moderate citizens

.. but hate speech prosecution will not scare death defying jihadist martyrs. Hate Speech Laws in France have destroyed free speech and scientific-political discourse. In 2004, Belgium’s most popular political party was banned as racist by the country’s high court!

French Muslim leaders boycott Jewish dinner over ‘violence’ remark and the collective against Islamophobia CCIF contemplate legal action against Jewish leader Coukierman [17].

Moderate Muslim and PC activism against Jihadists?

When will Muslim moderates, instead, vehemently support law enforcement’s fight against Muslim extremists? When will human rights and political correctness become concerned about victims of violence, instead of worrying about offending the offenders?

No need to refute if Hate Speech laws can silence discourse!

A protected group (Jews) demand hate speech laws, to see an even more protected group (Muslims) turn these free speech restraints against them. Under Political Correctness, Free speech has become a tragedy? Political and Scientific discourse can be silenced in the name of the PC religion‘s dogma of equality. The topic must not be mentioned, it can not be discussed. Intelligent logical argument does not need to be refuted, it can be silenced.

Black French Comedian faces 7 year prison term for comments about Paris attacks [19], Famous 1960ies movie bombshell Brigitte Bardot is facing her 5th hate speech conviction for saying  “I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.” [22]

A row erupted on Monday between French Jewish and Muslim community leaders after the head of France’s Jewish community blamed young Muslims for “all violence today” in a radio interview.

Hate Speech can be true Speech


Even if statistics support this, or even if he hedged and said “young Muslims are responsible for most violence today”, it can still be hate speech. True speech can still be hate speech. J. Philippe Rushton narrowly escaped hate speech persecution in Canada, for his impeccable academic research on race and IQ. UN demands Germany repress free Speech and persecute Thilo Sarrazin.  And in France: Hollande wants tougher sentences for hate speech.  In 2004, Belgium’s most popular political party was banned as racist by the country’s high court! Politician Geert Wilders faces renewed court charges for suggesting less Maroccans come to Holland.

The comment drew an angry response from Muslim leaders, who boycotted the annual dinner of the main French Jewish organisation on Monday night. 2

Moderate Muslims would gain more credibility if they fiercely attacked the Jihadist Muslim violence problem and seriously collaborated with law enforcement. Instead the try to “kill the messenger” with hate speech laws

French Jews flee the everyday violence and threats perpetrated almost exclusively by young Muslims: in record numbers they follow Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s calls to come to Israel, the state many Muslims want to eradicate and push into the Mediterranean sea.  Imagine the uproar if someone instead demanded Why Not Have The MUSLIMS Leave Europe?

[…] The dispute reflects heightened tension and sensitivities in France, which is home to Europe’s largest Jewish and Muslim minorities, following the series of attacks by Islamist extremists in Paris that left 17 dead last month.

It broke out when Roger Cukierman, head of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France, told Europe 1 radio: “We need to say things clearly: all violence today is committed by young Muslims.” He added: “Of course, it’s a tiny minority of the Muslim community and Muslims are the first victims” but the qualifying remark failed to soften the impact of his first comment.

The executive board of the French Council for the Muslim Faith condemned the Jewish leader’s statement as “irresponsible and unacceptable”, saying it “contravened the very principle of coexistence”.

Mohammed Moussaoui, the council’s honorary chairman, said he would not attend the Jewish group’s dinner “in view of this deplorable context”.  2

This is the level of politically correct discourse. Just demanding to shut up. No facts, no statistics, no logical scientific discourse. The only moderate European Muslims that I see expressing serious concern about Jihad are parents whose kids just disappeared to Syria.

Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, known for his generally moderate positions, said: ”Muslims are being targeted over and over again.” He told France Info radio: “We are fed up with these insults, are we the dogs of the [French] republic? That’s enough, I’ve decided to stay at home tonight.”

Mr. Boubakeur added that it was unacceptable for Mr. Cukierman to have used the term “Islamo-fascism”, employed by Manuel Valls, the prime minister, last week.  2

The collective against Islamophobia CCIF is contemplating legal hate speech action against Cuckierman [17]

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