Marijuana sale, plantation, private consumption free in Colorado, USA, 2014

Starting 0 hours, January 1st 2014, medical and recreational use of marijuana is allowed in the state of Colorado, USA.  Certain restrictions apply, regarding public consumption, maximum weight, driving while stoned.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

We always opposed the irrational drug policy, especially regarding relatively harmless marijuana. The cost of the US’ international war on drugs is mindboggling. It created huge, powerful, violent criminal cartels that move billions and almost trillions of dollars.  US prisons are full of drug users, small scale drug sellers, and criminal warlords that were created by the opportunities to deliver illegal but sought after drugs.

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Human-Stupidity Analysis ctd.

It is quite likely that the prohibition of Marijuana facilitated the trend towards harder more dangerous drugs, and the proliferation of synthetic drugs.

It is a known fact that the US alcohol prohibition has failed due to similar side effects.

It has also ben shown that liberation of drug laws led to reduced consumption, and obviously, lower crime rates

Unfortunately, this law only applies to Colorado.

  • We do oppose the right of pregnant women to drink and give birth to a baby with serious long term damage fetal alcohol syndrome 
  • We do oppose the drug war against Bolivia for not criminalizing the recreational use of Coca leaves (though we think it is wiser not to consume them in large quantities)
  • We encourage discussion about total liberation of drugs for adults, while at the same time trying to reduce their consumption, as we successfully managed with tobacco.
  • Drug use of minors is a problem,
  • We do not recommend or condone drug use.  But we want to call attention that France and Italy historically have responsible consumption of small amounts of wine for citizens of all ages, including minors.
  • We also call attention to cultural and racial differences in alcohol usage. This could apply to other drugs too. Even milk’s lactose tolerance shows racial differences 

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Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

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  1. Sorry, I mean’t to say that I largely agree that there is a connection between feminist laws and pc over race iq etc, not that I agree there is a demographic who agrees.

    The main problem is that the likes of AB, DogMeat, keep coming back under proxy ips, so I can’t stop them commenting unless I close comments altogether. I also do genuinely need a break, and I want to explore other means of getting my message across, such as simply commenting more under mainstream articles, other sites etc.
    I’m very grateful to you and a handful of other readers for having contributed to and supported my site.

  2. “It seems that most visitors have nothing to say. Too bad.”

    Probably because you are not targetting any specific audience, only hits and broad traffic. For example, knowing that you are a SEO genius, I presume you chose the domain name’’ because you would get to the top of Google for the search term ‘human stupidity’.
    Unfortunately, most people searching for ‘human stupidity’ will be looking for videos of college jackasses putting firecrackers up their behinds, NOT logical and lengthy discussions of the irrationality of child porn laws and apparently unconnected topics such as the inferiority of black iq. This is why your site has a very high bounce rate (according to Alexa), and few commentators.

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t exist much of a demographic at present that can see that irrational feminist sex laws are connected to pc over race etc. I’m not saying you are wrong to maintain that there is, because I largely agree with you, but the fact is, most people consider that it is political correctness that is stopping ‘paedophiles’ being hung drawn and quatered on live televised public executions.

    And as we know by some of the readers I attract to my site, most ‘rational’ critics of sex hysteria are fairly limp-wristed individuals who even think it is offensive to refer to a feminist as ‘fat’ etc.

    1. When I picked my domain I was more academically interested in irrational stupid thoughts and behavior. I did not really have one topic in mind, rather an over-arching idea how to instill reason and logic into human brains.

      It just seems that PC in general engages in a campaign of falsifying evidence, distorting science, and adapting data to their ideology. And putting false ideas into people’s brains.

      So one of my favorite issues is female language abuse. How to get people to think that an adolescent woman who agressively seeks sex is a rape victim. Just by subverting the language.

      It just seems nobody is interested in these issues.

      I wish I could re-organize the site under aspects of SEO, but I think if I do I leave all kinds of links orphaned.

      But I am aware that one site for totally different issues is a SEO nightmare.

      Most people don’t see the over-arching idea of human intelligence, self deception, behind all my topics. And of course, google does not, either.

      I am shocked that on racial issues I have bedfellows like Breitbart, who then turn out to be religous tea party nut cases and in no way sympathetic to other issues of mine

      I probably should have made 3 blogs.

      I would love to get some helpers. Otherwise this is just a little hobby of mine that will not get very far.

  3. “And please take Oogenhand, AB, and Dogmeat away from me please!”

    It would appear that we’re all ‘orphans’ now…

  4. Why does it take you up to a week to moderate comments? It would be easier to get a conversation going with Voyager 2. Then you wonder why you don’t get many commentators?!!

    Are you aware that there is a wordpress application for smartphones that allows you to moderate comments on your phone?

    And please take Oogenhand, DogMeat, and AB away from me. PLEASE!!!!

    1. a few commentators get approved automatically. there are so few other comments, that I often fail to search, or sometimes I miss one in the middle of the remaining spam.

      It seems that most visitors have nothing to say. Too bad.

      I was not aware that the wordpress app serves for moderation too.

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