Falsified racial crime statistics: Black criminals defined as Whites


Black crime much worse than statistics indicate

“Snitches get stitches”, witness intimidation, Black under-reporting of crime (shot spotter), Bronx Juries, Hispanics criminals counted as “White” statistically increase white crime and decrease black crime statistics. This is due to anti-racist manipulation and fear of racism.


Falsified racial crime statistics: Black criminals defined as whites

I suggest that readers look at Morales and Nieto on Wisconsin`s sex offender registry. Morales is clearly a mestizo. Nieto is a pure (or almost pure) Amerindian. He could have worked as an “extra” in Mel Gibson`s movie Apocalypto. And given Morales` wiry hair and Nieto`s dark skin, duskier than Obama`s, it`s possible that one or both of them could be 5-10% black. As Steve Sailer has noted, the average Mexican is 5% black.


Gregario Morales

Juan Nieto

But according to the registry, both are “white”.


[…I opened the pages and saw the mug-shots of some 50-60 “Hispanic” sex offenders, all defined as “white”, although very few were of pure Spanish descent. Most were mestizos, usually with their Indian genes dominant, and a large minority were pure Amerindians, “zambos”, mulattos, or of pure or almost pure African descent.

For example:

Marcelino Rivera

Look at Marcelino Rivera, a black man with a huge “Afro”,convicted of first-degree sexual assault. Take a look at Juan Villegas, alias Audelett Lopez, another black man convicted of first-degree sexual assault.

Juan Villegas

Look at Heriberto Rivera, another black defined as “white”and convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

Heriberto Rivera

Behold Mario Lopez, either a mulatto or a zambo with African genes dominant. And Francisco Lopez, who is a pure (or almost pure) Amerindian.

Check out Hector Martinez who, with his “kinky” hair and medium-brown skin, is either a mulatto or “zambo”.

Hector Martinez

Look at Artemio Rodriguez, a pure Amerindian or possibly a mixture of African and Amerindian. Behold Alberto Chavez, who is either a “zambo” or pure Amerindian. Gaze uponHeriberto Gonzales, also either a mulatto or “zambo”. OneAlvaro Garcia is clearly an Indian-black mixture. One Hector Sanchez appears to be of both African and Amerindian descent.

And I looked at no more than 4-5% of perhaps 1100-1200 mug-shots. Looking at all or most of them would surely uncover many dozens of similarly bizarre and ludicrous examples of “white” Hispanics.

Why would bureaucrats define the likes of Morales and Nieto and all other nonwhites with Spanish surnames as “white”when anyone who visits the registry and looks at the mug-shots will see mestizos, Amerindians, “zambos”, mulattos, and blacks—the faces of men who look like Pancho Villa,Zapata, Cesar Chavez, Hugo Chavez, George Lopez, Ozzie Guillen, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, Sammy Sosa?

The only plausible explanation: nonwhite “Hispanics” who commit sex offenses and other felonies are classified as“white” under Dept. of Correction statistic—and, consequently, they must also be defined as “white” on the sex offender registry.

Even Politically Correct bureaucrats cannot lie and deceive when vivid and scary images are available of “white” sex criminals who are glaringly nonwhite. But they can can, with false definitions and resultant bogus numbers, whose purpose is to minimize and obscure the crime rates of nonwhite“Latinos” while inflating those of European Americans.

In the case of sex offenders, as opposed to “Latino” criminals generally, virtually all those defined as “white” can be seen and identified as nonwhite just by visiting the sex offender registry and looking at mug-shots. But few people will do this. And, without mass protests and demands for racially honest designations, the statistics won`t be rectified.

[Source: Hispanic Sex Offenders Listed As “White” In Wisconsin. Why …]


NOTE: I am sorry that above most direct links  to single sex offenders are dead. The Sex offender registry changed their site structure. All felons can be found in a site search for their names.


Statistical proof for conflation of different ethnicities to whitewash minority crime

Political correctness and biased press reporting and the repressive press codes hide “minority” crime.
Using the sex offender list is is a great trick, a rare chance to easily discover the falsifications.

  • White criminality gets inflated:
    1. Non-white offenders are counted as “whites”. Arabs, Turks, and Hispanics help increase the crime statistcs for Whites, thus diminish the ratio (Black crimes)/(White crimes). Watch all the mestizo and mulatto hispanic “white” criminals in the picture to the right. Further down we will show this in more detail)
    2. Black crime rate statistics get reduced.
      1. High crime cities, countries, neighborhoods underreport most crimes. Using ShotSpotter, the New York Times reports that neighbors called police only 10 percent of the time guns were fired in a high-crime area of San Francisco. In Oakland, 22 percent of gunshots prompted 9-1-1 calls.
      2. Witness intimidation (“Snitches get stiches”): In ghettos, prisons, and other high crime areas there are no witnesses, no one would dare to risk his life by informing courts and police.
      3. Anti-Racist government mandates reduce black and other “minority” crime:
        1. police and officials in Rotherham refused to pursue crime reports by white underclass girls against Muslim rapists. (Rotherham)
        2. press codes, governments mandate to avoid prejudice, thus hide black and muslim and “minority” crime (see also white pixelation)
        3. Obama actually mandated all races in schools to have equal quotas of discipline and police reports.
        4. Bronx Juries refuse to convict clearly guilty Blacks, out of racial solidarity or “anti-racism”
        5. 10 000 Blacks in Los Angeles riots leads to 100 (?) arrests, but in reality 50 000 crimes have been committed. group crimes, riots are not counted.


    Before we had politically correct privilege for minority criminals, law and order was maintained more efficiently

    1. We Used to Shoot Looters #1:
      Deterring crime, mayhem, arson, and war can be an act of love . Deterring violence with credible threats of government violence means protection of innocent victims, and even of potential rioters.
    2. We Used to Shoot Looters #2:
      Now we give them “space.” The riots, looting, and arson in Baltimore are yet another case of what began as a demonstration against alleged police misconduct but turned into violence. It was not political protest. People who want better treatment from the police don’t set fire to retirement homes, try to break into ATM machines, or burn down drug stores.

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