Same prize money for half the time of weaker play. "Equality" at Wimbledon’s final.

Marion Bartoli won the women’s final after 81 minutes. It took 190 minutes for Andy Murray to win the men’s final. That was after a 283 minutes semi final game.

81 minutes to win 2 set women’s final, 190 minutes for 3 set men’s final. Same prize money for half the work. As usual.

Women fought for "EQUALITY" in tennis: They get the same prize money as men for less sets in shorter time with weaker play and lower ticket prices.

  1. less sets (2 instead of 3 minimum)
  2. much shorter time
  3. of course, much weaker game. The 203 seeded man wiped 2 top 10 seeded women off the court in one afternoon game.Human Stupidity reported. Of course, there is no doubt that Murray would wipe Bartoli off the court playing left handed.
  4. and lower entrance money: anyone please tell me how much the tickets were to the men’s game vs. the woman’s game this year?
  5. Women usually have more time at hand to play doubles, thus finally earning more money then the men.

But thus is modern politically correct EQUALITY. Same outcome for vastly different performance.

The wait ended Saturday when Bartoli defeated Sabine Lisicki, 6-1, 6-4, in 81 minutes to win Wimbledon.  NYT

Women lose to men in chess, darts, snooker, tennis,  math contests, spelling bees, Wikipedia participation, patent applications, and, amazingly can not even compete in cooking.

Fire fighters are hampered by quota women who don’t have the strength to carry an injured comrade, to wrestle a ladder, or to break a door.

But society needs quota women for "equality". Equal outcome for unequal performance. Roy Baumeister and others explained, why men have higher variance at all traits, even in those where they have same mean performance. Men are over-represented at the top, and at the bottom  (in prison, on death row, work accidents, homelessness, suicide and life span)

We had to check the duration of the men’s game.

17.23 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT. Murray can’t be stopped. He’s chased down an unchasedownable ball and done enough with it to force an error at net from Djokovic. […]

14.14 Murray wins the first point after a ridiculously long rally. Djokovic misses after 20 shots! This is going to take a very long time.   Telegraph



As the spectators fanned themselves furiously in this ever more torrid atmosphere, Murray dropped behind early in the second set. Feeling the urgency of his plight, Djokovic worked his counter-intuitive magic and became more assertive, more self-confident. Up in the player’s box, Ivan Lendl was slumping lower and lower in his seat, shielding himself behind the balcony wall like a man hiding behind the sofa.

The match was already moving past the duration of the women’s final – 81 minutes – yet it felt like we were still in the first act. On Twitter, a watching Andy Roddick warned that “These guys are killing each other … they won’t be able to stand if they play five [sets].”  Telegraph




Novak Djokovic defeated heroic Juan Martin del Potro 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (7/2), 6-7 (6/8), 6-3 on Friday in the longest Wimbledon semi-final in history to move into his 11th Grand Slam title match.

In a titanic struggle played out over four hours and 43 minutes, world number one Djokovic squandered two match points in the fourth set tiebreak before going on to seal a final clash against either British second seed Andy Murray, the runner-up last year, or 24th seeded Pole Jerzy Janowicz

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One thought on “Same prize money for half the time of weaker play. "Equality" at Wimbledon’s final.”

  1. This is definitely something that I agree with. Women and Men don’t even participate in the same event. Of course, women will have very very little chance of earning anything significant if they competed against the men. Ticket price is also a good point.

    Just a question, what about doubles, mixed-doubles or junior championships? Does every player that win get the same money as the men’s singles ?

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