Mathematics of Racism: Explaining Moses Rifkin’s Dearth of Black Physicists

Physics Teacher Develops Unit About Racism, White Privilege, Social Justice

You can access Part 1 and Part 2 here on curriculum on Social Justice written by private school physics teacher Moses Rifkin.  Original Article @ Breitbart

John Burk, a physics and math teacher in Delaware, wrote at his blog that he met physics teacher Moses Rifkin of University Prep in Seattle at a People of Color Conference. […]

As reported at Missouri Education Watchdog, in a series of guest posts for Burk’s blog “Quantum Progress,” Rifkin writes that he felt “jealous of my colleagues in English and History who got to talk every day in class about society and how it worked and how to be moral and caring and kind.”

Rifkin explains he is “stuck” because he is teaching at a private school, where his “students weren’t learning about their own privilege (academic and, in many cases, economic and racial).”

The physics teacher, however, says he has “found a way to introduce my students to the ideas of racial and gender privilege, to the idea that our society is far from a meritocracy, and to broaden their conception of who (racially, gender-wise, etc.) does science to include a much broader slice of society.”

“As science teachers, we have to take an active role in undoing the bias in our society,” Rifkin encourages. “Don’t be afraid to try, and don’t wait until you know exactly what to do.”

Rifkin’s six-day curriculum focuses on the central question of why there are few black physicists.

Original Article @ Breitbart

Open letter to Mr. Moses Rifkin,

I enjoyed your class assignment about the race gap in physics, about the lack of Black physicists.  You seem to think that this is due to white privilege.

As you are a physicist, and mathematician, I trust you can understand data analysis, statistics, math, correlation and causation. You certainly also heard about Occam’s razor and wondered about the convoluted logic employed to justify giving up Martin Luther King’s dream of a "color blind society". In exchange we now have color quotas everywhere, even in school discipline.

As a scientist, I trust you are open to scientific argument and mathematical proof. I will provide this to you, and I am confident that you are a natural scientist that is open to data, not a social science dogmatist.

Blacks, a group of people have consistently low achievements, everywhere, at all times, in spite of 50 years of affirmative action.  They consistently have high crime rate, everywhere in the world, be it Watts, Detroit, or Haiti. That low achievement and high crime is exacerbated when there are no Whites that could discriminate, and Blacks govern themselves, like in Haiti, Detroit, or Zimbabwe.

By Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation is that
the group has inherent low achievement and high criminality.

Races are different, they are not equal.

From this hypothesis only, it can be shown statistically, that we get gender and racial distributions, for physicists,  exactly as they occur. With your mathematical qualification, you will enjoy the

Mathematic-heavy analyses by La Griffe du Lion

  1. *** Pearbotham’s Law on the Persistence of Achievement Gaps
  2. The Sex Gap in Mathematics Revisited: A Theory of Everyone
  3. Intelligence, Gender and Race
  4. Sex Differences in Mathematical Aptitude
  5. Racial Disparities in School Discipline
  6. The Color of Death Row
  7. The Death of Meritocracy
  8. Some Thoughts about Jews, IQ and Nobel Laureates
  9. Women and Minorities in Science.

Certainly, as a physicist , when presented well formed argument supported by a vast body of proof. you would not cast the evidence aside, because it violates the equality dogma of the  political correctness religion. Just as the medieval pope did. He rejected Galileo’s proof of the heretic heliocentric theory.

Like everyone else I was indoctrinated by political correctness‘ equality dogma [10]. So were Arthur Jensen, and J. Philippe Rushton, until unequivocal data forced them to change their mind.  This tremendous paper summarizes the evidence

I trust you can either be convinced by the host of these data, or point out where the data or conclusions are wrong. If you find the truth, you might find you get ostracized. Even one of the most prestigious Nobel Prizes of the last century would not save you from persecution

  1. *** James Watson’s most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy
  2. Jared Taylor Remembers Philippe Rushton And Arthur Jensen
  3. *** James Watson tells the inconvenient truth: Faces the Consequences

It is true that Dr. Watson is not a top expert in the field of race and IQ, like Dr. Rushton and Dr. Jensen. Here is the repressive reaction to Dr. Rushton’s research findings

Jewish Privilege

Your name suggests that you probably are Jewish. Strangely, you don’t assign any problems about Jewish privilege. 0.2% of the world population got 23% of Nobel Prizes, 44% of Chess World Champions, 27% of Mathematics Field Medals.

I suggest next year you analyze the

accounting for 23% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2014, and constituting 36% of all US recipients2 during the same period.3  In the scientific research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine, the corresponding world and US percentages are 27% and 39%, respectively.  Among women laureates in the four research fields, the Jewish percentages (world and US) are 35% and 50%, respectively.  Of organizations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 23% were founded principally by Jews or by people of half-Jewish descent.  Since the turn of the century (i.e., since the year 2000), Jews have been awarded 27% of all Nobel Prizes and 29% of those in the scientific research fields.  (Jews currently make up approximately 0.2% of the world’s population and 2% of the US population.)

You probably surmise that Jews repress Whites, discourage them from doing cutting edge research in Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Medicine, and playing chess. Just as evil male privilege prevents women from success snooker, chess, and ….. cooking.

Obviously, Jewish Privilege is far more significant than white privilege. (but maybe it is not politically correct to mention this, another Jewish Privilege)

Of course,

my Hypothesis gives a parsimonious explanation for everything:

IQ of populations:

  1. Ashkenazi Jews: 115
  2. South East Asians (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) 105
  3. White Europeans 100
  4. US Blacks 85
  5. African Blacks 60 to 75

Standard deviation is normally 15 for males, but a bit less for females. That explains female absence at the top and at the bottom of distributions. Empirical proof can be found in the papers cited, mathematical statistical analysis in the papers by La Griffe Du Lion.




William Shockley:
Another Nobel Prize winner that got ostracized for his concern about truth

See also:   Black Privilege 


Mr. Moses Rifkin’s Curriculum

Mmmm. I dunno. I think it’s more that Mr. Rifkin himself knows very little about physics or the hard sciences and is basically a literal BS holder.…

So let’s see. After attending a Padeia (Adlerian) high school, Rifkin took his BS was in Geology/Physics at Brown.

Here’s that curriculum, and the way I read it, this "University Prep" physics maven had four undergrad courses in physics, all basic/foundational/low level:…

On top of that he took a master’s in Education at U-Dub Seattle, in C&I.…

Which concentration? He doesn’t say…but in his University Prep mini-bio he goes into good detail about his Ultimate Frisbee experience and awards.

See also:……

QD, we’re talking here about a "major league" Frisbee player pushing 40.

Sounds to me like a lightweight minor sports himbo looking to parlay a couple of useless degrees into a sinecure in Seattle’s Ed Biz.

Apparently the Brown "ultimate" player girls marry each other, as he attended one wedding in 2005:…d

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