“Diversity is strength” is UNFALSIFIABLE #2 –due to PC speech taboos

The creed of politically correct egalitarianism is recursively self perpetuating1 and can never be falsified2. Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC 3

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Not permitted to point out failures of diversity

“Diversity is strength” is unfalsifiable because of PC speech restrictions.

  • It is totally taboo and verboten to even think:
    “it could be detrimental to import more Somalis into Finland, Sweden, Holland, Minneapolis.  Somalis might have lower IQ, higher criminality and a dangerous Islamic Ideology bent on submission of non-Muslims”
  • Note: it is not allowed to discuss any statement that alleges “minorities’” failures. For our discussion, at this point it is irrelevant if the statements about diversity failures are true or false.
    • It is not allowed to state, think, argue, consider that women in fire fighting jobs cannot lift the ladders, kick in doors, and carry 220 pound man.
    • It is not allowed to analyze if minority quota admissions with vastly lower SAT scores underperform or fail in college.
    • Because of PC thought crime regulations, these are not a permissible scientific hypotheses to be tested and possibly refuted.
    • A famous blooper video, showing failures of female fire fighter trainees, was scrubbed off the internet as extremely sexist. If you can locate it, please tell me in the comment section.

Mr Buchanan’s site CAMPAIGN FOR MERIT IN BUSINESS gets repressed.  Instead, scientific theories that Mr Buchanan debunks4, continue getting promoted.

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    • Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing [O’Sullivan] [Robert Conquest] – Left-wingers, utterly intolerant, will not hire a non-Leftist. Leftists will harass and oust non-leftists at every opportunity. They even get rid of CEO’s. Naïve right wingers hire neutrally: the Right… …
    • pro diversity left intolerantly refuse to hire and actually evict non-leftist anti-diversity (they also override plebiscites like California proposition  and various anti EU constitution votes)
    • Indian managers tend to hire Indians (and import Indian caste discrimination into the West LOL)  3.31

  1. Of course, in world with free speech and free academic research, “Diversity is strength” could be falsified, and was falsified. But #PCGagOrder mandates not to do nor divulge such “racist” research about “minority” crime, “minority” IQ,

  2. Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC – Honest scientists must indicate tests that could prove their pet theory false. Unfalsifiable theories cannot be taken seriously. Except by post-modernist junk science.  One of the tenets behind the scientific… …

  3. Women on Boards – censorship of comments by “The Times …

    Today’s edition of The Times included an article on women on boards. I posted three short pieces linking to the evidence of a causal link between more women on boards and corporate financial decline – the third was addressed to moderators – and all were removed very swiftly (or not published at all) by moderators.…


    SCOTLAND: ‘Sexist’ farmers face quotas for hiring women

    November 29, 2019 By Mike Buchanan Leave a Comment A piece in today’s Times : Quotas to boost the representation of women in farming will be considered if the industry fails to root out institutional “sexism and prejudice”.


    Lies, long debunked, perpetuated by Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden: Dishonesty of the Left: when a theory, or an author, gets debunked, it still gets cited. (&&&) When something gets proven, it still is treated as totally unsubstantiated

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