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4Racism.org shows that the fear of being called "racist" is very deadly and harmful. Anti-Racism, like the war against "racist" cops, causes thousands of deaths.


So the excess American death toll in 2015 and 2016 from Obama’s war on cops was a little larger than the 4,424 combat fatalities from Bush’s war in Iraq. [takimag]

This fear of being "racist" has to be completely abolished and actually be inverted to pride. The policy of Anti-Racism must be inverted, to proud Racism. "I am not a racist, but …" is not enough.


Finished and published pagesracism-is-love2 at 4Racism.org

  1. More to follow soon, always check back here ………..
  2. Profiling Is Wrong No Matter HOW Right It Is—As Ex Drug Dealer And Thug Jay-Z Explains
    Blacks who have a criminal history still are upset when rightfully profiled and suspected of being a criminal.
  3. School Books to offend no minority: "Language police" (Diane Ravitch)
    American school books are all gender and race balanced.  No stereotypical roles are allowed. No women in the kitchen, ..
  4. Black crime much worse than statistics indicate
    Snitches get stitches, witness intimidation, Blacks don’t ot report crime (shot spotter), Bronx Juries, ,Hispanics criminals counted as "White" increase white crime statistics
  • Hoaxes: Anti-racist lies:
    We demonstrate hundreds of hoaxes, of anti-racist outrage about  alleged racist crimes that turn out to be untrue.. 

  • Black Homicide rates Censored, deleted statistics:
    US government censors actually removed existing statistics pages from the web. We put them back.

  • White Genocide #1:
    Europans in Europe don’t have the rights of Tibetans, nor of indigenous people, to have their culture, religion, and biological diversity preserved.
  • White Genocide quotes #2
    “The white man was created a devil, to bring chaos upon this earth.” Malcolm X , 1953 speech. // "The white race is the cancer of human history.”
  • Indigenous White Genocide #3:
    United Nations Rights for Indigenous People to maintain religion, culture, territory, biological diversity not applied to Europans
  • White population shrinkage world wide Genocide #4
    28% of the world population in 1950, Whites are projected to fall to only 9.8% of the population by 2060. By 2050, whites will be a minority in both the U.S. and their indigenous homeland of Europe.
  • Profiling Is Wrong No Matter HOW Right It Is—As Ex Drug Dealer And Thug Jay-Z Explains:
    A self confessed rapist is shocked when a "racist" white women gets scared when he enters her elevator.
  • Europeans: What Europeans Can Learn from Black/White US issues:
    US data about low IQ high crime populations serves as an analogy to fill in for lacking European data.
  • Racist Father: Don’t Date Blacks!: Blacks have more domestic violence, spousal murder, STD, pathological culture, regression towards the mean, children don’t look like mother or grandfather,
  • Truth Revolt: Sept. 11: Defy gag orders, tell truth
    The federal election in Germany (Sept 24 2017 [a]).can still be turned around, if the voter is told the full TRUTH about immigrant crime and violence.Police, judges, school teachers, parents, refugee aides, statisticians, physicians, tell the truth!.
  • "Nazis" have no human rights:
    "Nazi" is weaponized, like "Racist". Even Trump is called "Nazi" in attempts to shut him up. "Is it OK to punch a Nazi?" asks the New York Times affirmatively.
  • We Used to Shoot Looters #1:
    Deterring crime, mayhem, arson, and war can be an act of#RacismIsLove #4Racism love . Deterring violence with credible threats of government violence means protection of innocent victims, and even of potential rioters.
  • We Used to Shoot Looters #2:
    Now we give them “space.” The riots, looting, and arson in Baltimore are yet another case of what began as a demonstration against alleged police misconduct but turned into violence. It was not political protest. People who want better treatment from the police don’t set fire to retirement homes, try to break into ATM machines, or burn down drug stores. 
  • Copyleft Copyright:
  • Code of Silence: ::
    Conspiracies to hide the truth about racial differences, black and immigrant crime, etc. The Silence Must be Broken. This systematic coverup is the foundation of leftist brain washing, the foundation of anti-racist policies, the reason why mis-led citizens vote for leftist pro-immigration, pro-affirmative action left-racist policies and parties
  • Prison Rape avoided by segregation:
    Segregation can prevent frequent hateful rapes& sex slavery of despised white minority prisoners.

