Violence: Feminist’s threaten Men’s Right’s Conference in Detroit

The international Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit is in danger because of threats of violence against people, property, the hotel and the surrounding inner city properties. Feminism, and political correctness pretend to be "good", but if necessary are fully prepared to use violence.

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Feminist violence has happened before:

  1. (former feminist) Erin Pizzey founded the first women’s shelter. She had to leave England to flee feminists violence for discovering that half of the women who sought shelter were "prone to violence", a danger to their kids and as violent or more violent then their partners
  2. (former feminist) Warren Farrell‘s lecture in Toronto was disturbed, later Men’s Right’s events were obliged to pay hefty fees for security. This is
    1. Blaming the victim
    2. making the victim of violence pay for protection
    3. repression of free speech
    4. clear civil rights violations of the men and women who are prosecuted for not following the political correctness dogma
  3. Feminism was violent from the very beginning, suffragettes were basically terrorists 1 2 3
  4. The Domestic Violence lie gets perpetuated last, but not least, by use of violence and threat against researchers who insist on spreading the truth

When manipulation, lies, distortions will not suffice to repress the truth, political correctness resorts to violence. J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, had their lectures disturbed, and suffered persecution.  

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

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6 thoughts on “Violence: Feminist’s threaten Men’s Right’s Conference in Detroit”

    1. Paul Elam is right on child support, false rape accusations, boy’s education and schooling and many other topics. Erin Pizzey, Warren Farrell and other great people are at the conference.

      Yes, Paul Elam banned me. I disagree with some feminist equality and male victimization attitudes he has. I agree on his attitude that men who have sex with 15 year olds should spend 15 years in prison, such as men who look at photos of nude 17 year olds. This is pernicious.

      Furthermore, I favor freedom of speech even for feminists.

  1. You would think, that in a free country, the police force would get involved to find the perpetrators of these threats, detain them and hold them accountable. As you said, it’s not the victims who should be punished here.

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