Women’s Prisons must accept Transgender Females (biological males)!

Target customers, kindergarteners, high school students all have the right to use the bath room of the sexual identity of their choice. This choice can be trans-gender, or ever changing gender-fluid.  These trans-gender civil rights are being enforced by the Obama government. It is only just to concede the same rights to prisoners.

Biological males who identify as females can

  • shower with women in homeless shelters:“One of the guests at a rescue mission overheard someone on the street saying, ‘Dude, if you go down to the rescue mission and tell them you’re transgender, you can sleep in the women’s dorm and even shower with them,’” Ashmen told the paper. “So that idea is out there, but I don’t know of any missions that have called the police because of it.
  • bunk with high school coeds on school outings (proofs and links follow below)
  • use women’s bath rooms in schools and businesses.
  • use women’s dorms in colleges

So biological males have the right to use women’s bath rooms, showers, toilets and dorms, if they decide to identify as women.

The perceived or true safety of cis-gender (normal) women in these dorms, showers, toilets is of no concern to the promoters of transsexual human rights like Obama.


What is allowed in colleges must be allowed in prisons.

Human-Stupidity demands human rights for prisoners to choose the prison of their gender identity. Biological males that declare they identify as female must be allowed to use women’s prisons.

It must not be an obstacle that heterosexual men might want to identify as transsexual Lesbians (biological men that are sexually attracted to women). A few very feminine transgender will escape rape in men’s prisons.

It is of no concern that other biological males will continue to be raped in men’s prisons, nor that more females will be raped in women’s prisons.

We would not expect pregnancies to occur between cisgender biological females and transsexual females (biological males). Gender is a social construct. Certainly the transsexual’s sperms will correctly self-identify as eggs.


Transsexual females in a male body must be allowed go to female prisons

It is only fair that a convicted rapist can renounce his violent male identity and identify as a female. Of course, he must be accepted by a women’s prison. Prisons cannot remain as bastions of trans-phobia.

As beneficial side effects this would

  1. help overcome the overcrowding of men’s prisons,
  2. help fill the underused female prisons
  3. close the gender gap (7 times (?) more men are in prison than women)
  4. bring more gender justice to prison: more rapes will happen in women’s prison, the excessive amount of rape in male prisons will be reduced.


Of course, transgender males (biological females) will be very welcome in men’s prisons to make up for the lost sexual opportunities after the departure of the transgender females.


Jokes aside, we oppose prison rape of all sorts

Prison rape is a serious issue, and transgender people are but a very small minority. Large numbers cis-gendered men and women are victims, a serious issue that needs improvement and solution..



Md. school district: Don’t tell parents if transgender males bunk with daughters

A Maryland school district is instructing teachers and administrators not to tell parents if their daughters are bunking with male students who identify as girls on overnight field trips.

Bob Mosier, chief communications officer for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, says in a training video detailing how to accommodate transgender students that privacy issues regarding the student prevent the district from informing parents about such arrangements.

“So, many of you might be asking yourselves, ‘So I’m at an overnight field trip, and I have student who’s biologically a male, identifies as a female, and we’ve worked with that student and her family, and that student wants to sleep in the dorms, or whatever sleeping arrangements are, with the females,’” Mr. Mosier says in a video of the training session. “They don’t want to sleep in a room by themselves; they want to sleep with the rest of the females. So what do we do?
“And the answer is, they sleep with the females,” he said. “That’s not the easy answer; it’s the right answer. And in some cases, it’s going to cause issues, because … the private information piece doesn’t allow you to share that with parents of all of the other campers. Right? So that’s difficult.”

Certainly the transsexual’s sperms identify as eggs, ovum. And if the transsexual and a girl engage in sex, the transsexual will bet pregnant. Or maybe biology is cruel and the real girls can get pregnant from a female identified non-girl?




Transgender women raped in prison

Transgender woman ‘raped 2,000 times’ in all-male prison

Apr 18, 2016 – Transgender prisoner sent to women’s prison after public outcry. “You are … Paris Lee: Placing a transgender woman in a men’s prison is cruel.

Placing a transgender woman in a men’s prison is a cruel punishment

Mar 10, 2016 – A number of high-profile cases have thrown a spotlight on transgender women being sent to male prisons, with tragic results. Paris Lees, a



Free gender choice for showers and toilets

President Obama: Homeless Women In Shelters Must Shower With Men

New rules by President Barack Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will require officials at homeless shelters to let men who say they are transgender into the same bedrooms, toilets and showers as homeless women.

The rules are being lauded by gay-advocacy organizations who support the transgender ideology, which insists that government must use its power to minimize legal and civic recognition of the differences between men and women.