  • Politically incorrect Google search (PIG):
    Must try.  Skip the lying main stream media and search only alternative web sites.
  • Disclaimer: Don’t believe me, believe science data:
    Don’t believe anything we say. Believe the evidence you verify
  • William Shockley, inventor of transistor, was racist
    Physics Nobel laureate William Shockley, inventor of the transistor and (probably) the founder of Silicon Valley [10] pointed "out that to blame all the failures of black people on racism was a misdiagnosis of the problem" [12]. Shockley was reviled for suggesting various well meant "racist" research projects to the National Academy of Science [12]. 
  • James Watson’s Inquisition #2:
    James D. Watson, perhaps the most distinguished living American scientist, has now been kicked to the curb by the Cold Spring Harbor genetics laboratory he rescued and rebuilt over the last 40 years for making politically (but not scientifically) incorrect statements about African IQs.
  • James Watson Racist:
    Nobel James Watson Top 20 most influential Americans of all times, top 100 Person of all times, was socially and scientifically destroyed for a well meaning comment about race differences.
  • Racism saves lives:
      Crime rates increase because highly efficient police strategies get outlawed ("Stop and frisk", racial profiling)
  • Free speech is already dead in Europe
    : Europe has institutionalized legal repression, punishment for free speech and state censorship,
  • Politically incorrect Google search (PIG):
    A Google Search that yields the juicy interesting search results instead of boring Main Stream Media lies! Try it to believe it!
  • Reappropriate Racist. Reclaim Racism:
    Own the insult "Racist" with acceptance and pride
  • Love: Racism is Love
  • Could It Be Time To Allow only White Men The Vote?:
    Debunking the outragous racially biased Left-Racist andAnti-White article "Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?" Using the technique of Flipping Race to show inequality
  • Sports: sex differences:
    Women’s world record speeds are consistently under 90% of men’s record speed
  • Racism Saves Lives:
    Main Index page 4Racism.org. Summary!
  • Unfinished pages,
    hopefully coming soon
    1. More to follow soon, always check back here ………..
    2. The Truth is Racist
    3. Freudian projection: Anti-Racists guilty of Racism, all racist sins
    4. See Psychology findings all wrong
    5. Black crime even worse than statistics
    6. School Books to offend no minority: "Language police" (Diane Ravitch)
    7. Science Fraud (DV) by PC
    8. Anecdotal Evidence
    9. Scientific Method: Anti-Racism is Anti-Science
    10. Scientific Method in Social Sciences ??
    11. contemptuous-cynical anti-racists NOT
    12. Colonialism
    13. Anti-Racist means Anti-White
    14. Anti-Racists are Anti-Diversity
    15. Black Lives Matter to Racists
    16. Black Thugs Matter: Glorification of Felons
    17. War on Noticing
    18. Victims defend criminal minorities


    law of large numbers


    dog racism

    1. PISA by Race
    2. Dangerous police: affirmative action kills
    3. Political Correctness
    4. Poverty causes low IQ?
    5. Inversion of Power
    6. Press code & AP style books
    7. Privacy Policy
    8. Privilege (White, Black, Muslim, Left, Female)
    9. PC privilege conflicts
    10. Profiling: necessary and useful
    11. Psychology findings all wrong
    12. Whites under-represented due to quotas
    13. Racismophobia: Fear of being Racist
    14. Racist Father: Don’t Date Blacks!
    15. Racism reduces rape
    16. Regression towards the mean
    17. Replicability crisis
    18. Riot, Burn, Loot! Minority mayhem justified by PC
    19. Physical safety is basic human right
    20. School Diversity Disaster
    21. Science Fraud (DV) by PC
    22. Segregation saves lives
    23. We Used to Shoot Looters #1
    24. We Used to Shoot Looters #2
    25. Slavery Perpetrated by all, ended by whites
    26. Social Engineering by Hollywood & media
    27. Normative Sociology
    28. South Africa white minority persecution, genocide
    29. Race differences in sports
    30. Segregation by talent in sports and music
    31. Subprime crisis
    32. Sweden, rape, immigration
    33. Swiss High Schools admit only brightest 20%. Average Students need not apply.
    34. Trust: high and low trust societies
    35. Truth no defense in racism trials
    36. The Truth is Racist
    37. Unequal treatment, unequal rights
    38. Unequal Rights #2
    39. Universalism
    40. Victim blaming
    41. Voter Manipulation changes elections
    42. Danger warnings are racist 1
    43. Danger warnings are racist 2
    44. Within Race differences
    45. Word hurt more than sticks and stones

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