Black and minority crime: Much worse than racist statistics claim

Black crime much worse than statistics indicate

"Snitches get stitches", witness intimidation, Black under-reporting of crime (shot spotter), Bronx Juries, Hispanics criminals counted as "White" statistically increase white crime and decrease black crime statistics. This is due to anti-racist manipulation and fear of racism.

    The systematic denial of non-white crime is shocking.


Political correctness successfully distorts the data.

  1. White criminality gets inflated:
    1. Non-white offenders are counted as "whites". Arabs, Turks, and Hispanics help increase the crime statistics for Whites, thus diminish the ratio (Black crimes)/(White crimes). Watch all the mestizo and mulatto Hispanic "white" criminals in the picture to the right. Further down we will show this in more detail)
  2. Black crime rate statistics get reduced.
    1. High crime cities, countries, neighborhoods underreport most crimes. Using Shots potter, the New York Times reports that neighbors called police only 10 percent of the time guns were fired in a high-crime area of San Francisco. In Oakland, 22 percent of gunshots prompted 9-1-1 calls. 
    2. Witness intimidation ("Snitches get stiches"): In ghettos, prisons, and other high crime areas there are no witnesses, no one would dare to risk his life by informing courts and police.
    3. Anti-Racist government mandates reduce black and other "minority" crime:
      1. police and officials in Rotherham refused to pursue crime reports by white underclass girls against Muslim rapists. (Rotherham)
      2. press codes, governments mandate to avoid prejudice, thus hide black and Muslim and "minority" crime (see also white pixelation)
      3. Obama actually mandated all races in schools to have equal quotas of discipline and police reports.
      4. Bronx Juries refuse to convict clearly guilty Blacks, out of racial solidarity or "anti-racism"
      5. Such government refusal to prosecute crimes is a crime in itself ("Strafvereitelung im Amt" in German)
    4. In mass riots by Blacks, (or Muslims, Hispanics, and yes occasional leftist or Hooligans), tens of thousands of crimes happen. Every threat to police, every stone thrown, every push, shove, punch, spit, or stick stroke against police or civilian constitutes ONE instance of crime. 99% are not prosecuted. [a,b]
      1. Wholesale discount 1 (# of perpetrators reduced): In large scale group crimes, most perpetrators not prosecuted. In large or small scale riots and lootings by mostly Blacks, only a minute percentage of the criminal perpetrators are arrested and tried. Imagine in the Los Angeles riots, in Ferguson riots, in 20 person scuffles at police arrests everyone arrested who throws a stone, shoves a policeman, enters a looted store, …..
      2. Whole sale discount 2:(# of crimes per offender, multiple offenses by one criminal): In a high speed car chase, every red light or stop signal run is one crime. In a 6 hour looting spree, one rioter steals multiple items in multiple stores. S/he breaks multiple windows, defers multiple blows on multiple police personnel or civilians, throws many stones on many people. If prosecuted at all, s/he will be tried for only a few of those transgressions.
        In peaceful low crime white neighborhoods, 5 single acts of crime result in 5 police reports.  One single high crime Black who commits 300 robberies is tried for 5 of them.  60 000 crimes perpetrated by 1000 usually black people committing 10 thefts and 50 acts of violence each like stone throwing, punches, shoves, lead to, maybe, 50 arrests and prosecutions.

Black crime statistics very high

Black crime statistics even worse

Black crime is wildly out of proportion.

US statistics show that Blacks commit 7-8 times more homicides than Whites. Depending on location and offense, black crimes at 3 to 98 times the white offending rate

East Asians (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) commit even less crimes. .

Details at Black crime statistics very high


For shootings the race differences are much bigger than for homicide.  Black shootings seem less deadly. Could it be bad marksmanship?

In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting”—defined as firing a bullet that hits someone—a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.
[Amren: Color of Crime: all statements are proven with government statistics, read the PDF download book]

These terrible statistics are embellished.

Crime differences between races are much larger than even the racist true statistics indicate

More factors that embellish Black criminality

There are more distortions that add up to the fact that crime in Ghettos, black neighborhoods and cities like Detroit and Ferguson, are not just, as statistics indicate, 5-10 times worse than lily white neighborhoods.

Black crime much worse than statistics indicate

  1. NOTE: when we talk about Blacks, there are similar effects for Hispanic, Arab, Muslim, Pakistani crimes. Also for Hoaxes: Anti-racist lies, and false rape accusations.
  2. For more details, continue reading Black crime much worse than statistics


    Statistical proof for conflation of different ethnicities to whitewash minority crime

  3. Political correctness and biased press reporting and the repressive press codes hide "minority" crime.
    Using the sex offender list is is a great trick, a rare chance to easily discover the falsifications. Non-white offenders are counted as "whites".

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