Car intifada: Terrorism with cars, kitchen knives

1w583c0Car intifada 1 2 uses cars as killer terror weapons to run over civilians, like in a violent video game. Car intifada started in Israel and has arrived in France.

People getting run over at a bus stop in Israel (Video) 


The “Car Intifada” is what the Arab Palestinians are proudly calling their new method for killing Israelis and attempting to strike fear into the general public here.


Small scale terrorism

Every single car could be out to run you over, especially if you are in a large group of people. Other potential small scale terrorism threats could be purposely spilling oil in road curves [10 11 12], or similar to Tylenol murders [14 15 16].  Scary, disruptive, and very difficult to prevent.

First it was the homicide bombings, but the security barrier essentially shut that down. Then it was just regular weapons, but the Israeli troops at the checkpoints are able to ferret out most of those.

Now the Palestinian Arabs are simply using their vehicles as lethal weapons.  We call it Vehicular Terrorism, they call it the Car Intifada (of course, sometimes they use vans or trucks or tractors, so the nomenclature is off).

But what can the Israelis do to prevent this latest terror tool other than to ban or severely limit the number of Arabs driving into areas where Jews are? Of course, if Israel does that too aggressively, Israel will be blamed for engaging in “Apartheid” practices, or racial profiling or some other unkind way of trying to prevent their own citizens from being killed.

Forcing or allowing into the same place people that hate each other causes war and terrorism. These are the perils of Diversity.

A reader sent us the following translation of the song:

"Run over the two-month-old baby
That is how we get them
For Al-Aqsa we will run over settlers
Run over settlers"  2





Palestinians flocking to social media celebrated what they are calling the “Car Intifada.” A video of a new song with that catchy title, for example, appears on the MoslimMan.Rok Facebook page. It has become a hit that has Palestinians happily singing along to lyrics such as “Run over the two-month-old baby – that is how we get them.”

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, another song popular on Palestinian social media included the words:

Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up; Don’t let the Zionist live long… Today, the entire people demands a hero willing to fight with weapons. He began fighting with a car, running them over like rabbits.

Palestinian Media Watch also reported on a cartoon appearing on one of Fatah’s official Facebook pages (“Fatah-The Main Page”), which carried the label “the run over organization” and urged people to “Hit the gas at 199 [km/h] for Al-Aqsa.” On another Facebook page, “The National Liberation Movement – Fatah,” a cartoon is posted showing a car going after three fleeing stereotyped Jews wearing hats with the Star of David.

The car may be the Palestinians’ murder weapon of choice these days, but anything they can use to kill Jews, including women and children, will suffice. After all, they are just following the directions of their leaders. One of Hamas’s leaders said just last week, during a television interview, that even a Palestinian “who owns nothing but his faith has a kitchen in his house in which he has a knife.” It is his duty to “grab his knife and confront the Zionist enemy.”   The Car Intifada




Hamas leaders have urged their followers to use their cars and knives to spill as much Jewish blood as possible. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to stop Jews from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism as well as the location of the Islamic Al Aqsa complex, by using “all means” necessary.

The calls for violence by top Palestinian authorities have been enthusiastically answered by thugs in the streets.  Six Israelis have been killed in terror attacks in the last thirty days – not by rockets this time, but by cars and knives wielded as murder weapons against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike, including women and children.  The Car Intifada

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This last cartoon seems to be the Arab writing of Hamas racing on the street.

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5 thoughts on “Car intifada: Terrorism with cars, kitchen knives”

  1. When anything can, and is, used as a weapon, then the REAL weapon is “diversity.” The way I see it, Israelis now have little choice but to curtail the use of automobiles/trucks etc. by Palestinians in Israel. As for Europe, they’ll have to erect barricades around Jewish sites such as schools, markets and synagogues.

  2. Palestinian stabs seven people on Tel Aviv bus: police

    During the attack, the bus driver managed to alert his dispatcher and plead over the phone for help.

    “Save me. I have been seriously injured, stabbed all over my body. He has stabbed my passengers … If anything happens to me, look after my children,” the driver said, according to the dispatcher’s account on Army Radio.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Hamas Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip called it “the natural reaction to Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people”.

    In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the attack “a direct result of venomous incitement disseminated in the Palestinian Authority against Jews and their country.”

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