Kobe Bryant, disadvantaged minority? Rape accusations must be silenced

Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]{#PCGagOrder}

Kobe  Bryant rape accusation in 2004 must never be mentioned, because Kobe Bryant has black privilege1 and is protected by the #PCGagOrder.

The Washington Post suspended a reporter Sunday after she sent a series of tweets about NBA star Kobe Bryant’s rape case following his death.

Felicia Sonmez, a national politics reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted out a story from the Daily Beast about Bryant’s rape case shortly after reports of his death. Sonmez faced massive backlash after her tweet and subsequently posted images of her inbox to show the threats she was receiving. [Read more: Daily Caller]

Extremely rich black athletes tend to engage in crime frequently 2. Leaving aside if Kobe Bryant’s rape accusations were false. 3, here the issue is that black crime must be covered up, because of societal norms.


  • What happened in the rape claim case against NBA star Kobe Bryant that was dropped in 2004?

What was the allegation?

In June 2003, Bryant went to Edwards, Colorado for knee surgery, staying at the luxury Lodge and Spa at Cordillera.

The then 24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player was already a household name.

By 2003, he had played in three championships for the Lakers, who took out back-to-back NBA titles in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

The woman, who was not identified and was 19 at the time, told police Bryant raped her in his room on June 30 after arriving at the hotel near the skiing town of Vail.

She was a concierge at the hotel and a college student.

Bryant was arrested in early July and said while he’d had consensual sex with her, he denied the assault.

He was already married to wife Vanessa, and his first daughter Natalia was born in January 2003. In his public statement after the alleged assault, Vanessa appeared alongside him but did not speak. [Read more: abc.net]


When the media rewrites Kobe’s story to make him innocent, the media rewrites women out of the story. Kobe doesn’t need to be innocent to be loved. And his victim doesn’t need to be perfect to be believed. Kobe’s death is an opportunity for journalists to report difficult truths to readers and for moms to have tough conversations with kids. [Read more: penelopetrunk.com]


Kobe Bryant Wins at Time’s Up Oscars Despite Rape Accusation [Read more: National Review]

people say that rape allegations will ruin a man’s life but here is Kobe winning an Oscar in front of my own eyes

— Aminatou Sow (@aminatou) March 5, 2018

Dana Schwartz


So we’re all just… ignoring the whole Kobe rape accusation thing I guess huh?

Brenda Tracy


I think Kobe Bryant is an amazing basketball player. I also think he raped that girl and got away with it because he’s an amazing basketball player.
Both things can exist as the truth.

Larry Elder


Let me get this straight. Last night’s theme was all about treating women with respect. So who wins an #Oscar2018? @kobebryant, who was credibly accused of rape, paid the accuser a settlement and issued her a written apology! Can’t make this up?


The reality is that most of those who are grieving Bryant are simply not thinking about his accuser very much at all [Read more: theguardian.com]


More links to study Kobe Bryant rape case here 4 and here 5


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  3. 5 Mar 2018  Bryant took home the Oscar for the animated short film ‘Dear Basketball,’ a … Kobe Bryant Wins at Time’s Up Oscars Despite Rape Accusation.
    5 days ago  The Washington Post suspended a reporter Sunday after she sent a series of tweets about NBA star Kobe Bryant’s rape case following his …
    5 Mar 2018  Bryant was charged with sexual assault in 2003, and settled a civil case in 2005 for an undisclosed amount.
    10 Dec 2004  … coded language to denounce Monday Night Football’s Nicolette Sheridan/ Terrell Owens segment, comparing it to the Kobe Bryant rape case, ..

  4. 2 days ago  … he falsely claimed on-air that all four of NBA star Kobe Bryant’s children … tweeted about Bryant’s rape case in the hours following his death.
    5 days ago  Assorted “verified” Twitter accounts focused on rape allegations made against Kobe Bryant within hours of the athlete’s tragic death.
    C. Jemal Horton writes on Indystar.com: So now Kobe Bryant finally is … A so- called rape expert proclaiming that two percent of rape charges are false.
    Woman Charged With Making FALSE Rape Accusation That Made Two Men Leave School … Kobe Bryant’s School Basketball Team: ‘I Am A Muslim’ …
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    KOBE BRYANT’S ALLEGED sexual assault has generated the … rape complainants and defendants. Bryant, the … false or dubious rape complaint by. i f Ko be B …
    19 Jun 2013  (AP) Mich. woman ordered to trial on false rape reportPORT HURON, Mich. … Backlash After Disney Heiress Says Kobe Bryant ‘Was a Rapist’0 …
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