Cuckold father, genetic father, and son share million dollar court verdict

Paternity-fraud families win damages – France

Two men, and a  French boy who was raised by the wrong father have been awarded nearly €2m (£1.5m) in damages. 

The clinic who –for "ethical reasons"- did not inform the husband that he was not be the father, was ordered to compensate the boy – now a man – and the cuckolded husband. The biological father, and the boy’s real siblings were also compensated for having been deprived of a family member.

The fraud was only discovered when the boy felt he did not look like his father

Gender Inversion

STOP. This can not be true.  I admit, I inverted the genders.

In my gender-inverted story no woman was harmed. Due do female privilege, family court verdicts usually hand down verdicts favoring females.  Rarely do family courts care about male suffering caused by females. In our feminist gynocracy’s women are not even held accountable if they spend child support on their own fashion shoes.

Intentional paternity fraud (cuckolding) is not a crime in Western democracies. On the contrary, some countries outlaw genetic testing by the father. Frequently courts force proven non-fathers to continue paying child support for another man’s children. Women routinely ignore court orders and keep children away from their fathers with impunity. No efforts are made to locate the real biological father. 

High schools have stopped to even mention blood group testing, in order to avoid embarrassing discoveries of cuckolding 11 12  13. And I have never heard of a man getting a financial court verdict because a woman hid his paternity from him.

Follows the true story. Here the verdict benefits mainly daughters and mothers.

France baby-swap families win damages | BBC

The families of two French girls who were accidentally switched at birth 20 years ago have been awarded nearly €2m (£1.5m) in damages.

The clinic involved in the mix-up was ordered to compensate both girls – now women – their parents and siblings.

Both babies had been treated in the same incubator and were then given to the wrong parents.

Although the error was discovered 10 years ago, neither family has wanted to swap the girls back.

On Tuesday, the court in Grasse, southern France, ordered the clinic in Cannes to pay €400,000 to each of the girls.

Three parents concerned were awarded €300,000 and the clinic must pay €60,000 each to three siblings.

Amazing. Even brothers and sisters get compensated. $80,000 is a nice windfall for a young person.

As Hugh Schofield reports, the swap was only discovered when one of the girls felt she did not look like her father


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