According to David Stacy, government affairs director at the Human Rights Campaign, the new rules maintain that, “Transgender women are women regardless of whether they were born male,” The Hill reports.

The new homeless shelter rule comes on the heels of Obama’s new Fair Housing Act which ruled that felons can’t be denied a rental apartment based on their criminal history.

But the housing act also notes prospective renters cannot be denied because of race, religion or gender. So despite the lack of any clarification from Congress or the courts, many of Obama’s deputies are declaring that a group’s refusal to accept a person’s claim about their preferred sex is legally equivalent to discrimination against people because of their actual biological sex. And so, regulators now want to extend the transgender coverage to government-funded homeless shelters.

Operators of shelters worry that being forced to treat transgender men as women will create a dangerous situation for the homeless women who seek out the shelters to escape abusive relationships.

In fact, John Ashmen, president of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, said he’s already heard that the new rules are creating a problematic situation.

“One of the guests at a rescue mission overheard someone on the street saying, ‘Dude, if you go down to the rescue mission and tell them you’re transgender, you can sleep in the women’s dorm and even shower with them,’” Ashmen told the paper. “So that idea is out there, but I don’t know of any missions that have called the police because of it.”


Gays and Lesbians opposed to Trans Gender Agenda


I Am So Done With The Trans Outrage Brigade: Why I’m Supporting ‘Drop The T’




Bathrooms, transgender rights, and should there be a legal definition of transgender?

by Tyler Cowen on April 27, 2016 at 12:34 am in Current Affairs, Law, Political Science, Uncategorized | Permalink

Here is one summary of the recent brouhaha.  North Carolina made a mistake in signing the new law.  Not just a practical mistake, because of the backlash, but a mistake outright.  I’m not aware there was a problem needing to be solved, and yet new problems have been created.

There is nonetheless a relevant argument for the law which I believe resonates with many Americans:

  • Cruz’s argument centers on the idea that allowing transgender women to use the women’s restroom would lead to deviants dressing up as women and preying on young girls. His campaign released an ad accusing Trump of capitulating to the “PC police” and asking viewers whether a grown man pretending to be a woman should use a restroom with your daughter or wife.

Whether you agree or not, that argument helps us rephrase the dilemma as follows: should there be a legal definition of who is a transgender person and why?  And should transgender people wish that there were such a legal definition?

If there were such a definition, problem solved, at least in principle.  Transgender individuals could use the bathroom which their legal stipulation entitled them to, or would entitle them to, were a court case to arise.

Women’s colleges of course face a private sector version of this issue (here is one pending change).  Private companies have policies on bathroom use, and gender-specific sporting events must make rulings.

So what to do with the law?  I see at least three options.

#1: The first and most libertarian view is to refuse to offer a legal definition of transgender.

The transgender concept seems so…fluid.  This page from Wikipedia illustrates the underlying legal problems:

  • These include people whose identities are not exclusively masculine or feminine but may, for example, be androgynous, bigender, pangender or agender — often grouped under the alternative umbrella term genderqueer[5] — and third-gender people (alternatively, some references and some societies conceptualize transgender people as a third gender).[6][7] Although some references define transgender very broadly to include transvestites / cross-dressers,[8] they are usually excluded, as are transvestic fetishists (because they are considered to be expressing a paraphilia rather than a gender identification) and drag kings and drag queens (who are performers and cross-dress for the purpose of entertaining). Intersex people have genitalia or other physical sexual characteristics that do not conform to strict definitions of male or female, but intersex people are not necessarily transgender, since they do not all disagree with their assigned sex. Transgender and intersex issues often overlap, however, because they both challenge the notion of rigid definitions of sex and gender.

Facebook has introduced about fifty different terms related to gender identification.  It is not difficult to argue the current legal system won’t be “getting this one right,” whatever that might mean.  For a start, would you trust the legal system in North Carolina?  (From my understanding, it would indeed be a state matter.)  Probably some people who right now “slip by” would be caught on the wrong side of an unpleasant dragnet.  And what exactly is the final test to be run to determine the right answer to a contested issue concerning a transgender individual?  If there were ever a time for some creative ambiguity in the law, it seems this might be it.

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    1. Upon short reading, my quite uninformed opinion: A right wing guy whose freedom of press, immigration etc policies I support uttered some right wing paranoia about underage sex issues, a hysteria I oppose. He singled out a certain enterprise, without proof, shich I oppose. A zealot shot up that place, violence which I abhor. It seems, though, that this right wing or anti-sex nut case is getting too high a penalty, because he did not injure anyone, though he certainly could have injured and killed.

      Comparing hie penalty to black lives matter rioters, arsonists, etc his penalty seems harsh

      I repeat, I am not well informed about that case, this is just a knee jerk comment

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