Are there women paedophiles?

If  a man to believes that his sexual problems stem from being “abused” by an attractive female when he was fourteen,  this  normally would not pass as scientific evidence.  But on issues with dogmatic preconceived dogmas,  such faulty evidence can be presented in scientific conferences.
Follows an article showing a collection of anecdotal evidence trying to prove that teenage boys get lifelong traumas from sex with adult females.

‘Teen fantasy’

Professor Kevin Browne, who has been researching the maltreatment of children for 30 years, says between 5% and 10% of abuse against pre-pubescent children in the UK is committed by females, but only about 5% is thought to involve a woman acting alone.


Female offences against teenagers are more of a mystery, he says, because victims don’t come forward, partly because in a patriarchal society boys are even expected to enjoy that kind of abuse, and not admit how scared they are by it.


Like male paedophiles, many female offenders convince themselves they are not harming children, says psychologist Sharon Lambert who this month presented her research on the subject to the British Psychological Society’s annual conference.


Disclaimer: The issue here is not so much my personal opinion as to how laws should be. Rather the issue is that eminent scientist become “stupid” and irrational when facing issues where society has a strong preconceived dogmatic notion.  Instead of true academic research, they just reinforce the stereotypes.

Newspaper report about femail pedophilia. Unfortunately, the report is too vague to understand what really has happened …

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