Troubled US teens legally abducted for profit, against their will

Troubled US teens are abducted to Montana or Idaho, for serious re-education camps. Rich parents sign over paternal rights and pay US$ 8500 per month to send their kids away to boot camp institutions that will brain wash and mold the teens with almost no limits.

As much as it looks and feels like a kidnapping, those escorts have the absolute legal right to transport you against your will, even if that means carrying you through the street, handcuffed to hell and back.

No kidding!

There is a legal process where parents can sign over custody of kids who need residential care, […] that same process works for "unruly" teens like me, which meant the company that ran my camp had total legal control over where I went and what I did.

Even phone calls to my grandparents were a privilege I had to earn. I was allowed five minutes, and a staff member sat next to me the entire time, listening in. If during the call I complained about being unhappy, that was "manipulative behavior," and they’d end the call

The Gulag for minors, in the USA!

One night in August 2004, I awoke to a man and a woman in my room whom I had never seen before telling me that they were "escorts" and we were going to a place called "wilderness." I was not allowed to bring any belongings or tell anyone where I was going. I didn’t know what "escorts" and "wilderness" were, and I was terrified. It was like being Liam Neeson’s daughter in Taken, if it had turned out later that Liam Neeson arranged the whole thing.

Source: 6 Shocking Realities of the Secret ‘Troubled Teen Industry’

In 2006, a journalist named Maia Szalavitz published Help at Any Cost, an expose so shocking, it prompted a congressional inquiry and a Government Accountability Office investigation. The GAO found thousands of cases of abuse and at least 10 deaths between 1990 and 2004. Shocked by the terrible truth, Congress leaped into action and proposed a bill to regulate (not even ban) these facilities. After that bill died in committee, they proposed it again the next year. It died again in 2011, and again in 2013. After all, when’s the last time a troubled teen ever donated a bunch of cash to a political campaign?
Read more: 6 Shocking Realities of the Secret ‘Troubled Teen Industry’

Kids die in their care, during week long wilderness outings:

Still, at least neither of us died, as happens with some regularity ("untrained staff" and "lack of adequate nourishment" are the leading causes of death). If you’re going to lead children in week-long hikes through the woods, you should know about things like the sun and treating burns. If this kind of shit happened at a Boy Scout camp, you can bet it’d be on the news.

Unbelievable: Google Troubled Teens Boot Camp. Watch the paid ads. and the remaining search results.  You can even get loans to pay off the expensive boot camp discipline and indoctrination.

Physical child abuse, to the point of occasional death is legal.

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4 thoughts on “Troubled US teens legally abducted for profit, against their will”

  1. The anti-spanking stuff is almost as bad as the anti-sex stuff, but then that is how most western societies are run these days.

    They talk a good game. Everything (except when it comes to punishing criminals who are always assumed to be irrevocably perverted and evil so no humiliation is too much for MOST people) is all ‘nurturing’ and ‘nice’ and ‘inoffensive’ (who would want to OFFEND anyone with words?)and the official policies for things such as juvenile protection often assume we live in an IDEAL WORLD. Discipline? Consequences? What are those?

    We’ve long made the perfect the enemy of the good. We don’t want ANY ABUSE (abuse being ill and arguably OVER defined)so we conflate scoldings with spankings with beatings with starving and criminalize them all equally and try to deal with them all. We don’t want any SEXUAL ABUSE so parents are afraid to hug. I was reading something on CNN today about how you should try to guard your children against sexual predators (1 in 5 girls will be sexually abused and 1 in 7 boys by the time they are 18!!!)and one of the recommendations was for children to never agree (and remember children includes 17 year olds) to keep secrets. No nuance as to when it might be appropriate or what kind of secrets or anything like that.

    And thus goes any expectation of privacy in family or interpersonal relationships.

    That so many fall for this bullshit shows me just how stupid the average person is and how easily they are led about by their fears, prejudices, and emotions.

  2. I remember reading something in the local press (Maryland is my state)about a mother who spanked her teen daughter with a belt a few times because her daughter was out of control.
    No welts or anything like that, and it was more a measure of desperation. Well, the daughter reported the mother, and she was LUCKY she wasn’t prosecuted for child abuse and didn’t have the daughter removed from her care. The daughter learned VERY CLEARLY that it was the state and not her mother who had the real power in the family. But we saved an ‘abused child’ I suppose.
    Meanwhile, around the same time due to incompetence or possibly the fact that the system is overwhelmed with so much nonsense complaints like the above, an (if I recall correctly) eleven year old black girl fell off the radar (she was supposedly under CPS monitoring and living with a relative) and was beaten and starved to death.

    I think these programs – IF properly regulated – can be helpful in some cases. It’s better than getting the law or ‘juvenile justice’ (with rape and assault centers paid for by the state!) involved.

  3. As bad as this sounds, as a parent – you are not allowed to disciple your kids anymore – and they know it. You are legally responsible for their actions. What exactly are you supposed to do with rebellious teens? Abuse of kids is wrong, but so is abuse of adults. PS. They need something like this for rebellious wives…

    1. You could spank them a few times and thus save all the boot camp abduction for $20 000. That is a very interesting idea that has not occurred to me yet. Thanks for mentioning.

      Prohibition of physical punishment is actually based on wrong faulty psychology research that does not allow for genetics. Spanking parents create kids with violent tendencies. PC claims it is learned behavior. In reality it is most likely genetic: parents tend to use physical violence, and kids inherited that genetic disposition

      Similarly, people spend $100 000 for useless University degrees that serve as a proxy for prohibited IQ tests.

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