Donald Sterling punished for slight offense to over-sensitive Blacks

Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life from NBA, fined $2.5 million by NBA.

A disgruntled girl friend illegally recorded hundreds of hours of private conversation.

With effort she managed to coax Donald Sterling to state a personal preference that he prefers her not to post photos of herself with Blacks on instagram and not bring Blacks to his games.

Otherwise he says, she can to whatever she likes, go with Blacks, have sex with them, love them, anything. Donald Sterling loves Blacks, pays millions to Black players and coaches, has White players under-represented in his team.


She tried her best to get him to say bad things about Blacks, but she did not manage. He only voiced a personal private preference for his girl friend’s public behavior.

Donald Sterling did not say anything politically incorrect about race and iq, black crime, the need for white quotas in black dominated US pro sports, or the problem of non-mulatto Black coaches in the NBA. Or criminal involvement of players:

Still, Donald Sterling was seriously punished for private conversations in his own house,  No sanctions for recording in violation of state law. [4]


Nevertheless, when nonsense like stupid racial remarks by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Clippers boss Donald Sterling can consume the nation’s conversation for a full week, it does raise a far more disturbing question:

Is America still a serious country?



Human-Stupidity Analysis

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9 thoughts on “Donald Sterling punished for slight offense to over-sensitive Blacks”

  1. Joyce Carol Oates weighs in:

    I have met Magic Johnson and would be very disappointed if he was behind deliberately setting up Sterling (who is not a very likeable guy from all accounts given his predilection for lawsuits). However, I’m not necessarily the world’s best judge of character. The way I see it, is, why on earth would the President of the U.S. make a statement on this issue from Malaysia? What’s up with that? This thing has Wag The Dog all over it.

    Moreover, of course the sole contracted client of a prostitute (or “mistress” if you prefer) has a right to dictate terms! If the genders were reversed and say the “kept man” was out gallivanting with Asian girls on her dime, feminists would be outraged, and the “racist” accusation would never be uttered.

    @admin, that is a chilling article and real person–not a Sterling. Are we all in danger of being economically marginalized for thought crimes?

    1. @Caprizchka: Good points, keep commenting. Our lack of free speech in the privacy of your own home is appalling. I am seriously concerned that I risk persecution for promoting men’s rights, men’s sexual rights, the right to freely report on academic research about race, gender sex, and, worst of worst, underage sex disclaimer

  2. he says minorities are enemies

    he says she should be a delicate girl because she’s white or latina when she’s actually latina and black.

    how that’s not racist I don’t understand.

  3. To me he seems to be just trying to hide the embarrassing fact to the public that he’s a cuckold. Like “don’t show them in public or everyone else might find out that you fuck them and not me and that I’m okay with it.”

    Not to mention his girlfriend is half black which according to Obama type liberals should make her black.

    Oh well, let them eat their own.

  4. The worst thing about this is that Sterling was punished for what he thought and said. The punishment the NBA meted out is usually reserved for people who ‘fix’ games or have proven mob associations. But in today’s America, being politically incorrect is worse than even treason, terrorism, or mass murder. We’re going to be seeing left-wing orchestrated ‘Kristalnachts’ in the US very soon.

  5. Turns out it’s part of a hostile buyout assault on Sterling. “Magic Johnson says Donald Sterling ‘shouldn’t own a team …” Magic Johnson and his “investment partners” want to buy the Clippers.

    Playing the “race card” to get your way. Dirty business, but very common these days…

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