Women’s Prisons must accept Transgender Females (biological males)!

Target customers, kindergarteners, high school students all have the right to use the bath room of the sexual identity of their choice. This choice can be trans-gender, or ever changing gender-fluid.  These trans-gender civil rights are being enforced by the Obama government. It is only just to concede the same rights to prisoners.

Biological males who identify as females can

  • shower with women in homeless shelters:“One of the guests at a rescue mission overheard someone on the street saying, ‘Dude, if you go down to the rescue mission and tell them you’re transgender, you can sleep in the women’s dorm and even shower with them,’” Ashmen told the paper. “So that idea is out there, but I don’t know of any missions that have called the police because of it.
  • bunk with high school coeds on school outings (proofs and links follow below)
  • use women’s bath rooms in schools and businesses.
  • use women’s dorms in colleges

So biological males have the right to use women’s bath rooms, showers, toilets and dorms, if they decide to identify as women.

The perceived or true safety of cis-gender (normal) women in these dorms, showers, toilets is of no concern to the promoters of transsexual human rights like Obama.


What is allowed in colleges must be allowed in prisons.

Human-Stupidity demands human rights for prisoners to choose the prison of their gender identity. Biological males that declare they identify as female must be allowed to use women’s prisons.

It must not be an obstacle that heterosexual men might want to identify as transsexual Lesbians (biological men that are sexually attracted to women). A few very feminine transgender will escape rape in men’s prisons.

It is of no concern that other biological males will continue to be raped in men’s prisons, nor that more females will be raped in women’s prisons.

We would not expect pregnancies to occur between cisgender biological females and transsexual females (biological males). Gender is a social construct. Certainly the transsexual’s sperms will correctly self-identify as eggs.


Transsexual females in a male body must be allowed go to female prisons

It is only fair that a convicted rapist can renounce his violent male identity and identify as a female. Of course, he must be accepted by a women’s prison. Prisons cannot remain as bastions of trans-phobia.

As beneficial side effects this would

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Women’s Prisons must accept Transgender Females (biological …
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Baby born to man, without female help, has no mother

A biological miracle happened in Berlin. A man gave birth to a child.

He chose home birth, because in Germany, hospitals are required, by law, to inform the name of the mother to the registry.

He insisted to be registered as the father, creating major confusion in the bureaucracy of the official birth registry.  The German civil law code allows him to legally be a man, though s/he is biologically a woman. It is a humane gesture, to save him/her the pain and trouble to undergo sex change operation and still have the sex gender he wishes. It requires only two psychologists

He wanted to hide the gender sex of the baby, but was obliged to register the baby with his/her correct sex. Officials at the registry worry: if the baby is a girl, will s/he educate her as a boy?

Human-Stupidity Analysis

The slippery slope of political correctness always overshoots. Giving someone a chance to live his life as if he were a different sex may be a friendly humane gesture.

But political correctness is about creating legally enforceable special RIGHTS. Making this sex change a legal right to wreak havoc with our legal system, to oblige schools to re-emit diplomas with the "correct" new gender. We occupy courts with her/his legal rights, their offended if someone addresses them by the wrong gender. Our father is of the female sex but of the male gender.

Imagine this bizarre case (double sex change)

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Baby born to man, without female help, has no mother
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